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Thread: Last Drive to Honor: Grand Awaking of Darkness

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    Last Drive to Honor: Grand Awaking of Darkness

    The plot is about two powerful races Shadooms and Aeons having a fight that created a war the Shadoom saw and wanted the power of the Aeons they said NO!!. At the end of the war the Shadoom was sealed away and the Aeons left the universe to pertect other races from beings that might do the same as the Shadoom did and started another war for power.
    A thousand years past and a new evil has appeared and is trying to break the seal in which inprisons the Shadoom race and now destory all life in the universe. You as one of the other races that guards the seal fights this new enemy and stop it with the gifts and powers that where give by the Aeons. This all in a future feudal era like time and places in which you will explorer as time goes by.

    The story is that a once know, wise, and powerful race know as the Aeons. They were called makers of the universes and all living things in it. Having to left this universe to pretext the races and all living things of this universe from a grand dark enemy of darkness. The Shadoom a race of pure dark energy like creatures that can used the power of space it self and other things. Shadoom's master and lord ArCon was the most powerful of them all after seeing the Aeons powers first hand he became upsets with wanting that power. And so he command the Shadoom to attack the Aeons so he my gain there power. War between them lasted for thousand years the Aeons know that they could not use there powers to kill or destory another being. So as a last act the Aeons made a dimenion raft in the fabric of time and space itself. They then push the Shadoom race in to the raft and sealed it with all powers they had with in them. Leave only a hand full of Shadoom race behind which on there home world planet Excdis. After using almost all of powers the Aeons had they made a decision to leaving the universe. But, make sure that if the Shadoom was ever released from the raft the other races could defend themselfs or return the Shadoom to the raft. So the Aeons teach there secrets to five different race that would living and guard the universe.

    1. The first ones were the Setechics a race that where humanoid robots smart, crafty, and every emtional!!^^.

    2. The second were the Seturans a beast humanoid race the honorable, fearess, and loyal.

    3. The thrid race was the Newromas a elf humanoids wise, kind, and noble.

    4. The fourth race was the Vampurins elf like but they have tattoos some where on there head that is visable at all times there quiet, stuburn, and deveuse.

    5. Now the last and not less race is Entrarrons humans in all shapes and sizes they have all trats and emtions the others do along with brave, outspoking, and carring.

    These were the guardians of the raft and the people of the universe they lived in. These is a story of all different races and people coming together in one place to save there worlds and there people.

    The guardians which are the empirors and emprioses are at the meeting which takes places at the hall of which there anstiors meet so long ago with the Aeons. The Hall of Thoughts there the old and new guardians meet talk about the peoples troubles and wants along with how they should deal with them. The as the meet was a but to start and all the guardians where there a explostion accud and the door to the hall was blowen away in to peases and a dark shadowy figure appeared. "Go even ladies and gentlemen where going to have more different meeting today." the man said is show only he's part of he's face which is smiling with smoke around him. "What going on at the palace there seems to be a up roar there!" A normal people that leaves nere the palace which is the place that Aeons once lived in and is on the place of the guardians. Now all eyes are on the palace and all are waiting to hear the new of what is happening.

    (From here you may post you character!! have fun people^^!!!)

    2. No godmodding or invicible characters.
    3. One liners will not be accepted; if you wish to join you must at least write one decent paragraph in every post.
    4. Killing off another character that is not yours is off limits;
    but prior to terminating your own character's life PM me.
    5. All romance relationships must be kept PG 13.
    6. This a R story (blood, gure, ETC)
    7. I have the final word while making decisions!
    8. Follow the RULES
    All forum rules apply.

    character sheet:

    Height: (7'' height is the limts please)
    Race: (Entrarron-human, Vampurin-vampies, Newroma-elfs, Saturan-all beast animals, and Setechic-robots)
    Appearance: (Must be two legged creature in humanoid form)
    Elemant: (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Light, Dark)
    Transportation: (ship, fighter, mech, car, motorcycle, ETC)
    Weapons: (Limit 2 for newbies to the rpg longer players get more throw the game)
    Abilities: (Limit 2)
    Mech: to come later!!! in the story!!!
    Bio: one or more paragraph(s) about your character NO ONE SENTENCE
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    Re: Last Drive to Honor: Grand Awaking of Darkness

    Name: Iory
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'04"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Race: Vampurin
    Personality: agresive

    Elemant: Dark
    Pet: ragnarok (a long black winged serpent tipe dragon)
    Transportation: ragnarok
    Weapons: walking kane (it changes elements)
    Abilities: summon (brings out dragons hell), defend (his shadow turns in to a barrier and defends all attacks)
    Weakness: incurable disease (curse markings)
    Mech: ???
    Bio: a man that wonders the galaxy in search of the beast that killed his family (wife and children) while he was forced to watch the dark dead now he gave his soul in order to receive the power of darkness in order to kill the beast that killed his family.
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    Re: Last Drive to Honor: Grand Awaking of Darkness

    Name: Draconox
    Age: 6969
    Height: 20'07"
    Weight: 5000 lbs.
    Race: Saturan
    Personality: S.O.B.
    Girlfriend: CBtay01
    Elemant: Dark
    Pet: drago (a human that took on the appearance of Xemnas)
    Transportation: Dark Portals
    Weapons: sharp claws and dragon sythe
    Abilities: Dark Flamez and Shadow Force
    Weakness: Binding spells
    Mech: ????
    Bio: Draconox was one of the two last dragon eggs in the world and to his surprise the other egg turned out to be a female and the repopulated the planet with more dragons but there dragon hunts were still going on and Draconox turned to the Dark side to save the dragons but he was to late, so he vowed to kill any on ehtat dares defy the dragons.
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