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Thread: Naruto Roleplay? :3

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    Naruto Roleplay? :3

    Okay ^.^
    I have watched EVERY Naruto episode, (Working on shippuden -________-)
    And i would like to do a roleplay on it. ^.^
    I'm highly experienced. You see, there's a website called, gosupermodel.com, where i am a famous roleplayer >.<
    Just not with anime, cos there's nothing but freaks who don't watch it ^.^
    Anyway, you will describe your characters looks, and about him/her. Please have at least two people[:
    Once we get enough people, i will put them all into groups.
    ***If you have not watched atleast HALF of the naruto episodes, please don't join***
    Name; Reina Kabayoshi
    Age; 15
    Rank; Chunin. (Sorry, if i suck at spelling -____________-)
    Village; Village hidden in the leaves ^.^
    Eye color; Reina has red eyes, around the pupil, it begins to turn yellow. Because of her eye color. People are sometimes frieghtened of her.
    Hair; Reina has long blueish gray hair. It goes down to her shoulders. Her bangs spring up, on only one side. (Just like Ino's just Reina has two side sticking down. Just think of the younger ino[ Once she gets her graduation headband, to symbolize she graduated, it will go around her neck. (Like hinata's) ^.^
    Clothes; Reina is flat chested, lets say, not the breastiest out there, so she wears a simple Tee. It's pale orange, and somewhat faded. She wears jean shorts, that come down to her knees, but hug her thighs nicely. For shoes she wears the simple sandles, you see them in the episodes ^.^
    Favorite food; Her favorite food would be vegetables, so she can stay healthy, and she hopes it may help her focus her chakra more.
    Past; Reina has no past. She has no past she would like to share that is. Later on in the roleplay, it'll come back to her ^.^ And then, then it will be shared.

    NOW. My next character o.o
    Name; Kyga Hymuro
    Age; 16
    Rank; Chunin
    Village; Village hidden in the leaves
    Eye color; Kyga has gray eyes, his pupil is Dark blue, with a cat like figure, kinda like Ochimaru. Or however you spell his name <.<
    Hair; Kyga's hair is slightly long, with it going to the start of his neck. His hair is pitch black, like the dark, midnight, sky. His bangs slightly cover his eyes, just enough so he can still see.
    Clothes; Kyga wears a boy tank. It's black as well. He uses dark clothes so her can hide in the night, but it does come in bit of trouble, when he hides in daylight. But not when he hides well. He wears long black ninga pants > With wrappings at the end. Kinda like Naruto's Sensei. Kakashi. ^.^ And for shoes, he wears the sandlesD
    Food; Kyga likes to feast on small fish. The juice overwhelms his tastebuds. o.o
    Past; Kyga grew up in the land of the waves, but sooner or later, came to the Village hidden in the leaves. He doesn't know how he got there. All he remembers is the accident he got in with his mom. They were out shopping at the market. When someone, stole him away from her. He knew not the intentional purpose. But his purpose now, is to find the person that took his mom. And pray that she's still alive.

    I would like it if you are detailed ^.^

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    Re: Naruto Roleplay? :3

    Please post things in the right section, moving to RPG Ideas.

    The RPG Forum is for Ideas that have been approved by a staff member.

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    Re: Naruto Roleplay? :3

    Name: Takiitari (Ta-Ki-Ta-Ri) Hatake
    Age: 16
    Rank: Jounin
    Village: Leaf
    Appearance: Ninja girls anime image by Shinigami_Ral on Photobucket
    Favorite food: Ichiraku Ramen
    Past: Daughter of Kakashi Hatake and Yoruichi Shihoin. Very talented kunoichi, top of her class just like her father. Born in the Leaf but Takiitari has been moving all over since she was little, with her mother, but is currently living in the Leaf waiting for her mother to come back for her from a mission she started nearly 5 years ago.

    I hope you don't mind that I used a Bleach character.

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    Re: Naruto Roleplay? :3

    My First Character
    Name: Kokoro Hayashi
    Age: 16
    Rank: Chunin
    Village: Leaf village but from spirit village (if allow)
    Eye color: Green like sakura but she has the baguakan (spell it wrong didn't I?) too she can change her eyes
    Hair: Its the same as her cousin Hinata midnight blue but darker and has red highlights. Its very long, its reaches her ankles if its down. She wears it in a low pony tail, two long bangs one on each side of her face. A small black and red bow in the middle.
    Clothes: Its a red shirt kimono showing her belly, have it down her shouders ( her chest is big, little biggers than hinata's) wears a black shorts. (little higher than her knee) and bandges on her arms and legs ( from her waist to hers knees and elbow to her hands)
    Favorite food: Sweet food mostly dangos
    Past: When born she was taken away from her mother. One day the people her took her was kill and the leaf ninjas took her to the leaf village. There she grow as a orphan. She met naruto and became good friends with him and help him train. She also met Kenta Wakahisa. Day by day she grew more in love with him and did much missions with him. A few months later they start going out. Now she still is. ( if allow she has a demon in her. The 12 tail wolf name Kaede meaning maple it a girl)
    Little something- she very shy around new people, kind heart, caring, a helper, sometimes can get really mad she can hit as hard as sakura and very quiet.

    My second character
    Name: Kenta Wakahisa
    Age: 17
    Rank: Chunin
    Village: Leaf village
    Eye color: Mostly black like saskue
    Hair: Spiky black hair
    Clothes: Wears a black jacket, a black tee with a red dragon on it and black ninjas shoes
    Favorite food: Mostly everything
    Past: Not much about him. He was pick on when he was little. He vow he would become stronger. So now every time he see the kids that pick on him he would give them a beating and dating Kokoro Hayashi.
    Little something- kind, caring, serious, and very quiet.

    Mabye i might not be able to do this roleplay but u can use my characters or somebody. If somebody is going use my characters i got to know the name of the person and what he/she is doing to do with them. Bye Bye

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