In addition to the essential Class Skills that enhance the characters fighting abilities, players should also strive to learn different Life Skills to survive in Tales of Pirates. In order to learn these skills players need to have enough Life Skill Points; which can be gained by completing Story Quests. Once enough points have been collected the player can then go to the Grocer's shops in the cities to purchase the Life Skill book.
After the player has mastered the Woodcutting Skill, they should pay the Blacksmith a visit to buy an Axe so that they can become truly qualified as a woodcutter. However, in the world of TOP players do not need to worry it is possible to lumber as much wood as you want without upsetting the environment. But they will find that trees from different levels will require different woodcutting levels, so if the player has not yet reached that level then the cutting will fail. After you have collected enough wood it is possible to take it to a Freight NPC, who can pack it into a Wood Bundle; which is important to enhance the endurance of a ship during travelling.

In TOP there are many kinds of Ores to collect; which at some point may be necessary to complete some of the quests. If a player has not yet mastered the Mining Skill then they can buy it from other players, but it will cost them money. After they have learned the Skill they can pay a visit to the Blacksmith to buy a Metal Pickaxe. Ores are just like trees in that they too have different levels and therefore require different mining levels. The player can modify their own level according to the requirements of the Ores.

The Wide Ocean that surrounds the various islands is teeming with myriads of fish. Before a player can sail out to collect them they must first learn the Fishing Skill. Different fish are also of different levels; which makes some harder than others to collect, but through this players can obtain Sashimi and Fish Meat. Sashimi is required in order to complete some of the quests, so it is a very popular item in the cities. Fish Meat can be used to restore supplies whilst sailing. Players who are leveling up at sea must learn the Fishing Skill and use a ship with fishing nets.

Over the years many merchant ships have sunk to the depths of the ocean; taking with them their precious cargos and secrets. They have slumbered down on the bottom untouched for years just waiting for a brave player to find them. After the player has learned Salvage Skill they can sail a ship that is equipped with mechanical arms to search the ocean floor for sunken vessels. By salvaging these wrecks the player can get some common goods that can be sold in the cities. But there is also the chance for the player to become richer beyond their wildest dreams. There are also some much unexpected treasures waiting for them.
The Guild War plays an important part in the TOP story. During this war the player's enemies will try to destroy their Guilds infrastructure and once the buildings in the centre of the player's base have been destroyed then the game is lost. To combat this, the player should learn the Repair Skill to mend the damaged buildings and avoid massive losses. Out of all the Life Skills Repair is the only one that has no output but is also so closely tied in to fighting. A strong Guild is one that has set itself up with a strong construction team that has mastered the Repair Skill.

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