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Thread: Dark Void

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    Dark Void

    A dark void is sweeping across the land known as Ardella. With the dark void spreading throughout the land six seals known as The Seals of Chaos, have been created to keep the void from spreading any further. Each seal is protected by a powerful Boarlis guardian to maintain peace across Ardella. As the six seals grow weaker throughout time the void starts to resume its sweep across the land creating darkness in its wake wherever it may go.

    Growing weaker each day, worshipers of the dark void would aid the return of the dark one Melchior. Followers of the dark being where the most feared of all for the simple fact that the had the dark blessings and powers of the dark one. Among the worshipers was the chosen one to usher his return Desmond "The Shadow Walker." Granted the powers to release Melchior from his long eternal slumber, Desmond is tasked with breaking the six seals that imprisoned Melchior in his eternal sleep.

    Already in the location that houses one of the six seals, The City of Valeria (where everyone will start) Desmond makes his way to the Boarlis Guardian and the seal and will stop at nothing to complete his mission.


    Extrawhat people must known about your person or may not know, whatever you want just add here.)

    ((Some things may be alittle off (working some things out) but you should get the genreal idea))

    P.S. PLEASE use spell check I can't strees this enough cause I can't always try and understand what you are trying to say or spell.

    Name: Desmond "The Shadow Walker"

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Unknown (will give pick later)

    Bio: Chosen by Melchior himself Desmond has the powers to control the shadows or any other powers of darkness as he sees fit but to a limit so he doesn't over power Melchior. Given the name "Shadow Walker" he creates voids that leads to other places that can only be accessed by him, followers of Melchior,or Melchior himself and enables him to walk the darkest voids created.

    Not having any memories of who he is or where he's from the only thing he can remember is that he was chosen to break the six Chaos seals to usher in the return of Melchior. Not much else is known about The Shadow Walker.

    Extra: Things that must be known about Desmond is that when he is seen, he carries a sword he calls Dark Harbinger, A sword that when drawn is still in a dark fire flare like state that can extend over a long range. But when in its true sword form is much more powerful than its flare form. Very few have lived to tell about i tor the Shadow Walker himself. But in due time all will known about him and his true objectives.

    ((Some things may be a little off (working some things out) but you should get the general idea))

    Note: Even though what he can do isn't clear I will be more frank as more join or as the rp moves on.

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    age:18 (in appearance his true age is unkown)
    appearance:has a black cloak and has a gray mask
    bio:some say shadow is a man created from the darkness itself
    others say he is a monster that is a servant of darkness none can
    say the only thing that is right is that he is a servant of darkness
    other then that he is unkown.
    extra:those you have seen shadow say they were seeing things
    some have even tried to attack him they end up dead with a slash
    in them even when he hasn't moved he is waiting for the seals to brake and for Melchior to wake.
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    Re: Dark Void

    Name: Kyran Acabali
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: roughly 6 feet tall. Pale. short, messy black hair. leanly muscled. Appearance 1 (Face). Appearance 2 (Full body).
    Bio: Born in the streets, Kyran has survived by honing his natural skills of movement to escape from any situation by being quick and agile. He is also fairly well versed in hand-to-hand combat.
    Extra: Unlike most dramatic characters, Kyran's parents are alive and well.
    Only the good die young.

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    Re: Dark Void

    Name:Ria "The Curse"
    Appearance: Long blue hair, blue eyes, Pale, about 5 feet tall.

    Bio:When Ria was growing up she was known as "The Curse" and still is. She got that name from her being the only one with blue eyes, since her parents and siblings had brown or green eyes. She's spread around as "The Curse" because when she was little her house went up in flames, while she was having a nightmare. Most belive that her nightmares turn from horrifying dreams to reality.

    Ever since her parents death she's been on her own. She wouldn't want it to be any other way. She used to people stoping and staring at her. Knowing excatly what their thinking, keeps walking, Not looking for any trouble... Unless she feels you are a threat.

    Extra:Ria barely talks and if she does talk its mostly to herself. She never talks about her past or her family when she does talk. She always wears a a hood that covers most of her face, that she barely ever takes off. She can be calm, but if you comment on something she does or says alot she'll eventually hit you in the back of the head with something.

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