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Thread: "In The End"

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    "In The End"

    In The End

    The world, dreary and dim. The last few breathes of the universe have drawn close at hand as time has gone beyond it’s means. A power greater then time, a justice tighter then that of concept. In the end of the end, the all’s favor of the days of yore and the times of ancient magic’s long forgotten. This world that has beckoned wars and troubled natures.. It’s all nearing it’s end.

    Many many years ago, one could have described this world as beautiful. The world once flourished with green and life was abundant. Blues reds and yellows.. Colors that where once also a great and standard display all have faded. Such succulent life, great and felt to be unending. But in the end of days no one is free from the last dieing breath of this universe, and no God will ever survive the chaos that is rebirth.

    It is the end of days for all worlds, all stars and everything. These worlds connected by lands and roads, by intergalactic tunnels and worm holes. The danger of the end has devoured everything, everything but seven remaining chunks of land. Each of these large continents have been chained together by the faith of those who remain and lay in wait for the final destruction of their existence. Faith forged these chains, and fate has sealed them until the miasma that is Ragnarok would devour the last remnants of life on these continents afloat in this final rift of space. These continents have each adopted their home worlds names like kingdoms, yet no one holds complete power. No technologies have been fully able to survive the loss of time’s power. Only the faith of those who are to live until the final moments stop the erosion of definition, the end of what we know and how we know.

    Everything we lose our faith in, every bit of our hearts and our souls… When we lose the ability to believe we too shall fall victim to the evanescent flames of Ragnarok. Only now we shall live our last days in this anarchy, the nobility even scraping for what’s left and those lucky enough always targeted.. Can we not let ourselves go? Rebirth means a new beginning, but sadly it also means our end.

    The question is, will you seek out your chance to keep existing? Will you stand up to fight the gales and gusts of the miasmatic end?

    Seven Places Left:

    All the land and matter in the universe, after many long centuries and millennia have gathered at one space. At the bottom of the step ladder of lands are the two Continents unnamed.

    Some call then Heaven’s Fall, for from the top of the ladder of lands to that bottom is the longest drop known to living things.

    The middle lands right diagonally above the ‘Fall are three continents called Heaven’s Door, one two and three.

    Directly over ’Fall and diagonally above Heaven’s Doors are two land masses called Heaven’s Stairway, one and two. And obviously they lead up to the seventh mass, the smallest yet highest continent trapped in the atmosphere of space and sky with the rest. That place is called Zion.

    From bottom to top it’s nearly chronological in how they are. At the bottom was a somewhat undeveloped world, though it really matters not what technologies you had started with. Much of their use’s fade away. Each continent is attached to the next by the ‘Chains of Faith’, and up these chains small monorail like systems carry those lucky enough to have a ticket to the next continent.

    Many are already losing hope at the foot of Heaven’s fall, and the Miasma is already taking the land slowly but surely. Those who haven’t lost hope are trying to ascend, but alas, Lost Faith is a contagious disease.

    Basically, Choose a Faith and from that faith Derive some sort of attribute for your character from it.

    My character is in example next.

    Name: Slayne Von Beowulf
    Age: Presumed to be in his twenties.
    Gender: Male.. Duh. Lol

    Appearance: pitate.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Noted items:

    A small shoulder bag, filled with scrolls of paper wrapped in leather as well as a magical quill that never runs out of ink.
    His hat seems to have a certain value to it.
    An eye patch he wear’s over his right eye.
    A small Jade crystal etched in a round metal pendant.

    Personality: He is an eccentric sort, who sees things in a seemingly distorted manner. But it’s only distorted in appearance, and hasn’t anything but the utmost noble intentions.. Including exploring the necessity, the meaning of being defined in existence. But he usually comes out as queer, not in sexuality but in how he expresses things, or at least thought to be odd.


    Slayne was the son of a blacksmith and a house wife back in a town in Heavens Fall, not too big at all. But when the children would play in the school yard however unenthusiastically he’d lose himself gazing at the various guises of mother nature’s remains and her children, as well as think about the social interaction between children. Needless to say, his silent motifs and dreamy, spacey outward display won him little friend or foe.

    After finishing what little school was needed in this world he decided that he would travel throughout the remaining land and ponder the various attributes imbued within and without the perceptions of reality. He’s a poet aspiring to be the greatest philosopher of whatever time is left in that world, but at the same time even questioning his motives.

    Even so, he kept to himself a special power only his eyes had seen him weave. He rarely uses it, and only in the most dire situations. The pendant he has around his neck came from presumably his mother, but even he isn’t sure about it’s true origin. He sees it as a symbol of his ascension into higher thinking and a sign to state that he is still equal with humanity.

    Faith: Faith in the Spreading word, the Parchment to heaven, and the mentality that brings reality into inverse at the tips of a poets fingers.

    Basically slight Telekinesis with Greater 'Paper-Kinesis', Think Pyrokinetic but with Paper.

    "Walk in with Reason, and leave with Passion."

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    Re: "In The End"

    Name: Astrum

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: my little thief,final version by *jiuge on deviantART Very similar to this, but with loose pants and a leather vest. And a man’s chest! >_<

    Noted items:
    • Three sets of lock picks all of various sets so that no matter the lock, he is able to pick it within a reasonable amount of time.
    • Two daggers, one of each leg in a holster with a Zatoichi tied neatly to his back.
    • Three pouches, small in size that are tied to his side at all times. No one has been able to figure out what is in them.
    • A handgun with a single bullet


    Childish to a fault with a desire unlike any before for winning. Innately clever, cruel, and boundless. Intelligence for logical and illogical reasoning far surpass even those with many years of training. And his charisma, psychological value, over others comes at a high price… for his victim.


    We all have a history that we wish to tell one day, Astrum is no different, but he is also different at the same time; he walks a path unknown to him, and to others, and sees only the new day as hell—a hell that only he could understand. It all began many years ago, ten to be precise, was a day that the sun of his star system blackens… that he began to ascend to his second life.

    Cold… the numbing coldness grew on his limbs and filled his mind with fear.

    ”Who am I…” a single thought process occurred suddenly, violent at first but soon the crystallization began to grip firmly onto their words. “Who am I?” the sound was clearer this time, though still faint and hard to understand.

    Dripping water came from a far off place as the boy slowly tilted his head upward, his face was visibly mangled, bruises and welts grew on his face and from many areas he bleed profusely. Slowly the boy stood on his knees, his clothes lay strewn about him in bloody tatters. He looked as far as he could see.

    There was only darkness.

    The sun was blacked out for three days. All of the world’s technology plunged, warped, and broke under the madness the people went through. Very little actually lived through the three days, Astrum was one of the lucky ones who was believed to be dead and was ignored from then on. His name, face, and memory were all taken forcibly away.

    Astrum was seven then and scrounging through the trash and dead looking for food. He only did so copying the adults and the way they lived. With this he grew vicious, jealous of his food and allowed no one to come near and often killed to keep his life intact. In this style Astrum lived to see his fourteenth birthday when a new enemy rose up in his chest like a raging dragon thirsty for sheep and treasure—as the legends tell.

    Astrum grew lustful for a body, a woman’s to be precise. He has seen the act of “love-making” being done before him many times in the past, in the streets. Until now Astrum paid them no heed, whether there was a raping being committed or not, and stepped on by and occasionally asking the love-making pair for some spare food. He happened upon many women then, some came to him willingly and others he forced his duty upon them and silenced their screaming simply. For two years he lived like that, stealing from others, raping, and pillaging, bullying, and, overall, living the only way he knew how.

    One night of the last year of this tale, Astrum, who was nameless up until this point, finally received his name. It happened during a routine theft, he was at a not so typical house, with furnishings of the high quality sort, he tripped the trap and as punishment was to live with the man he stole from for as long as he desired, or be tortured in many, unfathomable ways till the ends of his days. Until his mind breaks. Against his better judgment, Astrum took to living with the man who is… well that isn’t really important.

    Astrum gained his name, Astrum, from that man who turned out to be a highly skilled scholar. He was out gazing at the stars one day so intently that it seemed he wished to travel them one day, side by side and free from the hellish world.

    “That is what ‘Astrum’ means in Latin,” the mysterious man had said then and from that day on, Astrum had a name. But he lost infinitely to gain it also; the man vanished, without a trace, one lonely day as blood seeped from the walls*.

    Faith: Astrum, like many others first believed in a God, some God to put his soul into for an eternity, but as age came he grew wiser, cunning, and clever enough to realize his foolishness. To accept a god would be the same as admitting defeat. He would no longer rely on anyone else.

    *That is a metaphor saying that Astrum was so shocked and mentally stressed that he could only see blood.


    Have I left anything out?

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    Re: "In The End"

    Well, the only question remains is that how could a 9 - 14 year old rape? o-O Unless he was like a superhuman being with uber strength powers, most women would slap him or something before he could do anything. Especially a 9 year old.

    And you do realize that it's the 'final' place in the 'whole' universe, those floating lands? People are losing faith in existence, and just live out their days generally dull and boring, as if there isn't any point left? Or at least, in Heavens Fall. Just thought I'd make sure, that the idea that this is the last place in the universe was clear.

    And well, does his faith grant him anything more? Like Slayne's does?

    Other than that, I hate the character, but I can't say that it wouldn't be acceptable with a few things clear. But I doubt a 19 year old in this age would have the means or potential to be as 'powerful' as he seems to be. He's younger, meaning he hasn't been around as long. Just thought I'd bring that to your attention too.

    Oh, one more thing (says uncle), 'Zatoichi' is a blind swordsman who as uber awesome.I don't think they made a sword after him, or maybe I'm mistaken. < Shrug. >

    "Walk in with Reason, and leave with Passion."

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