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Thread: The chronicles of princess Akane RP.

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    Exclamation The chronicles of princess Akane RP.

    Hii everyone!! it has been a long time since i last did some RPing, but now finally i wanted to start again since it's so much fun :D
    I am new to animeonline.net but i really want to get started.
    The RPG i have in mind is: The chronicles of princess Akane.
    Therefore i hope someone will be interested to join! ;)
    i Shall also create a post in the OCC forum with the information about the caracters and others..
    info about the story:
    Akane Mitsuhiko was born with naturally apple red hair, and beautiful green eyes.
    However Akane can not remember anything about her past, the only vague memory she has was an emblem that seemed very important.
    (further info about this will be mentioned in the OCC.)
    When Akane was little (12 yrs old) she was saved by a boy named Katsu.(13-yrs-old)
    On a snowy night Akane got lost in the woods, where she was attacked by wolves.
    That's where Katsu showed up.
    When Katsu asked Akane who she was and what she was doing there, she fainted.
    Katsu brought her to his home.
    When Akane woke up and told Katsu and his parents that she didn't remember anything except her name, Katsu and his parent made the decision to take care of her.
    now at the age of 16 the two decided to go on a journey searching for Akane's past.
    I will be playing Akane ofcourse, but there are certain caracters that can be played but already have a personality and apperance decided by me.
    these caracters are:
    Katsu & Yuyabi
    I hope this has gotten you excited to join!
    And ofcourse i hope this will be approved for an offical RPG.
    greetings! Annemontess xxx
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    Re: The chronicles of princess Akane RP.

    Hello... i am new to RPing.. What do you mean by you're going to play the role of Akane???

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