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Thread: Battle Hammer RPG

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    Battle Hammer RPG

    Alright, the battlehammer rpg is a Sci-FI/Modern/fantasy RPG. Includes things such as Goblins and Elves and the usual. Now before it gets started, we have to go over the rules for this. I'm a slow typer so its gonna take me a bit. It takes place in the Eara and Unire sectors. I will list sub-secters and the planets in them after the rules.

    Here's the rules
    1.Character creation: I will allow three characters per person before asking me to make more.Extra characters are sorta for support, if you get board of yours. There will be no more than six charicters per person. NO EXCEPTIONS! Characters can be killed off, if they are, people are invited to make a new one. AND NO GOD CHARICTERS, you cannot distroy a tank with a rubber band. If any one is no longer intereasted in playing, just pm me and I will kill of their chracter
    2. Weapon/upgrades/ unit cration: Unlike most rpgs, your character may be at the head of an army. A unit must be resonable, there will be no more than four weapns per unit, and no uberweapon may do more than 800 damage. To upgrade unit, you must increace the number by 4 every time you upgrade. EX. 4 to get to 2, 8 to get to 3, you get the idea. If I am allowed, I will post a tech thread for your fancy new tech.
    3.Allances: Certain factions may be allied with each other, though certain ones hate each other. I will list those factions against each other. Only those at the head of the faction may make the alliances. I will list their stong and weak points, as well as speaciaty techs
    4.Have fun: Try and have as much fun as possible, But do not ruin it for others. Any such thing will be reported and dealt with.
    5. Any thing out of character must be OOC.
    6. Factions: There ar set factions in this world. I have a bit of a thing against new, big factions, but splinter fations are okay, some times. Any new big factions must be approved first

    The Alliance:
    The alliance is a coalition of humans and demi-humans. They are the biggest faction in the game, controlling most of the of the Eara Sector. They are opposed by several factions.
    Enemies:Confederation of Man, Anceti Empire, IGC
    Allies:Zanthurian republic.
    Strengths: High tech, psi powers, void powers
    weaknesses:magic(Strong dislike led to underdevelopment of it)
    Specialty techs: anti-magic armor, anti-matter and dark matter weapons, powered armor, projectile and energy weapons, plasma tech.

    Anceti empire:
    the anceti are a group of ruthless, blue skinned humanoid aliens. Recently, after being involved with a war against the alliance(which they lost) they have dwindled down to a hand full of planets in the Unire sector, they have began to attack the Zanthurian republic, hoping to destroy them and their allies together
    Enemies:Alliance, Confederation of Man, Zanthurian republic
    Strengths:bio-genetics, space travel, energy weapons
    weaknesses: Projectile firearms(developed energy weapons too quickly. Limited to 150 damage)
    Specialty techs:bio enhancements, energy sheilds, melee weapons

    Zanthurian Republic
    An underdeveloped civilization, the zanthurian republic is only in the modern age. They have what we today have, but in game terms they are a third world people. But the alliance is helping to close the tech gap. They are currently fighting the Anceti Empire.
    Enemies:Anceti, Confederation of Man
    Strengths: All modern techs
    Weaknesses: energy weapons(Only do up to 50 damage) space travel
    Specialty techs: none

    Confederation of Man
    They are a group of people who are similar to the Nazis in views. They forbid unions between humans and demi-humans, often rounding both the half-breeds and their parents up and exterminating them or putting them to work.This has led them to making enemies of several factions.
    Strengths:chemical weapons
    Weaknesses: energy weapons
    Specialty techs:chemical counter weapons

    The Intergalactic Confederation, or IGC, is a highly magic based civilization,with a traditionalist government. Because of this, (and the fact they attacked the alliance because of one of the general's habits of putting his hands behind his back, as I said traditionalist government) and the many atrocities committed by their magic. They at war with everyone in the sectors, except the anceti. They are also the second most powerful faction.
    weaknesses:Technology in general.
    specialty techs:none.

    Okay, sector and system time

    Eara Sector
    Ta'lin system
    Riniya (Alliance, alliance also controls moons)
    Kalak: (Zanthurian Republic)
    [unamed] (IGC)
    D'kas (Alliance)

    Soldaris System
    Runedale (Confederation of man)
    Sadoin (Alliance)
    Zetil (Cnfederation of Man)
    [unammed] (Zanthurian Republic)
    [unamed] (Alliance)
    Umjoa (Alliance)

    Ria System
    Tirna (Alliance)
    Ryai (Alliance)
    Niaski (Alliance)

    Unire sector
    Wenid system
    [unamed] (Anceti)
    Tae'asin (Anceti)
    Reata (Anceti)
    [unamed] (Zanthurian Republic)

    Tyas system:
    Opaer (IGC)
    Liao (IGC)
    Rtya (Alliance)

    Uia system
    Poae (Alliance)
    Tiue (IGC)
    [unamed] (IGC)
    Uian (IGC)

    In charge of factions (If you wish to be in charge of a faction, pm me)
    Alliance: Oni(me)
    Zanthurian republic:

    Faction leaders
    Alliance: Tracy Jones
    Zanthurian Republic
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    Re: Battle Hammer RPG

    Moved to the RPG ideas forum, please get 5 people to say they will play and then PM me for approval before starting a RPG.

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    Re: Battle Hammer RPG

    Due to the fact I am no longer able to access my old account due to an unforseen incident and if the Moderators approve, I'm going to try and work on this RP some more. I have a bunch of new conepts and unfortunately have been unable to post them. I'm going to have to try and get it all typed up, and hopefully beable to work on it some more.

    I just now have to get the go ahead from them.
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