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Thread: Final Fantasy VII: Puritania

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    Final Fantasy VII: Puritania

    He’s rushing to the old reactor at the dead of night. While physically exhausted, he must stop this evil at it’s roots. As he treads through the thick woods, drawing nearer and nearer to the face of insanity, he visualizes all of the inhabitants of Nibelheim being slaughtered without a shred of remorse. Zack finally reaches the Mako reactor and runs directly in, without hesitation. The inside of the reactor screams malice, with it’s dark corridors and the ominous red lights futilely trying to illuminate them. He walks down the main corridor towards the reactor core, where the monster will be waiting. He enters the room and notices something out of place; a young woman unconscious on the steps! At closer examination Zack realizes that it’s a local that he had recently met, and she’s not unconscious. Despite all of the events that he has seen, he still clings to some hope that his new found mentor and friend has not done this atrocious deed, that it was some sort of attack by a terrorist organization… or possibly Genesis. He kneels besides the villager, Tifa. “Sephiroth did this, didn’t he?” he asks almost breathlessly. But that small, small hope soon shrivels when he sees the look in her crimson-brownish eyes. He turns his back. He can feel the hatred toward him.

    He leaves her in that spot, slowly continuing up the steps to confront the nigh-invincible warrior. Tifa suddenly shouts out, tears in her eyes and pure abhorrence in her voice “...I hate it... Shinra, SOLDIER, and you too... I hate it all!!" Zack turned away from her, suddenly infuriated with himself as well as Sephiroth. He charges up the stair case, towards the door that obstructs him from his newly found enemy. At the top of the staricase, he screams a battlecry as he pulls the man-sized sword off his back, and blasts the door with a well placed "Blade Beam"; a powerful skill that sends a shockwave of energy through the ground at targets.

    As he reaches the other side of the pile of rubble that was once a door, he gazes upon one of the more peculiar sites of his SOLDIER career. It was a man… no, a monster. This monster was addressing another monster, paying no mind to the loud commotion that Zack had just made by breaking into the reactor core. “Mother, let’s take back the planet together. I… I had an epiphany.”. His voice was the definition of somber. “Let’s go to the promise land… Mother… ”. “Sephiroth!” Zack interrupts him, infuriated. “Why did you kill the villagers? Why did you hurt Tifa? Answer me, Sephiroth!”. Sephiroth begins to chuckle snidely, bewilderment sets itself on Zack’s face. “Mother, they’re here again. You should of ruled this planet. You were stronger, smarter.”. The metal clad calamity that Sephiroth is addressing remains stationary. Any life remaining in that thing is long gone. “But then they came…Those inferior dullards…They came and took this planet away from you. But don’t be sad, Mother. I am with you now.”

    Sephiroth grabs the metal armor that impedes him, and flings it to the side, revealing a tank behind it. Zack wastes no time, while Sephiroth's distracted, he puts the edge of his blade to side his neck. “Sephiroth! What the hell happened to you?”

    Sephiroth pauses for a moment, turns and deflects the sword with his own before Zack could react, his speed was astounding. The hit flings Zack to the right, onto some pipes. He jumps back off the pipes, and lands his sword into the platform where Sephiroth was just standing. Sephiroth, already overhead, decends upon Zack. Zack pulls his sword out of the metal platform with a loud scratching sound, and jumps to intercept the Sword-wielding demon. “Sephiroth… I trusted you!”. Sephiroth deflects the counter, knocking Zack onto another, higher pipe. As sephiroth finishes his decent, he cuts through the pipe. Zack, barely able to throw up his guard in time, gets caught in the maelstrom of the falling swordsman, and gets knocked down a level of pipes, grunting with pain upon landing. Zack begins to run down the pipes. Sephiroth jumps down and chases him, hacking at him every few feet. Almost cornered, Zack deflects a few more of Sephiroth's swings and jumps back, throwing a "Blade Beam" along the ground. Sephiroth laughs as he easily flicks his sword to the side to neutralize the beam. "In order to return this planet from you fools to the hands of the Cetra's," Sephiroth says, holding his sword out arm length, "I was born." Zack quickly glances away for a second, in an attempt to escape being cornered. As he glances back with no new alternatives, Sephiroth is already smiling maniacally in Zacks face with his sword-arm cocked back. Zack grunts as he blocks the sudden impact, and falls, accidentally hitting a glass tank before landing on a platform. He turns to see a cracked tank with a ravaged silhouette floating in it. He had somehow fallen back onto the platform containing Jenova's tank. Before he can react, or even stand up, Sephiroth appears and throws Zack back across the core, flinging the Buster Sword near the ruined door that Zack had destroyed only moments earlier. Zack, thrown back out of the core, lands into some machinery not far from Tifa.

    Sephiroth stands victorious for a moment, then turns around and approaches Jenova's tank. He presses his hands and face against the glass, and stares at his mother. "It's alright now, Mother..." Suddenly theres a *thunk* and a large crack snakes its way up the side of Jenova's tank. Sephiroth looks down to see the tip of the Buster Sword sticking through his stomach and hitting the tank. There's a masked grunt behind Sephiroth, holding the buster sword through him. "Return Tifa and my Village!!" exclaims the masked infantryman, "I respected you, ADMIRED you... but...". "Y-You bastard..." Sephiroth says quietly. The grunt pulls the sword out of Sephiroth, as Sephiroth slinks to his knees. "Tifa!" the grunt yells, as he runs back to the stairs.

    At Shinra Headquarters...

    "Sephiroth has gone AWAL. Reports say he was last headed to Nibelheim." says Tseng. "Do you want us to detach a squad to retrieve him?" he asks calmly. President Shinra stands from his desk and walks to the windows behind him. "Sephiroth is at Nibelheim Reactor. He's... No longer a SOLDIER." President Shinra says quietly. "Bomb it."
    "S-Sir!! Sephiroths our absolute best! Not to mention the untold damages a bomb can do to Nibelheim, once the reactors go critical!" Tseng says, losing his calm. "... You will send an attack helicopter equipped with a Mako Bomb. You will go immediately." President Shinra turns around, still calm, "Do I make myself clear? Sephiroth is no longer on our side." "Y-yes sir..." Tseng says, leaving the room. President Shinra walks back to his desk and sits down, his SOLDIER record-book open to Sephiroth's page on his desk. "He must be destroyed, or we'll all suffer..." he says, staring at Sephiroth's picture.

    At the Nibelheim Reactor...

    The masked man throws his helmet to reveal wild blonde hair. He rushes to Tifa's side, picking her up and carrying her to lean her against a wall. She opens her eyes. "Cloud... So you really did come for me..." she says, half concious. "Yeah..." he says back, calmly. "So you kept our promise, huh?" she asks rhetorically. "You really came here when I was in a pinch."

    The helicopter's propellers carry it over Nibelheim. The reactor's in sight. "The bomb is armed!" Yells a SOLDIER over the intercom, the heliopter roaring loudly in the back. "Good. Drop it and let's get out of here." Tseng says back over the intercom from the Co-Pilot's seat. The helicopter roars over the mountain tops, it's metal wings beating over the cold night air. It hovers a few hundred feet above the reactor within minutes. "We're in position, sir!" says the SOLDIER. "... Drop it..." Tseng replies. The team of SOLDIERs in the back of the chopper quickly move the bomb into position, and clear the trap door. "Go!" says Tseng to the pilot. "Roger!" the pilot responds, flicking open a switch-cover and pressing a square blue button. The trap door opens with a gust of wind, and the bomb drops out of the helicopter. A parachute bearing Shinra's logo catches and slows the bomb, to avoid immediate detonation upon impact. "Now get us out of here." Tseng says to the pilot, prodding his pistol nervously.

    "I'm sorry. I was a bit late getting here." Cloud says to Tifa. "Not at all... It's fine, cloud." Tifa replies. Suddenly there's a crash of glass back in the core. Sephiroth, clutching his pierced stomach, breaks the glass tank, cuts off his mother's head and grabs it. He walks out of the core with a big smile on his face, clutching his mother's head. "By the likes of you..." he says. Zack turns weakly to cloud. "Cloud... Finish him... off..." "By the likes of you..." Sephiroth repeats, his head hung. Cloud seizes the moment, picks up the buster sword and rushes up the staircase after him. "SEPHIROTH!!!" he screams as he attempts to stab the monster again. Sephiroth moves slightly to the right, thrusts his sword forward and catches Cloud in the stomach. "Don't push it, kid!" Sephiroth yells during the thrust. He flings Cloud off his sword and into the core, on the entrance platform. Under the platform is nothing but Mako energy. "By the likes of you human beings... You really thought you could defeat me!?" he says holding his sword above a cringing Cloud. He stabs him through the stomach again and holds him over the endless cesspool of Mako energy. Suddenly there's a crash somewhere inside the reactor facility. "Now die, Cloud..." Sephiroth sneers, ignoring off the sound.
    "The bomb has impacted the facility. Seconds to detonation." A SOLDIER says over the helicopter's intercom. Surely enough, less than 15 seconds later, the entire facility is consumed in a bluish-green inferno. Sattelite Mako lines ignite and engulf the entire mountainside. By the time Tseng and SOLDIER left Nibelheim, the mountains were destroyed, and a crater was all that remained of the Reactor Facility. There were no reported survivors of the Nibelheim incident.

    Rules are the same as the basic guidelines of All Roleplaying.
    Additional Rules:
    -This is a present-tense RP. Don't break the immersion by using past tense vocabulary.
    -If you get unruly, or are just bad at RPing, I'll kindly ask you to leave. Should you persist, I'll involve the Moderators.
    -Character drama must stay IN CHARACTER! I can't stress this enough. Don't start throwing punches because imaginary joe kicked your imaginary frank's arse in an in-character fight.
    -I control NPC's. I might give special permission to control NPC's if I'm asked.
    -Godmoding is highly unacceptable. I will kill your character and remove you from the RP on the first offense. At NO time will you be at a massive advantage over the other players.
    -Member Sinzio is a correspondent to creating the RP. He has all the powers I do, including story changing power.
    -You must make an introductory RP in the IC thread, and based on that I will accept you or not. Don't get offended if I don't find your RP skills sufficient.

    Game rules:
    -Battles will be controlled strictly by realistic RP. You may control NPC's to an EXTENT in battle. You can decide his attack pattern, but you may not decide the life or death of an important NPC without my permission.
    -You must put "Ride the lightning!" somewhere in your character bio, to prove you read the rules.
    -There is only 4 character slots other than my own, so after that, there will be no more characters accepted.
    -I don't want everyone being a SOLDIER, so please, try to be somewhat creative while making your bio. And after 2 players (including myself, and I'm making mine a SOLDIER for storyline purposes.) choose SOLDIER as their occupation, it will not be available anymore.
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    Re: Final Fantasy VII: Puritania

    Cool i might join when i have some time on my hands^^

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