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Thread: Fantasia

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    Re: Fantasia

    Ok pheonix sign me up.
    Name:Tenchi Sinjiro
    Power: The ability to convert any material into metal. He can even convert his skin into metal.
    Bio:*it is in progress v.v*
    Weapons: He keeps a small dagger that was given to him by his father.

    Appearence- *will place pic here momentarily*

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    Re: Fantasia

    I'll join too, but I thought you wasn't into Futuristic RPG??? lol because this one sounds like Futuristic to me.

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    Re: Fantasia

    Ohhhh!!! Count me in!! I like th one!! *raises hand* MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!(I'm hyper okay......)

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    Re: Fantasia

    ok guys lol giggles....i just sent a note to chief asking for approval of the rp..... will send a pm to everyone as soon as this gets approved...hopefully soon.
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    Re: Fantasia

    Name: Kairu
    Age: 100 + years old but looks as if he is only in his early 20s.
    Nation: Metal
    Power: Able to build and construct or dismantle any mechanical or metallic device. He is also imune to vertualy all forms of deseas and poisens.
    Family: None

    Bio: Kairu is not a man but a bio mechanical machine created by a scientist who sought to save his son’s life who suffered from a weak physical body. The Scientist succeeded and saved his son Kairu life by combining flesh and metal but was later arrested for unethical and questionable scientific ventures. Kairu is still physically Human and organic who needs food, how ever so little though and ages much more slowly. The exception of his muscular, neural and skeletal structure which far exceeds in strength and durability compared to any normal person, he is still a living creature. He and his father were later exiled instead of being executed do to the fact it was brought about of the purist intent to save a life. Years passed and Kairu's father later died at the age of 81 do to natural cause, how ever Kairu has hardly aged at all. Sense he and his father were exiled he began to modify him self by replacing his more organic arms for clawed mechanical like gauntlets that attach to his elbow. He has also replaced his legs with double jointed mechanical ones that connect to his knee, allowing him to run and jump faster and farther. He also added on two extra very long arms to his back, each when fully extended has a reach up to 15' 8" whose hands are also clawed with three much larger and longer bladed fingers. He keeps his second set of arms folded like that of a bird’s wing. These modifications were necessary for them to survive in the harsh wilderness.
    Kairu was later rediscovered by one of the young princesses when she was little who ran away wanting adventure and to see the out side world. She got lost for a few days until Kairu found her wandering aimlessly through the thick forest and took her in and gave her food and shelter. He later returned the young lady to her royal family who were over joyed to see their daughter again. They were disturbed to see Kairu and wanted him out of the realm and back in the woods as quickly as possible. Kairu, never wanted or expected any reword was happy to oblige in returning to his home, how ever the young princess begged with her mother and father for Kairu to stay and be her body guard and friend. Her parents later gave in to allow for her to see Kairu, but Kairu would have to stay in the woods. The young princess goes to see Kairu as often as she can.

    Weapons: Basically he is a weapon do to his four clawed arms and extreme agility and speed and capability to withstand an enormous amount of punishment.
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    Re: Fantasia

    I'm in I'm in!!!!!! yes yes (also not back ta anoyin' ppl...) so I'll join also ^^
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    Re: Fantasia

    Name: Kuro Ko (not his real name. will explain in bio)
    Age: 18
    Nation: Fire
    Power: Phoenix fire- Able to use the eternal flames of a Phoenix and can even semi turn himself into a Phoenix by enveloping his body in fire and growing Phoenix wings. Among other things is the manipulation of fire.
    Family: Soujiro
    Bio: He is the first born son of Soujiro. The prince had relations with a Phoenix while it was in human form. When Kuro Ko was born his father saw him as a threat and has on many occasions tried to kill his own son, but the blood that runs through his veins is strong and keeps him alive. When Soujiro could not kill him, he decided to use him to his advantage and trained him to be the ultimate warrior for the land of Hothoria. Only his mother knew his real name, but she died soon after Kuro Ko’s birth. His father appalled by his son when he learned the truth gave him the name of Kuro Ko (meaning Dark Sin).

    Weapons: Photobucket | phoenix Pictures, phoenix Images, phoenix Photos
    Spear anime image by Goth_Mavelle on Photobucket
    Kuro Ko had both made in Mercury's lair secretly the sword is always at his side and his spear always in his hand or near him. They are both drenched in his blood making them stronger and when cut by either one a fire burns inside of them.

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    Re: Fantasia

    Name: Denmar

    Age: 35

    Power: The ability to create and control fire to an extreme. Large fires take a bit of concentration.

    Designation: Fire

    Family: Luminar

    Bio: He is the third most powerful fire Mage in Hothoria, and was close friends with Soujiro until Soujiro became the Patriarch. He spends most of his time lecturing/talking to/hitting on random students he encounters in the school's halls.

    Weapons: Fire. He has a dagger "just in case", whatever that means...

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