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Thread: Duel Masters

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    Re: Duel Masters

    I don't know if you guys are still interested but I'd like to join too. I use a Light Deck and 1 sig is Urth Purifying Elemental, I'll fig out the rest of sig later. Also Skype would probably be the best thing to use for visual(though I don't have it yet) and if the sound is a bit distorted then we can use ventrillo for that part.

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    Re: Duel Masters TCG ( OCTGN game engine by Muller Factory )

    * I still prefer MTG cause of the strategy, but this is a nice introduction before going into MTG.
    because it is a lot more simply, but can still get pretty competitive.

    OCTGN FORUM = P.S. NEW Duel Masters for OCTGN2
    Here's a link, for the Game Engine, used with a program on Online Card Tabletop Gaming Network.
    I have helped Muller Factory, find the resources for card images, and he developed the code to make the field work.

    SAMPLE CARDS http://dc233.4shared.com/download/_W...ilizations.jpg

    GAME ENGINE - SCREENSHOTs http://dc252.4shared.com/download/Wn...a/DM_OCTGN.jpg
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