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Thread: Alloy Alchemist

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    Re: Alloy Alchemist

    I will think about being in the double seven it all depends on how i make my person.
    Live Life Or Die

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    Re: Alloy Alchemist

    oh okay i will put up spots for the double seven and im gonna have to put in the details i just talked about in the story.

    this is my character:
    Name: Jason Grey
    Age: 19
    Clan: None
    Type: Alchemist
    Gender: male
    Appearance: http://api.ning.com/files/BMmylVIVlf.../D.GreyMan.jpg
    Bio: As a kid, Jason was always very facinated but the way he looked at the world everything was perfect and nothing was wrong. But as he grew up he noticed that the world he lived in was corrupt and no longer the best place to live. As he grew up he learned about the alchemist and homunculis. He then learned he had powers, when a man had broken into the house jasons mother told him to reach for a pistol that was in a box as soon as he touched the metal his arm became a huge cannon looking shape him and his mother were very shocked he stood up and was shooting bullets at the man until he had died for falling out a window no one even knew if he committed the murder or the man just slipped. He then had moved out and now is on his own to find the truth about the world he lives in.
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