Heastraus is a cold, unforgiving, barren world. With windswept plains, frozen seas, jagged mountains, and practically void of any lifeforms, it would seem that this planet has no value whatsoever.
Yet, people still call this world home….
An ancient civilization once existed on this barren world, and it is said that much of their technology lays buried beneath the frozen wastes. A race has begun to uncover the civilization’s secrets, for which the galaxy may changed for better or worse….

I want everyone to understand right now: Absolutely under no circumstances will I tolerate bitchfests or godmodding. I WILL punish the offender to the fullest extent under RP law.
I want a nice, efficient, clean game. From everyone.
You may have 2 characters, 1 if a faction leader. I don’t want an over abundance of ****ing armies swarming this planet. It’s barely inhabitable at best. You generally don’t have a lot of folk running around. There are 3 major factions battling over the planet. 2 Slots open. 1 taken (See Below)
Now, this should this take off, I will expand and begin to include other planets. I’ve got few areas worth mentioning. Yes, if you have a faction, you will need to post techs in the tech thread. Rules on that will be explained further there.
Areas of note:

The Sea of Souls: The Sea of Souls is a sea that is nearly completely frozen over year-round. It is often, in some areas where the ice is broken, dangerous to cross because if the constantly moving floes, making the area nearly impassable. The sea reaches approximately 120,000 Ft. in depth. The ice is usually anywhere from 10 to 100 ft thick. The water temperature is usually so cold (-10 to -350 below) that even in powered armor infantry never stand a chance. Specially designed subs may venture below, while ships designed to break through the ice traverse, often ending in tragedy, the surface. Ruins are scattered beneath the surface, and expeditions whether on the surface or underwater are launched here.
It is named as such because legends say that those whom are not welcome on this world are bound in cold, unending, living death beneath the water’s surface. Indeed, those saying may prove more than true….

Cragscleft is an area in the Hoarfrost Mountains. Situated in an area just in the entrance of the Hoarfrost Range, it is named so because of the incredibly content of rocky crags. The high metal content of the area makes this an attractive area for mining, but it also renders reliable detection of any sort a thing of the past. It is also the name of a settlement in the area belong to a tribe of humans known as the Starslayer Tribe

Hoarfrost Mountains:
The Hoarfrost Mountain Range is a long mountain range stretching nearly 1000 miles across the face of the Western Continent. The highest point, on a mountain oft called Hell’s Gateway, is an oddly active volcano that reaches nearly 35,000 Feet. The range in itself has a number of Volcano’s, many of which are dormant, though a few are active and often find a few settlements situated around them. Hell’s Gateway, though, being incredibly (and for many, fatally) active, no settlements are recorded to have been successfully established. (Take a guess why…)
It should also be noted that flying in the range is often dangerous because of the heavy fog and near constant whiteout conditions make it nearly impossible to move, and like Cragscleft it has a high mineral content in its stone.

Now these are just the mapped and explored areas, much of which are still largely uninhabited. If you have new areas you wanna add, just PM or e-mail me.

Major Factions:
Starslayer: There are various groups of humans wandering throughout space known as the Tribes, and the Starslayer are one such clan. Recent events have reduced them to near extinction, and this already incredibly aggressive Tribe has become very xenophobic. They treat strangers with suspicion, if not downright hostility. The loss of their elder, Arcmedes, to the newcomers on the planet have resulted in guerilla warfare throughout the world where the off-worlders have already established.

Starslayer's up for grabs. Otherwies it's NPC.