This is an RPG based off of Naruto, Its has no actually Naruto characters just the places kind of like a third generation. There is a blessing going on in the village hidden in the clouds or Kumogakure but the village is surrounded by an invisible shield that can be broken by a powerful ninja, So ninja all around come to test there abilities but on the way there are obstacles natural disasters, evil people, team conflicts, doubts, and hardships and only the strongest will make it to the Cloud Village.

Some will fail but some will succeed and those who do succeed will be blessed, but instead of being blessed they are Cursed which would lead to a squeal *~*Shadowed By Darkness*~* in which they seek the cure which is hidden in the Rain Village or Amegakure, and wont let them in due to the curses they carry so if they want to retrieve the antidote they have to be cunning and convince them they are fine and endure multiple tasks to prove they are good enough people to have the antidote in their possession and wont let the demonic cursed kids have it, they believe that the cursed children or adults should be massacred not healed. So who can save them, only the future would tell.