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Thread: Dark abyss chronicles

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    Dark abyss chronicles


    1.) Create a character that somewhat has a roll in the story line so far

    2.) roll play in a realistic way. Don't come up with crazy events that aren't relevant to the story. Please just follow the guidelines.

    3.) Char format:


    Race (human,haunted soul)



    Powers (read story so far to get a better idea of powers available):




    A dark abyss of evil that even hell scarcely knows of, has torn a whole in the center of time and space. No one can see it but it's there. Haunted souls have been escaping and possessing the bodies of humans. Anyone could be haunted by this incredible evil and you wold never notice. A proficey once for told of a group of warriors who could defend the world in a time of such pure darkness. This apocalypse has fallen upon us all and you are the sacred warriors that have been summoned by fate. You are the world's only hope. We must find the source of this incredible evil and rid it once and for all.

    If you join remember to follow the rules, have fun. Thank you and your participation in this RPG is appreciated greatly. I hope you all enjoy yourselves.

    P.S. there is no limit on characters per person of limit for people who can join so invite your friends because we need a minimum of 5 people to get started. Thanks. Bye.

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    Re: Dark abyss chronicles

    My char:

    Name: Takashi

    Race (human,haunted soul): Human

    appearance: White, Male, black hair, green/hazel eyes, piercing in right eyebrow, wears leather body armor with metal plated shoulders and shoulder strap holding sword sheath.

    Weapons: Long sword, concealed throwing spikes

    Powers: None (yet) is just a semi-normal human.

    Bio: Abandoned as a small child he was raised in an orphanage left at age 16 to fend for himself. Moved in with a friend before the apocalypse happened, and now is secretly training to become a warrior to fight off this new found force of evil.


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    Re: Dark abyss chronicles

    THWEET!! ^-^
    -name: carasume
    -race: human
    -appearance: Long dark brown hair when in the shade but when hair is in the sune it looks red, blue t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of ski goggles
    -weapons: short arm length sword, bow and arrows
    -power: telekinesis
    -bio: when Carasume was five years old she realized that she could control things with her mind when she was at school. She was being yelled at by a teacher during lunch time and she just focused on her sandwich and wished for it to just hit him in the face to shut him up. And to her surprise the sandwich did what she wished for. she practiced her telekinetic powers secretly for nine years.
    Death is interesting

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