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    Talking Magic Word


    In this word we live in, there are beings known as dreamers while other known as Nightmares.
    Dreamers are the one that give man kinds dreams' one to fallow or one to see when sleeping. While Nightmares are the one that try to distroy those dreams that dreamers create.

    Nightmares can turn dreamers into Nightmare just by biting them, But as long as the fair Maiden known as the Fountain of dream exsit the Dreamers need not worry. But one day, the one who ruled the Nightmares struk down the Fouitan of Dream, she fell ill.
    With her last ounce of streanth she created fruits that held some of her powers, these Friuts are called Friuts Of Dreams. Once eatten, Dreamer become more stronger beyond the imagenation and Humans become dreamers if the friut is eatten, but if eatten by a night mare they can grow stronger too.

    As she laid dying, she spoke, "Please make sure the ones worthy of pure and true dreams eat these, for once they have we can take out Nightmare and bring peace to the dream world and humantiy." After that she soon past. The Fruits containing her power was sent off all over the world. Can these fruits be the key of peace or distrution.

    NOTE: The Power of a eatten fruit can only be activeded if a magic word is spoken, this word will be atuomaticly known when the Friut is eatten.

    - Dreamers: There are being known to live in Dream world, they have unmaginable powers, so when they eat the fruit there power grows Ten folds. But when bitten by a Nightmare, they will most likely become one, but if the Dreamer is Strong they can fight it off, but if the bitten Dreamer sees a Night mare feed they have to feed themselves offa Dreamers.

    -Humans: They are known as creators, in the begain of Dream world, it is said Humans created it with ther imagnation. But later on, Humans loosed the Ablity to add more on to Dream world. When a Human eat the fruit it becomes a dreamer, but when said Human-Dreamer get bitten by a nightmare they can't become a nightmare, but sadly Nightmares finds Human-Dreamers Adictively good.

    -Nightmares: They are beings made from the bad dreams of Humans, they are know to feast on Dreamers by bitting on there neck and sucking up there Good dream energy so they can at least have one good dream while sleeping. When they eat the fruit there power grow 10 folds, but there urge to feed grows too, but if the nightmare is strong they can fight the urges.


    -No God Mode
    -No controling others unless you get the permisstion
    -The Races only alowed in this RP are, Human, Dreamer and Nightmare.
    -When a human eats a Fruit of dream he/she gets sucked into the dream world
    -Dream world is like aplace of castle and 17th centry things, no high tech is allowed in here.


    weapon(s) two is only the max
    Fruit Of Dreams (What type of Friut of Dream did he/she ate and what happen when fruit is eatten, you can make up the fruit just don't brake any of the rules)
    Magic Word (The Magic word that unlock your power)
    Skills (Skills can be elemental or physcal have fun with it, just make sure you use your magic word)

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    Re: Magic Word

    I like this one. I will try to make a profile for this one. I hope to join very soon.^^

    'This world is trash. Cursed by the Fon Master...'

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    Re: Magic Word

    Thanks, I'll post up a Charater Creation thread in the Charater Creation, thead as soon as I can.

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