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Thread: Blood of Hunters

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    Blood of Hunters

    Monster hunting is a dangerous job,but some still do it. All around the world monsters are living among us hiding,living as we do,or at least some of them do.Others not so much, they feed on us, kill us, and torture us....until a hunter comes along and you know....hunts it. A war is coming time to choose a side. be a hunter who is all human or a hunter who is part human part monster. Or be a monster and fight the hunters.Step up and fight!

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    Re: Blood of Hunters

    I would Defintly join this as one of the hunters. Most Likely as a hunter who is all human.

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    Re: Blood of Hunters

    Name: Drake
    Bakround: a long time monster hunter He has combined his power withe the power of sum monsters he has a few powers and ability's to help him fight the monsters he finds if he find a monster whose strong enough he will take there power and make it his own.

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