-- The Holy Grail War –

It is a great ritual, which has been practiced for hundreds of years. If one enters the ritual, one must eliminate the other six, as it is a battle for one’s life.

I don’t know when the Holy Grail War began.

It is said that the Holy Grail is in the land of Fuyuki, and that many magi have fought each other here in the past. They only had one purpose… to obtain the Noble Phantasm called the Holy Grail. But the origin of the Holy Grail is unknown.

It’s certain that it never received the blood of God, but its power matches that of the one in the legend.


It is said that the Holy Grail can grant any wish. Only one has the right to possess it. The Holy Grail can grant any one wish for one person. But seven magi are needed to summon the Holy Grail to this land.

One miracle, seven collaborators.

…Well the point is, it was only a matter of time before a fight broke out over the Holy Grail. It began like an ordinary fight over resources. The seven magi used the power of the Holy Grail equally to each summon a familiar, a “Servant”, to battle the other magi.

Only one magus will obtain the Holy Grail.

And so, each of them treated the other six, once allies, now as enemies, and a gruesome fight began.

This is the ritual called the Holy Grail War, a competition between magi for the Holy Grail. The magi chosen by the Holy Grail are called Masters, and each Master receives a powerful familiar called a Servant by the grace of the Holy Grail.

-- There are two proofs that one is a Master –
  • Summoning a Servant and making it obey.
  • And obtaining the three Command Spells that can order the Servant.

Soon the next Holy Grail war will begin, once the last Master summons their Servant, the Holy Grail War commences.

What makes a Servant so powerful is that all of them have a powerful "Secret Move".

-- About the three Command Spells –

A tattoo is etched into a Master’s forearm; this is proof of the Command Spell. An order given by the Master under the Command Spell is absolute, it allows the Servant to perform miracles that are otherwise impossible, like a Servant suddenly gaining the power to teleport, or to deliver a more powerful blow in a fight.

The broader the Command Spell order, the weaker it becomes. The Servant with a strong willpower will have the option to disobey the Master. Commands like break this window are impossible to disobey, even by the most mentally powerful Servants.

-- Conditions to Lose --

If a Master dies, so does the Servant return to the timeline they were summoned from, their contract nullified.
If all three Command Spells are used, the servant returns to their own timeline and the Master is disqualified.
If a Servant is defeated in battle, both the Servant and the Master are defeated.

-- --

The Holy Grail War is an all out battle that never rests, and may sometimes involve the lives of innocent civilians.

Character Sheet

Element [Only One]:

Servant – Servants must be from Earth’s history. No made up characters.
Name [Archer, Saber, Mage, ect.]:
Real Name:
Secret Move + Description:

I need six other RP’ers (no more) before this RP begins.