Ok ok I know that most people do this type of rp but I would like to make one myself.

Back Story:

Two centries have past since the Moon that Never Sets vanished from the sky. The Dragoons of that time have died and left this world for the next, except for one. Meru. She and the other winglies start to sense that the earth beneath their feet stur(sp) as creatures that was thought to be gone rise up once more. At once Meru went to get her Dragoon Spirit to fight the creature but it does not recognize her as its master. She goes to Ancient and ask for his help. He suggest that Meru should go find the remaining spirits and find masters for them if they do not choose one already. Not even in a hour later she is on her way to Seles to find the decedent of her good friends Dart and Shana.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Endiness, a fisherman finds two elegant stones on the beach while he is going for the day's catch, one fire red ruby and the other midnight blue sapphire.

Dragoon Spirit: (this will be determend as the rp goes, weapon, and personality. you may say what you would like here)
Description: (picture is fine)

-My character-
Name: Lyle
Age: 25
Race: Human and wingly(dad was wingly and Mom was human)
Weapon: Flanged mace
Dragoon Spirit: None at the moment
Description: A young adult that has bright blue eyes, black poker straight hair, and some what of a fair complection at a hieght of 6 ft. that is toned and speedy. His magick is half of his fathers but he makes it up by with is intelagents and wit. He is curiuos and a child at heart but he knows when to act his age and sometime above it.