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Thread: Enigmaclan(a 'Warrior cats' RP Idea)

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    Lightbulb Enigmaclan(a 'Warrior cats' RP Idea)

    This is a fake clan inspired by the Warrior cat books so heres an RP Example:
    Enigmastar had just clawed the badger's face and it droped Foxkit."Foxkit,my son,are you all right?"Enigmastar asked his son.Foxkit just nodded.Enigmastar stood over his frightend son and bite the neck of the other badger that had taken the life of his mate."Rest in peace in Starclan,Goldheart."Enigmastar said and buried her."Come Foxkit."Enigmastar whispered.Foxkit followed his father by staying at his front paws...

    And there's my example!
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    Winry Rockbell is AWSOME!!! THATS SUPER FUNNY!XDDD

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