The Nadir Wars

It is the Year of the Leopard and the mighty fortress Dros Delnoch, has fallen to the Nadir hordes that have united under Tanaka Kahn. Once again the aging warriors who held back the Nadir decades before under Ulric the Uniter, have been called back into the battle.

Their mission is to recover the Armour of Bronze, The symbol of the Drenai. They must travel through the territory of the enemy to the Mountains of the Moon, where the armour has been taken. Ahead of them will be fierce enemies and savage monsters.

The Drenai Hero's tasked with the recovery are the legendary:

Druss the Axe Man, The Deathwalker, Commander of the Axe Snaga.

Waylander the Slayer, Assassin and Killer of the first Earl of Bronze.

Skillgannon the Damned, Master of the swords of Night and Day.

Seiban the Poet, Warrior and Saga master.

Dardalion the Warrior Priest, Abbot of the Temple of the Thirty.

Shadak the Hunter, Tracker and Slayer of Rouges.

Decado the Madman, Insane and Uncontrollable.

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