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Thread: A good idea for nintendo?

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    Re: A good idea for nintendo?

    Quote Originally Posted by tsurara View Post
    So you've plagiarised a setting, plugged in some names you like and you intend to send this to Nintendo...?

    Go for it

    Should make for a chuckle around the office. Chances are you won't get a reply at all.

    Ideas are not submitted, they are provided by staff developers and writers. If you want to write Nintendo games: you need to get a job at Nintendo.
    yes i know this probaly doesnt have a shot at all but hey whats to stop me from trying plus if nintendo doesnt take it im sure i can get it out there one way or another
    i can read your thoughts

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    Re: A good idea for nintendo?

    Well, I suppose I have a couple things I could comment on, or ask about. It might be a bit long though, hope that's okay.

    Mu is broken into many different areas: The land of fire, The land of rivers, The land of mountains, The land of swamps, The land of sand, The land of rocks, The land of darkness, The land of trees, And the sky city state of thunder.
    I'm sort of looking for a common theme between these places. Are these places based off geographical features? If so, 'darkness' doesn't quite fit in there. Is it based on elements? If so, stuff like swamps doesn't fit the overall theme. Does the world need a theme would be another question? You could differentiate areas by the characteristics of its people as well. Other than that, if you decide to stick with the areas, I would suggest making the 'darkness' one a bit more ambiguous. I mean, wouldn't the other countries want to immediately stamp out this area based off name alone? Think like the people would in the game, what are their motives? Maybe there is a reason they don't immediately stamp out this 'dark' land, and so forth.

    yeah i know i have already gotten alot of bull about it being alot like final fantasy games. But when u think about it almost all rpg somewhat copy final fantasy in one way or another they've done just about everything. Still this is only the first begining of the storyline and in actual play time may take you about 30 min tops to get to i havent actually thought of how all the rest is gonna play out or if this is even gonna be how the actual storyline goes
    Don't worry about that. 90% or more of RPGs have incredibly generic storylines. In my opinion, character development and other things is what seperates a game from the pack. Why is Final Fantasy Tactics one of my favorite RPGs? Character development. They have goals, they have morals, they switch sides, they fill in every shade of grey on the moral compass. Make your characters believable and 'human' in how they act, and it won't matter if your storyline focuses around a Dark Lord obsessed with being evil. Those are my thoughts, anyhow.

    just tell me if i should try to submit this to nintendo or not i have a link the them and im wondering if i should bother just tell me if i should or shouldnt and if i shouldnt tell me some things i did wrong.
    You shouldn't for a couple reasons.

    1. They can't take your idea for consideration even if they wanted to. I suppose it's probably a legal nightmare, among other things.

    2. While Nintendo is the best developer ever(The fanboy in me speaks!), they don't make or develop much in the way of RPGs. If I'm correct, Monolith Soft is the only company owned by Nintendo that does RPGs(They did Baten Kaitos, and the more recent Soma Bringer)

    3. Even if you were a developer with a company, you'd need a game design document to submit, rather than an idea. Even if this is just an idea or for fun, I'm curious as to how the gameplay would work. Is it turn based? Are there storyline paths? What will players do in the game, and how will they do it? I remember reading in an interview with Masahiro Sakurai(The creator of Super Smash Bros.) that Nintendo requires the developer to be able to describe their game clearly in 1-3 pages. If it takes any more than those 1-3 pages to describe the game, they don't think it should be made.

    I've read a lot into this sort of stuff personally, since I'm looking to become a game programmer. If this is just for fun, I apologize for going all technical. Anyways, that's all I've got for now in the way of comments, hopefully it was of some sort of help.

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