Here you go: This is the Char creation thread:

My Character:

Malcolm Voss:

Physical Attributes:

Unusually Strong (Genetic Enhancement)

Unusually Fast (Genetic enhancement)

Night Vision (Bionic Eye)

Fast Reflexes: (Genetic enhancement)

Excellent vision: (Genetic/ Bionic enhancement)
Mental Attributes

Disciplined (Years of Military Service)

Psionics: Hallucinations (Psi Powers, Self-Defined)

Psionics: Attacks (Psi Powers, Harms)

Psionics: Body (Psi Powers, Heals)

Psionics: Defensive (Psi powers, Defends)

Malcolm is an assault commander and a psych. He’s been described as a little eccentric, and after military training since he was twelve, he is well disciplined, and possessed of a somewhat good nature. He has blue eye, brown hair, and is of possible Nordic descent. He has also during the military training was gentically enhanced and lost his eye in a recent engagement and it was replaced with a bionic eye.