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Thread: devils reign

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    devils reign

    (ooc) the setting is in spring of 2038 in Tokyo Japan and revolves around a new growing craze called devils reign which uses our characters as the players and another as the user.

    Dante pulls back his desk chair and logs in. He had been a member only a few months so his character was already a high level. He logged in as his character came up. He looked at the surrounding swamp that the game had randomly placed him in. "where is everyone, this place is supposed to be packed with players!" He told himself. The game had announced the day before that all characters seeking quick levels were to go to certain areas that were usually packed with players dueling each other for easy exp, Yet this area was empty and barren.
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    Re: devils reign

    Temperence logged on. She only saw one player on. She sighed. She loved this game, and always logged on everyday.

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