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Thread: fight! (dbz rpg)

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    Post fight! (dbz rpg)

    Weapon:her gun
    Side: Z fighters
    Personality: quiet type...but is friendly once she gets to know you
    Bio: was evil...but turned on dr gero...

    since this is a new thread or rp...those of you who want to join pm me and after i accept you, you should post here so i know your character...
    no godmodding
    minnimum cursing

    setting: kitty fired her gun at a sibaman as it tried to attack her...did the thing realy think it could acctaully beat her? she was an android for petes sakes! she could predict most of it's moves...

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    Re: fight! (dbz rpg)

    Please follow AO's policies regarding forum RPGs.

    RPGing AO’s policies and procedures

    Moving to RPG ideas and closing.

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