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Thread: Marc (Character creation)

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    Marc (Character creation)

    Pan-Jaï - Melee - The Pan-Jaï is a sword with a black handle and a silver blooded blade. But the blade has a very unique shape to it.

    Thundershot - Ranged - The Thundershot is a customized gun with a black gun-barrel and silver handle. The gun has a scope attached to it's top and a small chamber between the scope and the gun itself. Rumors have it, that the majority of the customization on this weapon was done by the wielder himself.

    Sniper Shot - Ranged - Marc takes careful aim with his pistol, attempting to hit a target a fair distance away with high accuracy. It usually takes him a few seconds to actually get a steady aim for an accurate shot.

    Barrage - Ranged - Marc fires three shots in a rapid succession, each of them covered in a liquid sprayed onto the projectiles as the shot went off, causing a lesser explosion upon impact. Marc rarely brings extra supplies of the liquid, and the modified gun cannot hold much of it, so this is something he rarely uses unless neccesary.

    Scatter Shot - Ranged - A series of random, inaccurate shots, not aiming to hit anything specific. This is ususally only effective to scatter a crowd or loose the tail if followed.

    Electronic Storage Device - Generic - Hanging at his waist, attached to the belt, is a round, electronic device with a circle of buttons around a larger buttons. Marc uses this device to store all his belongings and bring them out when they are needed. The storage is organized and maintained by Leo; an AI software program, rendered as an adult man with short, black hair and colorful summer clothing.

    Snapshot - Generic - Although it spends most of the time when Marc is not on an assignment, in the Storage Device, he owns a camera. This camera he uses to provide various pictures that he is assigned to take.

    Flurry - Melee - Marc makes an attempt to strike multiple times at the same oponent in the same move. The accuracy of this attack is very low, but effective if it strikes.

    Charged Strike - Melee - Charging up the Pan-Jaï, Marc tries to deal a powerful attack with an effective range of five feet around him. The longer it's charged, the more effective is the strike.

    • Height - 6'2"
    • Haircolor - Black
    • Eyecolor - Brown
    • Build - Average
    • Clothing

    Marc's clothing consist of baggy pants with several shades of blue scattered around; a pretty plain, black belt; a plain, white shirt with sleeves that goes down to the elbows; a dark-green jacket that covers most of the arms, is commonly open at the chest and goes down below his waist; a black headband with three white diagonal stripes in the front and white jog shoes. At his waist is an electronic device that works as a storage device and is run by an AI program named 'Leo'.

    With an average body build and an average height, Marc tends to easily slip away in the crowd. His hair is in a short, light-spiked style with a few strips of hair going down over his forehead. His eyes usually have a very warm, open stare, but clearly express just how he feels, something that can make it hard for him to cover up something with simply saying that nothing is wrong. Near his neck, although barely visible unless looking closely, is a thin, white line; a scar from an earlier event in his life.

    Personality:A freelancer. Marc is usually never bound to any groups or organizations. His mind is free and he takes on whatever challenges on the way without much of a second thought. There are often times when he rushes and makes early decisions on something that would be better of with a fair amount of consideration. Marc can be impatient and often takes matters into his own hands and attempts to solve it that way.

    In the public, Marc prefers to be subtle and not make himself the center of a discussion or in any way noticed. He hates having too much attention, simplicity in a situation is like gold to his mind. Still, he is quick about befriending one or two people where he goes, just to make sure there are contacts around that can fill him in on the latest news or provide assistance in the future.

    He is often the one talking, and tends to support what other people, as long as his comments to the situation won't give him a bad mark among some people. He tends to pick his words carefully instead of going on talking like there is absolutely no tomorrow.

    Bio: Marc spent most of his childhood on a large, busy spaceport. His family ran a ship workshop on the spaceport; almost every family member on the spaceport had a job in the family buisness. Their workshop was - however - specialized on smaller ships, rather than the larger spaceships.

    Most of his life, Marc went wandering around with dreams of the fabled 'Treasure Planet', and the treasures of the space pirate Captain Flint.

    Already from the age of Five, Marc was pretty facinated at just how many different humanoid species that daily were present at the spacestation; not just a handful of races, but hundreds of different races from across the galaxy. It always struck him as interesting to see if there were any 'new' races to see at the spaceport every day. His family made a pretty good buisness on the workshop, and on an average things were going pretty good in his life.

    Around the age of Ten, Marc got a camera, that he ever since that day used to make his own private list of all the different creatures and races that showed up either at their workshop, or were present at the spaceport in general. Already two years later, he had three albums filled with unique pictures of various races. Around these years, their family buisness was almost having problems with their workshop due to more work than what they hade the capability of getting done.

    Trying to make make the family buisness go without any problems on the way, the family began hiring in assistants and various job-searching people with mechanical skills.

    When Marc turned 15, he got himself a Digital Storage Device - a round gadget he wore at his belt, to store his personal items easier - with an Artificial Intelligence software program named Leo. The AI program managed and organized the storage, and had the ability to appear in a holographic image of a black-haired man in pretty colorful summer clothes. The storage device quickly became very useful for Marc, as not only could it store things, but it's AI, Leo, could help him obtain information on various things if it was needed.

    At the age of 19, Marc was on a space-ship, headed to a nearby planet, when small, black creatures with antennas on their head appeared inside the shuttle. Before Marc was able to do anything, he was knocked out by a passenger's luggage in the back of his head. When he first woke up, hours later, he was no longer in space, but on the shoreline near a pretty decent-looking town of some sort. Though it was rather unclear just how he got to the town, Marc eventually linked the town to the appearance of the black creatures aboard the shuttle.
    After a few years of living in the town, Marc learned about a construction material referred to as “Gummi,” which could be used to build ships and aircraft with the possibility to traverse worlds. It didn't take long before the man saw the many uses for such a ship, and the advantage it would give him. And even better; it would give him a change to return to his own homeworld. Blueprints weren't exactly hard to obtain, nor was the basics knowledge of how it was done.
    It was a project that took quite a while to finish, with numerous attempts and fails along the way, Marc seemed determined to finish the construction of a ship, no matter how long it would take. Eventually, after years of constructing and collecting parts, Marc's Gummi Ship stood finished; a white and grey shuttle with room for a small crew. The search for a way to return home could begin.

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    Re: Marc (Character creation)

    Name: Cerebus
    gender: male
    hair color: silver
    eye color: silver
    weopons: Damnation(great sword) matilda and marluxia(handguns)
    appearance: Has wolf ears and tail, long red trenchcoat, no shirt, baggy brown pants, has wolfs tail, during full moons turns into his true form of a silver wolf with blood red eyes and steaming mouth since he's a wolf demon through birth.
    bio: At birth he was cursed to become an immortal human and only in his true state during the full moon. His parents were killed by his twin brother vergil who had the same curse put on him. Ever since he has been chasing him like it is a game.
    fear the reaper

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    Re: Marc (Character creation)

    name-kyo takegami
    age-20-25 yrs. of age. real age is unknown
    weight-210 lbs.
    weapons-2 semi-auto pistols
    powers-can manipulate/make fire
    race-40% human, 60% machine
    Appearance: long, spiky black hair, black eyes, wears a black dog collar, usually wears no shirt, but if so, it's a black short-sleeved T, long black-red Tripp pants, black boots. He has 4 piercing on his right ear, 1 on the left (industrial), a nose ring (septum), 2 tongue rings, and one on the back of his neck. He has 3 tattoos. One on his right shoulder of bats reaching down to his elbow. One of a black dragon on his right side of his chest reaching from his neck to his upper body. And one of a 5-star pentagram on his left side of his chest.
    Bio: Originally, Rao was a biological experiment made for military
    purposes. Once full operational, he was a put into a secret organization known as *DeathX*(or known as death cross). After numerous missions, and countless bodies that he piled up, he left deathX and sought out to find his true purpose.....

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    Re: Marc (Character creation)

    RPG's need approval before creation of actual gameplay threads or character threads, please get 5 people to say they will play and then PM me for approval.

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    Re: Marc (Character creation)

    Name: David Lancer (L'Amant Solitaire)
    Age: 16
    Weapons: Snake Sword and Iron Chains
    Appearance: A raggedy old red shirt and a light orange vest, Ruffled blue jeans, Red tennis shoes,Black and orange gloves, A red hat, Black hair with Orange highlights and chains covered all over him.
    Skills: Chain Manipulation,Fire Manipulation, Flexibility and Durability.
    Bio: David grew up in a bad family in america. They were mean, They beated him till he cried if he didn't do anything right. They hung and tortured him for the fun of it, and even made him their slave of the family and changed his name to ''Davon de Esclaves.'' He got to a point when he couldn't bear anything anymore. He secretly snuck out and made a deal with a local bounty hunter and said ''If you kill them, Ill give you all of my money.'' The next morning his dad mom and brother were lying on the floor with blood dripping out of their mouths'.
    Before David ran away, He kept the chains that the family tortured him with and used it as a weapon when he realized he can make chains move. He went into a dark cave and found a guy there who controlled fire. The guy's name was Lorenzo Monteires. He saw his daughter and was attracted to her but she wasn't attracted to him. Finally he had mastered fire manipulation and set off. That's when he made a title, '' L'Amant Solitaire'' Or the lonely lover. He lived off the land and traveled around the world in search of a new and better family.
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