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Thread: Dream Weaver RP

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    Dream Weaver RP

    Basically I have an idea of an impending threat from the dream world that people known as Dream Weavers combat to save the day. The threats, known as Nightmares, are Freddy Krueger-like in nature and travel between dreams and the Dream Weavers chase them, if left alone the Nightmares will kill a sleeping host. The is the basics of my RP, if it is not your cup of tea then please exit the RP. If, however, you are interested then please read on below for more information.

    The Story

    The human imagination is the strongest force ever to appear on the face of the earth. It is said that when humans sleep our consciousness wavers between past recollections, putting pictures to memories, allows our sub-conscience to leave us messages (sometimes) while we sleep that if we were awake would never think about. Whatever they may be, dreams are a reality than can only be experienced while we are asleep; some people love to dream so much that they wish never to wake up from them.

    While we sleep the world is ours for the taking. Not everyone can boast this ability, but there are those who are documented as saying that they can change anything in their dream at will; if they are crippled in real life, then in a dream they can walk; if they are scarred physically, then their bodies are fresh with the glow of a new born; if there is something in the landscape that causes them discomfort, they are turn flying pigs into flying tigers or anything else of their choosing. To them, while they sleep, they are god of their realm. Why would anyone want to leave that power behind for the real world where they might just happen to be inferior even to a cat!

    These men and women who can change anything in their dreams at will are potential Dream Weavers. They are potential because while they all have the necessary power to become a Dream Weaver there is one very important rule that must be observed before one can become a Dream Weaver.

    Before I get into that, are you perhaps wondering what a Dream Weaver may be? I?ll tell you. A Dream Weaver is someone that travels the infinite web of space between people?s dreamers, leaping from one dream to the next, destroying evil entities known as Nightmares to keep the human race alive. They are called Heroes of the Dreamland; though personally between us we know that it isn?t always that simple as a good and a bad when lives are on the line.

    Now where were we? Ah, yes. The rule: The only method of becoming a Dream Weaver, aside from being able to control anything in your dreams, is that you must be dead. You must be dead and to have died in your dreams while your conscience wanders the Dreamland. Dream Weavers fight eternally against nightmares and Nightmares, and, yes, even against other Dream Weavers for all of eternity until their conscience dies. When your conscience dies within the Dreamland there is no Heaven, no Hell, reincarnation a faint hope, but as always the truth is something more depressing, however I shall get into that in the RP Mechanics Section.

    Nightmares and nightmares, you?ll notice, appear in every aspect to be the same except for the capitalized and lower-cased ?n?. That is because nightmares are negative energies within a dream that corrupt a dream and wrest control of a dream from the sleeper. A Nightmare is a manifestation of the negative energies compacted into a physical form that can leap from dream to dream like the Dream Weavers, if the nightmares are left alone for too long. The Nightmares are the opposite of the Dream Weavers; while the Dream Weavers work to protect a sleeper?s life while inside Dreamland, Nightmares work to manifest negative energies to grow in power, and in some cases they will kill the sleeper host.

    The battle between the Dream Weavers and the Nightmares is a battle that has been going on since the two first laid eyes upon the other tens of thousands of years ago.

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    Re: Dream Weaver RP

    I read what you had and found it to be really interesting and i would like to try it.
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