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Thread: Final Fantasy VIII RPG Thread

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    Final Fantasy VIII RPG Thread

    I want to welcome everyone to AO’s first Final Fantasy RPG thread! I want to stress that THIS is the recruitment thread...the actual RPG will take place in a different thread! Now this thread will be based off of Final Fantasy VIII and below you will find the thread rules, a listing of playable characters and their post requirements (if any). Also is a brief synopsis of the setting which the RPG will start in. I want everyone to know that the story can go anywhere you want it to as long as it flows evenly and I hope you enjoy yourselves!

    Rules & Other Information
    1) READ & OBEY the RPG section rules at all times:

    2) All participants must PM me for approval before joining this thread (meaning the actual RPG thread not this one)! I have set a minimum post level for some predefined positions, also I want to point out that the SeeD Headmaster will have the power to set missions and thus that person will have a little power to affect the actions (meaning "who" on "what" missions) SeeD Officers & Candidates can take!

    3) If you are not familiar with the events of Final Fantasy VIII, locations or know who some of the characters are here are some links to information on them:
    4) You will notice a few positions and some items that I want to explain.
    • A) “The Great Hyne” was basically “god” in FFVIII so I as the thread master will assume that role for the following purposes.
      • 1) thread progression (if needed)
        2) introduce new characters
        3) give blessings/rewards (such as a GF, weapons or spells!)
        4) kill or resurrect a character (used only if someone is leaving, being kicked out or if someone is taking over a chracter).

      Also because of the restriction this puts on me I may pick up a secondary character…I will be the only one in this thread allowed the use of 2 characters if that is the case.

      B) “Monster Brigade” there will be times when character(s) may want or be required to spend time in a monster battle, this person will be responsible for accommodating their needs and has the power to decide the out come of a battle.

      C) Post requirements…I know this won’t be popular but I want this thread to be popular and that means we will need active & responsible people…so I want people that have shown that they are willing to post on the board. Thus most of the popular characters will have a minimum post level for application…this will not be first come first serve…I will pick based on your response to the character applications. But to be fair there are a number of characters that don’t have post limitations and I am willing to accept new characters if you can “sell” them to me.

    5) Misbehavior, breaking of the rules or bad posting will earn you 1 warning from me, after that I will remove you from the thread.
    Final Fantasy VIII

    Based off of the Final Fantasy VIII game, events that take place 7 years after the end of the game.

    Story Line:
    It has been 7 years since the defeat of Ultimecia and the salvation of the world was wrought…so much has changed yet…still so much is the same. Headmaster Cid resigned from Balamb Garden soon after Edea was freed of her sorceress possession and they continue to live operating their orphanage on Centra. Naturally Squall was nominated to take over as Headmaster...and he did just that…but he was never one to just sit behind a desk…

    So one day during a mission in Trabia, there was an accident and Rinoa got hurt…so much in fact she almost died…she recovered but didn’t come out of the comma for the longest time…yet Squall never left her side and never said a word…we all knew he blamed himself and no matter how hard we tried…we could never make him understand it was just an accident…he would just look at us with that blank stare of his and we knew…he couldn't change how he felt...

    So the Garden could still operate even though Squall and Rinoa were out of commission, Quistis took over as active Headmaster of the Garden. Irvine even joined the team as a SeeD officer to help out. But then one day…he just left…Squall just got up and left...and Rinoa wasn’t even out of her comma yet. No one knew where he had went or why he left, some said it was because he felt he couldn’t protect the ones he loved and it just got to be too much for him…he just couldn’t face her anymore…

    We all knew how much he loved her but it was so sad…all the time he was by her side and yet he wasn’t there to see her wake up. She doesn’t fault him, never has…so much so that when someone slips up and says something about him when she is around…she will just clinch on to the ring of his around her neck and give us the biggest smile…it was like she knows he will come back to us one day…but still...he hasn’t come back…net yet.

    Things were slow for SeeD with the war no longer happening and there wasn’t much need for mercenaries…so much so that we thought the Garden would have to be shut down…that also meant we could afford to spend resources looking for Squall…Rinoa never complained though…and like I said the more things changed the more they stayed the same. Esthar re-launched their lunar base program only months after Adel and Ultimecia were defeated. But with the world's knowledge of their existence and how much more advanced they were then all the rest…fear and jealous raised their evil heads.

    The funny thing was Esthar never tried to keep the rest of the world in the dark after the lunar base accident, they even worked with the other governments to build their societies but that didn’t stop the evil ambitions of some. Galbadian sent spies in to try and steal the secrets of Esthar…they succeeded for awhile but when the spies were caught the bad blood flowed. Now with tensions high between the two countries war appears inevitable and with war comes high demand for mercenaries. So business has picked up around here and there is even a whole new group of SeeD Candidates that just came in today…it will be interesting to see what all unfolds….
    RPG Cast & Characters
    The Great Hyne – Chiefblackhammer
    Monster Brigade – 100 posts

    SeeD Headmasters
    Quistis Trepe

    SeeD Officers
    Selphie Tilmitt – 50 posts
    Zell Dincht – 50 Posts
    Irvine Kinneas – 50 posts

    SeeD Candidates (these are new to FF VIII)
    Celina Raviede – No post requirements
    Miguel Raviede – No post requirements
    Logan Fennel – No post requirements
    Victoria Kentral – No post requirements
    Lucas Adel – No post requirements
    Alejandro Falinty – No post requirements

    Other Playable Characters:
    Squall Leonhart – 50 posts (Currently Not Available)
    Rinoa Heartilly – 50 posts
    Seifer Almasy – 50 posts
    Fujin – No post requirements
    Raijin – No post requirements
    Iseldis Tvilling – No post requirements (New to FFVIII)
    Gerard Tvilling – No post requirements (New to FFVIII)
    Malota Tvilling – No post requirements (New to FFVIII)

    Galbadian Forces
    President Fury Caraway – 50 Posts
    General Etahn Maelstorm – 50 Posts (New to FFVIII)
    Major Gabriella Linedel – 50 posts (New to FFVIII)
    Sgt. Biggs – No post requirements
    Lt. Wedge – No post requirements

    Esthar Forces
    President Laguna Loire – 50 posts
    Secretary Advisor Kiros Seagill – 50 posts
    Secretary Advisor Ward Zabac – 50 posts

    Additional Characters
    Upon Approval

    Now PM me your applications!!!

    Profile Setup:
    (Note use the Guidelines Xelhes posted as your PM format to me; also try to sell yourself to me by giving me a brief write up of your first post!)

    You may post your Profile in this thread once I have approved you...

    Start Date:
    This RPG will start when I have received 5 applications for it.
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    Re: Final Fantasy RPG Thread (recruitment only)

    Name: Irvine Kinneas
    Age: 25
    Height: 6”1
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Limit Break: Numerous Limits: all depending on ammo used.
    Weapon of choice: Shotgun
    Spells: Cure, Haste and Quake.
    Occupation: Sharp shooter, SeeD Officer.
    Alignment: Neutral.

    Being trained at the Galbadia Garden as a sharp shooter, was assigned to Squall lionheart’s team to eliminate Sorceress Edea. He told the team about his childhood,
    While traveling with them. Had a crush on Selphie ever since being raised in an orphanage with her.
    Resent History:
    Helped Squall and his team defeat the evil Sorceress Ultimacia, He moved to Balamb to be closer to Selphie, who he has tried numerous times to be his girlfriend.
    Additional Info:
    Irvine Kinneas has a playboy and relaxed nature, is quick to help others and is a valuable ally.

    OK ppl who ever wants to play this rpg you must please pm Chiefblackhammer with your character sheet.
    any character is open to you, but to be able to play we need 5 ppl to pm the chief.
    so choose your character, pm the chief and we will have fun.

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