Kaldar - the land of technological warfare and a place still governed by cults, religion and strife. Geniuses work day and night to furfill promises and deal with problems as best they can. The streets are dark and cold. Only the lights of the apartments, all in rows and almost exactly the same brighten the cities, also almost exactly the same. The people wander, with no smiles on their faces, with little or no money in their pockets and with a desire for peace to finally come into existance once again. They wish for they joyful, whole-hearted smiles to return, for thier siblings, sons and husbands to return... from a war of cults. They wish for them to return. The ones that bustle in the streets have nothing. Some are soldiers, marching day by day in the citadels, perhaps looking for their families, perhaps looking for a home - perhaps even spying for another cult, armed with things that people now call 'guns', but in this place, are called "throwers".

The technology is advanced in its bizarre way, with steam trains and factories that provide something called 'electricity', which never before people have seen in their lifetimes. Smoke and debris always reside, causing the world to be miserable and dull. The nights are pitch black and the days do not seem to show, yet the plants still grow. Once upon a time, people have said, there was a dazzling light that shone from something called the 'sun' and a pale light that was reflected from something called the 'moon'. However, this idea was brought to an end by the persistance of the cult known only as, "Tygrim", who, some people have also said, show no faces, for they are always hidden by the black cloaks, which are believed to be the same colour as the night. They even thought, they were simply the devil, who had shattered apart by the light that once resided.

There is one group who wishes to change this and is the recent cause of all the cults' problems. They are called the Oringates, a small group of renegades who once were descendants of the previous cult, but their families were torn apart and now all they are left with are their magic, their pride and their stubborness to succeed at any cost.

Their plan finally comes to fruition on the fourteenth day of the Camaclause, a religious festival of when the cults started their war 300 years ago...

((Either a person working for the cult or a renegade. Up to you!))

Within the underground, almost cavern-like structures below the city were the rooms of the renegades. Some of which slept in the small rooms provided or had their own apartments above. Either way, they all went to the central spot where they each had their own small jobs. They were only a small group of thirty, but their knowledge-gathering was second to none...

There, a young girl named Fury was typing on the old-like typewriter... something which she preferred over the newest technology of computers... after all, she was just writing things for those who couldn't be bothered to do it themselves.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

Above, the dark shadows of the Tygrim were also at work... and they needed to find the renegades quickly... yet they would not enter the underground alone... but their celebration at the Black Tower would bring them out... of course it would... and so their groups gathered in the city square... muttering thoughts and showing cruel prescence alike...

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