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    Futuristic societies with thriving communities are at constant war with it's one neighboring nation. Conflicts within the two nations affect it's citizens heavily with scrawls held outside the resident's doors, with innocent civilians often caught in the crossfire. Small peace treaties are reached once in a while but do not last. And the nations rest uneasily against eachother.
    Labs on both sides strive to create flawless weapons to use against the opposing nation.

    Though for Rift, their supersoldiers, or "BioWeapons" were anything but flawless. Human gunieapigs were often used for testing. Though the facilities once only took volunteers, desparation caused scientists to kidnap a few youthful subjects. This didn't last long, as authorities soon figured it out and proceeded to shut down the facilities. Surviving subjects saw this as an opportunity for escape. The remaining scientists were ordered to get rid of any and all evidence of human testing, or face execution. Again, in desparation, they hired rouges and assassins to hunt down escaped subjects and have them eliminated.

    Gash worked on the Virus- a deadly weapon that would infect it's victims and kill them from the inside out. It was a truly lethal thing that took on an almost human shape when observed in testing. The Virus was about to be released for use on the enemy when catastrophe struck. A very few rare test subjects were able to survive the Virus infections, even fewer grew mentally unstable. People who survived were classified as "Immune". However, the scientists were too late to realize just how badly the Immune were affected by the Virus. They grew stronger and overthrew the facilites, running amuck in the cities of Gash and eventually... Rift. They were ordered to be killed on-sight.

    As if any of this wasn't bad enough, the dreaded Virus has also escaped onto the streets- infecting any victims they can get their hands on.
    Meanwhile, warriors on either side are also being trained. But with experiments gone wrong, they're going to be up against more than just the opposing nation.

    Character Sheet:

    Origin (Rift/Gash):
    Class: [choose from list below char sheet]
    Ability(s): [if you choose ability, you cannot have a weapon (unless specified by your class)]
    Weapon(s): [if you choose weapon, you cannot have a ability (unless specified by your class)]
    Extra Details: [optional]
    Appearance: [img optional]


    Lightning fast and quick-witted, their minds are programmed for focusing on tactical skill in battle. Can scale any building with ease.

    Tires easily. Not all of them are unstable. A rare few have kept their minds togther with minor influence from the Virus. They are able to cloak themselves and enable mind-reading. Those who have fully lost their mind to Virus influence are cold-hearted and extremely dangerous.

    Illegaly hired to hunt down either Immune or BioWeapon subjects. Very sly and good at gathering information in any and every way possible. Able to disquise themselves as an extra ability.

    Trained hard to serve their nation, endurace is very high- other skills may vary with each soldier. Each carries throwing knives.
    -also available classes branching from "Soldier":
    --Captain: much more expirienced, these people train and lead groups of soldiers into battle
    --Medic: specializes in healing abilities
    --Hunter: specializes in fighting BioWeapon/Immune subjects that have either turned against their own nation or are attacking from the other side.


    Here's the char I'll be using:
    Origin (Rift/Gash): Rift
    Class: Soldier
    Name: Ria Kozu
    Age: 16
    Ability(s): can hide within shadows, amplified hearing
    Weapon(s): throwing knives
    Gender: female
    Personality: scared, nervous, determined, loud(when nervous), quiet
    Bio: Ria was drafted into this war. Her father was a past rouge, (now deceased) who taught her the way of the stealthy kill. She was separated from her group Captain and roams the streets in fear of encountering any of the experiments she has heard so many terrible stories about.
    Extra Details: specializes in stealthy attacks
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    Re: Clash

    Origin (Rift/Gash):Rift
    Class: Soldier
    Name:Shinzo Maru
    Ability(s):unhuman Strength,unhuman speed,unhuman agility,invulnerable,
    Bio:When was a kid his father taught him the way of the soldier. But then was tooken out of the Base and now is on his own.
    Extra Details:is very dangerous and capable of taking out a city.
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    Re: Clash

    Origin (Rift/Gash): Rift
    Class: Rouge
    Name: Akira
    Age: 20
    Ability(s): Disguise
    Weapon(s): Throwing Knives, hidden blades(Both boots), 2 short blades.
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Keeps to herself, quiet, stubborn
    Bio: She grew up as an orphan knowing that know one cared about her. When she turned 12 she decided to go out and try to get some food. She saw a wealthy man buy some groceries, so she decided to ask him for some food. He said no, and she begged and begged. He got fed u with it and pulled out two blades, in self defense she backed up. He charged and he grabbed a knife, dodged his strike and stabbed him in the throat. When she realized he was dead she started to cry. People all around were screaming saying she was a murderer, she had be an immune to move that quick. A strange man ran by and grabbed the dead man's swords then turned grabbed her around the waist and ran like the devil was on his heels.

    They turned around the a corner into a small ally. He put her down and layed the blades next to her. He then mumbled to himself. Akira was so scared she wanted to run. He faced her and said quietly and calmly, "How did it feel? Taking a life that is. How do you feel right now?"

    She started to panic. She wanted to run but her legs didn't let her. She decided to face her fear of this man and said, "It felt...horrible...I took his life for no reason, but the strange thing is, I don't feel bad about it, just scared."

    He sighed and said, "How would you like a home?"

    She fell backwards onto the ground. Someone had offered her a home. She slowly stood back up and said, "Uhhh...sure."

    From then on she learned all her fighting abilities from him and learned how to be a proper rouge.
    Extra Details: She walks extremely quiet, runs really fast, and strikes quickly

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