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Thread: Naruto: Rise Of The Stardust Village

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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of The Stardust Village

    hey i thought i joined this already .huh ill join!


    Name:kunaari hatake



    Rank:academy student awaiting to be genin to train to be a...
    Requirements: Medicinal training program.
    Advanced ninjas who are able to carefully focus their chakra. Thus, enabling them with various medicinal healing techniques. When a Medical-Nin is added to a group, the chance of unnecessary deaths is dramatically reduced.

    Village:formerly-konoha now-stardust


    Weapon:kunai in the mouth(like zabuza on the bridge)

    Signiture Jutsu:riyolus wrath(dual lightning blades)

    Signiture Move:speed(kunaari has a small source of chakra but makes up for it with his amazing speed and taijutsu)

    past:growing up.kunaari did not qualify to be a ninja because of his weak body and small source of chakra.he stayed at home and watched the other younger members of his clan go to the academy.but his older brother named riyolu was secretly teaching him the things he learned after his ninja day there was a secret raid on the clan for reasons unknown.kunaari and his brother fled into the forest outside of the village.but they were quickly caught.his brother extremely talented fought them off.all but one who ended up brutally injured.riyolu died in kunaaris hands with kunaari devastated he couldnt do anything to help his extreme cuts and gashes.he didnt know what to he ran.and ran.and kept running.his incredible speed...faster then the adult ninjas he watched run about before.he ran for three days strait and finally collapsed.when he woke up he was in the stardust village (unknown how he got there) where they saw his potential and now is trying to graduate to become a genin.
    (since kunaari was never trained by konoha in the ninja arts,he is not considered a missing ninja)
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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of The Stardust Village

    Woo we can start now?!!!?!?!?!!? I hope this turns out to be a good game...have been wainting to rejoin RPG's
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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of The Stardust Village

    New rule people from here on out cause its REALLY starting to bug me. please use correct grammar. I'll contact chef.

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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of The Stardust Village

    Ok, approved. Please create your RPG, OOC & character threads


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