This is the tech thread for my RP. You need to pay VERY close attention. I will put it in big, bold print if I have to.

You can create units and technologies for your faction, but be very specific with this. I don't want any idiodic technologies from this.

I think it's time to classify millitary technologies. Resorces are metal and energy.

Infantry: Good, all purpose units that often are the vanguard of many assaults. Often easily overwhelmed by mechanized units, but flexible enough to smash open any competition. (1 to 3 posts to train an infantryman, depending on type)

Armor: The next step in warfare, this consists of vehicles oft designed for speed and firepower. Ranging from fast hovercycles to heavy tanks, next to infantry the serve as the backbone of most armed forces on the planet. (2 to 6 posts to build an Armored unit)

Mech: The pinnacle of ground based warfare, the Mech’ serves as a flexible, highly mobile humanoid weapons platform that often strikes fear into the enemies’ hearts. They serve a wide variety of roles, from Recon to Assualt. These are very expensive to produce, and require a significant investment to build. Many often prefer less expensive infantry and tanks to mechs. (4 to 12 posts to build)

Air: Air units are often used for recon more than fighting, due to the harsh climate and adverse weather conditions. Any aircraft must be designed for a combination of speed, armor, durability and armament. (Requries 2 to 8 posts to build)

Cyber: Cyberwarfare is designed to attack the opposing side’s computers. Or defend against hostile attempts at sabotage. It takes much time and significant investment to create such a program. (12 to 45 posts)

Weapons fall under several categories: Conventional, Chemical, Cyberwarfare, Biological, and Nuclear.

Conventional Weapons are handheld/mounted projectile or energy weapons. Projectile may have an explosive core, or chemical, biological, even nuclear.

Chemical and Biological create a lot of(and often uncontrollable) collateral damage. Nuclear, while direct and often very powerful, leaves harmful radiation behind, and requires time to clear(20 to 50 posts, depending on amount of shelling. Characters, without some sort of protection or natural resistance, will die in 18 to 3 posts, depending on amount of radiation.) Takes and additional 10 posts to add one of these.