Made up on the spot. Just! an Idea

Light has won, Humanity is doomed.
But all hope is not lost, it is either you the Rpger to find a way to bring this crazed yet intellegent man down to his knee's or to a even higher piller of slaughter aka "Justice".
So the world is now made up of level's. Level's made up of entirely and out of belief and innocent's.
All kira's that were known have been killed off except for the present kira, a shinigami at a time will or possibly the shinigami may enter the human world once more and add another to the world.
Current country's abiding today...are still intact, the world goes on with technology, life.
Death note:
Rule's of the death note are still intact.
The death note now come's in pink!.
Death note paper can be bought at a wal-mart near you...Joking
But is supplemented by a or shinigami's for a Price.

Added Both L's and Near's task force's are destroyed.
Also have some knowledge of the series
Death Note

Im not one to order or bark them but dont be a complete jackass.

Also if this doesn't quiet to catch on. Hell with it.
Plus for a bonus I wont be playing ..."Rpging" (doesn't want any pixels thrown at me).
To be honest Rpg's are kinda stupid..but dont let that quite turn you off the idea now.