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Thread: Guns of The Fallen: Mercs for hire

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    Re: Guns of The Fallen: Mercs for hire

    well here's mine hope you like it

    Name: Shinsei Akuma
    Codename (optional): Divine Demon
    Age: 23
    height: 6'5
    Race/Species: human
    Mercenary Group: secrect ops
    prefered weapon: two full-auto pistiols ( the peace keepers )
    Backup weapon: japanese steel swords
    Biological/Technological Enhancement: lighting and speed
    Brief History: He was found on the doorstep of an famous mercenary when he was a infinte and raised to be he's master's pupil and also became a famous mercenary
    Personality: may not seem like it but very nice guy and likes to joke around, but very serious when it comes to the job at hand
    Apearance: black hair but grey in the front, red armored plated gloves a grey tattered coat with dragons on the side, black pants, and black armored boots
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    Re: Guns of The Fallen: Mercs for hire

    ACCEPTED! ()()()()()()()()()()()()())()()())blahdeedhaldhdhd hdhd
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    Re: Guns of The Fallen: Mercs for hire

    This sounds like fun, ill use my base character for all RPGs. Just need to tweek it a little. Found a gun i like from one of the othe rmembers here.


    Name: Pepper
    Codename: Angel
    Height: 6ft 3in
    Race: Human
    Mercenary Group: Spec Ops/assasin squad (search and destroy unit)
    Main weapon:The twin blades of mithrodin (only ones in exsistence)
    http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/j...0025G20art.jpg black flame sword (black mithrodin)
    http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/j...alium/KR25.jpg white flame sword (white mithrodin)
    Backup weapon: http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/j...arthshaker.jpg five round .60caliber revolver.
    Biological/Technological Enhancement: Element---flame. speed increased
    Brief History: Pepper grew up in an orphanage till the age of ten, when she was adopted by a wealthy family looking for an heir to their fortune and their way of martial arts. By the age of 15 she was professed to be a genius in the martial arts world, knowing very few defeats, and always showing compassion at the end of the fight, however during the fight, she seemed to be posessed by a demon.
    Personality: Pepper is an enigma, she can act all nice, prim and proper one moment, then be blood thirsty the next.

    I wasn't sure what you meant by only one power, like if you had an element that was it no more, or if you could have one other enhancement so if having both an element and an enhancement is wrong, please say so, ill get rid of speed.


    other than that i hope this is fine.

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