This RPG's about the popular Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne custom game, DotA. I could've just made it any warcraft 3 characters, but by making it DotA, it narrows down the heroes, and it also establishes 2 clear sides to the conflict: Sentinel and Scourge. The Sentinel are basically the good guys, and the Scourge are the evil undead. Pick any character in DotA, and your skills would be the ones that are listed. Also, there is no betrayal in this RPG since two clear sides are already established. Ok, now that the rules are over with, time for the fun stuff. If you have played DotA before, then you should already know the rules. Basically, it'll be DotA, RPG style.

Plot: The undead Scourge are trying to take over the Sentinels. They are currently at war, and your job is to enlist in the war on either side, as the hero of your choosing. Who will win, Scourge or Sentinel? Only time will tell...

Characters: You may choose any of the characters in DotA. For a full listing of DotA characters, go to - Heroes

Battle Rules: Every Character has a fixed amount of hp, as well as mana. Here are the rules for hero stats. Go to - Heroes, and click on the hero of your choosing. Then, a new page will open up with the Hero Editor. Post all the stats of your hero when you sign up for the RPG, and they will increase along the way as you get stronger throughout the RPG.

Stat Increase System: Each post increases the level of your hero by
1/(current level of hero).

For Example, if a hero were lvl 1, it'd take 1 post to level up, level 2 would take 2 posts, and so on. With each level, go to - Heroes and find you new stats by clicking on the right arrow next to Level _#_ ___Hero Name___. With each level up, your stats will increase, so look at the stat categories, which are: Damage, Armor, Strength, Agility, and Intelligence, as well as your HP and MP, which are the 2 sets of numbers beneath your Hero's picture. The first line of green numbers is the HP, (current health)/(max health). The second line of white numbers are the MP, (current mana)/(max mana).

Battle System: You can only attack once at a time, so no posting 2 consecutive attack commands before your opponent can even attack once unless the opponent doesn't respond within a day. Now, for the damage calculations. I've simplified it from the actual damage calculation system so that it'd work for the RPG. Let's start with spell damage. Every hero has 4 spells, whether they're passive or active, they are all helpful. For this RPG, the spell damage will be pure, meaning it is not reduced by armor at all. So if a spell does 400 damage, it will take all 400 damage off the opponent's life regardless of armor. Attack damage, however, will be calculated differently. For this RPG, we'll say that every attack does the maximum amount of damage, so when you attack, it will deal the full damage that the damage meter says. For example, if it says 41-44, then it will always deal 44 damage. Armor however, WILL reduce damage from regular attacks. If you scroll your mouse over the Armor icon, which is a helmet, on - Heroes, then you will see the amount of armor reduction. The damage would deal the maximum amount - (that amount x the reduction %). So many rules, I know right? Well, there's more, but it's easier now. So now that damage is over with, what about mana? Mana will drain whatever amount is drained. So if a spell costs 100 mana, you will lose 100 mana regardless of armor. Mana regeneration would be 10 mana for every post posted after the post that you casted the spell. Hp regen would be 10 hp for each post after the post that damaged you, including your own. Another note, spells and regular attacks can both be used in one post, and you can cast as many spells as you can in one post. However, you are not allowed to attack regularly more than once in a single post.

Team Fights: Unlike 1v1 fights, where double posting is not allowed by the same person, team battles will be a little different. Players on the same team can post after each other, but if every single person on one team, Sentinel or Scourge, have all attacked, and the Scourge hasn't even attacked with one player yet, then the Sentinel must wait for at least one Scourge member to attack, and they can all attack again.

Spells: Damage spells are easy enough to understand, but what about return damage spells and bonus attack damage spells and stuns and such? Well, I'll tackle most of those problems as they pop up, but with stuns, here's how it'd go. Attacking player can make 1 extra consecutive regular attack post for every second the spell stuns. So if a stun lasts 4 seconds, then the attacking player that used the stun can attack 4 times before the other player is allowed to even attack.

Items: The items are easy enough to understand. Since I will not incorporate a sophisticated gold system into this, 1000 gold will be given to each kill that a player makes. On - Heroes, there are a list of item shops at the bottom. Since I don't want things to get more complicated than they already are, there won't be any recipes, meaning you can buy any item you want without having to complete the recipe ingredients in the item description. If you're not a dota player, you're probably really confused by this, so just bear with me. On - Heroes, The first five shops that say : [Beazel the Weapons Dealer, Sena the Accessorizer, Cache of the Quel'thelan/Gateway of Demonic Artifacts, Leragas The Vile ('Secret' Shop), and Ancient of Wonders/Graveyard] are regular items. The shops beneath them that say Recipe Shop _#_, are the recipe shops. That's what I mean when I say recipes aren't required because normally in the game, you'd have to complete recipes to make those items, but for this RPG, you can just buy the item recipe without having to complete the requirements. When you click on the item shop, a list of items will pop up. When you click on any of the items, it will automatically calculate what that item does to your stats. To find the cost of the item, look at the bottom right of your hero's stats screen, to the right of the + icon. There should be a single gold coin with a number on it. That is how much gold it costs to buy all the items in your inventory, which are the 6 empty backpack slots on the right side of your hero screen. If you put one item at a time onto the inventory, it will tell you the individual cost of that item. You can see what the item does to your stats by looking at what stats go up each time you put an individual item on. Some items do nothing to your stats because they are not your main attribute, or they are active items. We won't be using active items in this so don't get any of those. Also, some items are orb effects. We won't be using those either, so if you see an expensive item that does not provide many stats, it is probably because it has an awesome orb or active skill, but it'd probably be wise not to buy it, since the stats wouldn't be worth it without the orb. For more advice or questions regarding items, message me and I'll be glad to help.

Ways to earn Gold: Each post gives exp, but it also gives 100 gold per post as well, as long as it contributes to the plot or is part of a fight. Killing heroes is +1000 gold, and that's about it for gold earning.

Ways to lose Gold: A post that is unrelated to anything and is considered spam would be -99999999 gold and get the player banned from the RPG. Dying in a fight will result in a loss of 300 gold, so not nearly as much as the amount gained is lost. You can die 3 times and kill once and still have gained 100 gold + the gold from posts.

Invisibility: Skills that give invisibility allow characters to run whenever they please. Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin has permanent invisibility at level 6, so he can run whenever he pleases. However, some skills give sight on invisibility, so if one of those skills is used on an invisible hero, he can still be killed. The skills that cancel invisibility are Gondar, The Bounty Hunter's "Track", and Slardar, Slithereen Guard's "Amplify Damage".

Keep in mind, this will still be an RPG, so you don't necessarily have to fight. You can run too. However, once a fight starts, you are not allowed to run, so make wise choices. Even posts that have nothing to do with fighting, but are related to the plot will still get you experience points for leveling up, but no gold whatsoever.

Finally, here's the character template. I'll be using mine as an example, and it'll be the character I'm using as well.

Character Name: Anub'arak, Nerubian Assassin
Current Level: 1
Current Damage: 49-53
Current Armor: 3.7
Current Strength: 18
Current Agility: 19
Current Intelligence: 18
Current Skill(s): Level 1 Impale

To see how I made my template and how I got the stats, go to - Anub'arak, Nerubian Assassin. That's the hero I chose. Pick your skill/spell out of any of the 4 skills listed at the very bottom of the page, and those are it. As you level up, you are allowed to increase 1 on any skill with each level. Each time a skill is increased, it gets stronger. The abilities a skill does with each level are listed in the skill descriptions. Also, the final skill that is listed on a hero's skills is always the ultimate, and cannot be increased until level 6.


I realize that I typed WAY too much, but if you have already played the real DotA before, then you should understand most of the things already, and only have to read the special rules I used in order for the RPG to be simpler.