There is school not far from a big city, where all the mythical creatures from all of time come to learn. This school is enchanted so that any one enters it sees only human kids, but they are tricked for the kids are really monsters. But these beast aren't like the ones in the stories. These beasts wish to live among humans. That is basically what this school teaches the creatures to do. It teaches them to live with humans in disguise. And so they try and take a step forward by opening the school to the humans. Now there is a system set in place by the school. The freshmen only know that the school is filled with monsters. They can't tell who is a monster and who isn't though. The sophmores are able to tell who is and isn't a monster. The juniors can see the forms of the monsters out of the corners of their eyes. And the seniors are able to see the creatures easily. The monsters don't really know who is a human and who isn't though. That can make things very confusing. There are always curious people that wonder whether you are a creature or not and lying to them isn't a good idea. The humans are trusted with this secret and aren't supposed to tell any one about it in the outside world. And like any school there are the gangs and such. There are also the cliques and jocks. To the naked eye this school is perfectly normal. But to a student, there is no such thing as normal. And be warned not all of the students are well behaved. Some don't like the idea of humans in the school and will do anything to get rid of you. Even kill you. You have been warned. And with that said, welcome to a new year at Mythical High! We are glad to have you. Just don't die to soon.

Mythical creature race:
Class Schedule:
7 classes with lunch after 3rd. The humans have a class about iving with monsters and the monsters must have a class about living with humans.