This Rpg is a great one I will tell the whole story of it. but first I have to show you the picture of it when I played it on a different site

On the planet earth a secret plot is made to wreck the earth, a evil witch who lives in the negaverse with two sides fight's to stop the erge from carrying out this plan. A group of hero's around the world fight to keep it alive. In the previous version me, david, and king were there to stop the evil. We all had to was earn special sprits to assist us. Along the way the witch tried to destroy the planet with minions, a meteor, and a dark evil spell.

and each of us had to earn our sprits by fighting a guardian.

weakness:ultima jelly

I had to fight for Jinzo by releasing the evil within a summoning ring (ultima).

power:holy energy (and open dimensions to the dragon world and the earth)
weakness:neverending darkness
power:holy element
weakness:weakened lifeforce with david

david had to rescue his loyal servant Luzneo from ultimate weapon (his loyal dragon merged with my spritual counterpart ultima [a jel like materalistic weapon])

power:chaos (the more chaos in the world the greater his strength)
weakness:aerial attacks
power:ultimate defense
weakness: insides

and king had to earn his by the equipment in the negaverse

power:wolven powers (not a werewolf)
weakness:a full moon (every 50 posts )
sprit:full transformation
power:enhanced speed,strength,and sences

he earned his after finding a special treasure in dragon world

in the grand scheme of things at the very end, I had to sacrifice my life in order to sustain peace. By absorbing with the power of darkness from Jinzo and trapping the evil part of the witch in my body and david's and luzneo's power. They targeted at me and obliterated the evil completely.

anyone can read this and use this same setting to make your own Dragon Chronicles....^v^