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Thread: Untitled (Charactee Thread)

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    Untitled (Charactee Thread)

    \\Keep your age to no more than 18 since there will be a period of 10 years from the prologue to actual story. It will be this age + 10 for your real age//

    Character Sheet



    Race [See Below]:

    Magical Prowess [See Below]:

    Why your character is interested in magical arts:


    Any Extra Info.:



    Demons: Demons are very powerful magical creatures that were once originally human, though, through centuries of perverted transformations and by delving too far into banned arts the demon has been created as an entity no longer recognizable as anything related to humans. They are not—I repeat, they are not—the stuff of biblical stories and have NO relation to anything biblical or dangerous in any way relating to biblical stories. The average lifespan of a demon is close to half of a normal human, the magical power raving inside eventually consumes their being. Demons specialize in the darker, forbidden side to the arts.

    Humans: Of the three races of Hardland, Humans are the weakest in magical power, but they live the longest and are of a cunning, constantly evolving mind. Humans are able to work each field of magic, restricted and otherwise forbidden easily and equally, though not nearly as those that specialize in such arts like the demons with forbidden arts or the angels with the holy side. Humans live approximately 75 years of age.

    Angels: Angels are also very powerful creatures also once known as human, but, like the demons, they too thrived in magical communities. But unlike the demons, angels sought out purity in their work and worked with the more accepted side to the arts such as healing, barrier casting, holy attacks, etcetera.


    Magical Prowess’s

    Sorcery: The study of Nature, sorcery, like the other two magical branches, require two things in order to cast their spells. One is the knowledge, the level of experience required through rigorous learning to cast the spell; this is the same for all branches of magic. The second requirement depends on the environment and what it supplies. One cannot cast a fire attack if all around the user is ice. Knowledge of the periodic table of elements is helpful, but not required.

    Witchcraft: The second branch of magic is the calling forth of ancient deities known only as gods, goddesses, and demi-gods. Each god has a limit to their power, except for the Five True Gods of each of the five elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Holy, and Dark) -+ See Below for the full List of Gods and the Five True Gods the rule everything +-

    To call forth a magical deity to attack through you in either a physical avatar-like state or with an abstract form of attack like a kamehameha attack from DBZ a chant is used; it is only natural that the stronger the deity, the longer the each chant is spoken. And the weaker the spell and deity, the shorter the chant. Henceforth the stronger the deity the longer the chant goes into other posts. The max posts that a chant can go through is four, with the caster in a very vulnerable state. Here is an example of a chant that can be used:

    Darkness beyond the twilight,
    Crimson beyond blood that flows,
    Buried in the flow of time.
    In thy great name,
    I pledge myself to darkness.
    Those fools who rise up to oppose us
    Shall be destroyed by the power
    That you and I possess.

    In addition to deities, those of the witchcraft cult have scrolls for an instant spell. Though these spells are FAR weaker than their deity counterpart, they are very helpful in a pinch.

    Alchemy: This branch of magic uses the basic rule of equality: Give exactly what you take. If you fail to give exactly the same amount that you take of any substance than you shall pay a terrible price, depending on the Alchemy done and on the skill level of the user. Just think Full Metal Alchemist for this branch.


    ~ Deities Used for Witchcraft and the Amount of Posts needed for the Spell to be Cast ~

    // One Post Chant Deities \\

    AGNI ~ Fire God
    AMON ~ Ancient Egyptian Deity – later on identified Sun God
    Pallas Athena ~ Goddess of the City, Education/Science, and War
    Phoebus ~ God of Sun, Truth, Music, Healing
    Artemis ~ Goddess of Wild Things, Hunter-in-Chief
    Aphrodite ~ Goddess of Love and Beauty
    Ares ~ God of War
    Enyo ~ Lesser Goddess of War
    Hephaestus ~ God of the Forge and Fire, Workman to the immortals
    Hestia ~ Goddess of Fertility
    Eros ~ God of Love
    Persephone ~ Goddess of Spring [Season], Underworld through Hades
    Demeter ~ Goddess of the Earth
    Pan ~ God of Flocks, Sheep
    Selene ~ Goddess of the Moon

    // Two Post Deities \\

    Notus ~ South Wind
    Eurus ~ East Wind
    Pontus ~ God of the Deep Sea
    Triton ~ Trumpeter of the Sea
    Ate ~ Goddess of Mischief
    Eris ~ Goddess of Discord
    Maia ~ Goddess of Flowers
    Hypnos ~ Goddess of Springs [Water]
    Nike ~ Goddess of Victory
    Peitha ~ Goddess of Persuasion
    Hecate ~ Goddess of the Crossways, the Dark Side of the Moon, and Magic
    Tyche ~ Goddess of Fortune
    Poena ~ Goddess of Punishment
    Nemesis ~ Goddess of Revenge
    Hespera ~ Goddess of Dusk
    Morpheus ~ God of Dreams
    Vanaheimr ~ God of Holy

    // Three Post Deities \\

    Zeus ~ Lord of the Sky, Gods, and Thunder, also Rain-god, Cloud-gatherer
    Hera ~ Protector of Marriage
    Poseidon ~ Ruler of the Sea
    Hades ~ God of the Underworld and Precious Metals

    // Four Post Deities \\

    Álfheimr – True God of Earth
    Hel – True God of the Forbidden (Dark)
    Phosphor Lucifer – True God of the Holy
    Niflheimr – True God of Water
    Muspellheim – True God of Fire

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    Re: Untitled (Charactee Thread)

    Name Uriel

    Age over 200 years

    Race Seraph

    Gender female


    Distinctive features wings that come out only in battle, ear piercing and navel ring.

    Clothing :black leather chinese collar halter top and a short mini skirt: long black trench coat: boots that come up to the knee.

    Weapons sword ( twin blades) and a shield that she shrinks and keeps on her bracelet.

    Usable Weapons elemental magic and lightning spells.

    Character Bio: nearly as old as the human race but no one really knows how old she is. has a little conscience that has developed into a full person she calls Cherubia.

    Character Portrait slim around 5'2 long platinum blond hair. purple piercing eyes

    occupation: judge /executioner/law enforcer
    "In your arms is where i will be, I love you till my forever ends."
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    Re: Untitled (Charactee Thread)

    Name: Gregor Wulfe
    Age: 17/(27)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Magical Prowess: Alchemy
    Why your character is interested in magical arts: Money/Power, gained through Mercanary contracts.
    Bio: Born into a Mercanary's family, Gregor's life was sealed as soon as he could swing a stick. Trained by his father and other Merc's in the way of combat, he was soon tested in the fields of battle and survived long enough to understand many truths of life the hard way and grew ever acustomed to the din if battle. Unlike many of his peers, Gregor had a rare ability; he was able to read. This in itself showed an aptitude to learn more complex things, far beyond counting to ten with your fingers and knowing a good deal by the size of a coin purse. Gregor was soon brought to the Eldar's of the Warband and after much thought, was sent with the many pale and scrawny figures to be taught in Alchemy.
    Apperance Scuffed leather boots with steel shodding. Black/Grey trousers and shirt, a blue Greatcoat 2 sizes too big and a black Gas Mask thing (protection from scortching bangs)
    Any Extra Info: Although he is a trained Alchemist, Gregor has very little objections to a fair(ish) fight and will often resort to his old fighting methods. (Kicks to groins, eye poking and backstabbing)
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    Re: Untitled (Charactee Thread)

    Both of yours are good to go, make your first post henever you're ready.

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