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Thread: A new light

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    Re: A new light

    Character name: Dekie Yugaru
    Age: 15
    Personality: Honors Student, but maintains a large crowd of friends. Always can be spotted wearing a baggy gray hoodie.
    Studying: Film & Animation
    species: Human

    Deki over sleeps and wakes up at 7:49 am. Rushing to class, he stumbles upon a note. Briefly reading over it, he notices the names of some of his fellow vampire friends. He holds on to the note to read later, and rushs on to class. After being marked late, he rolls out the crumpled piece of blue tinted paper reads the lines written in rushed handwriting.

    "Please excuse Chai Ryumaku from school for the next few days. He has been recieving threats from [Named Removed to protect identity], claiming that blood will be drawn if 100 yen is not paid every week for the next 4 months. I have not been able to figure out what my son has done to these students to owe such amounts of money. While I deal with my son, please take this case into further action on campus. Thank you!
    - Mrs. Ryumaku

    "What DID go on between my friends and Chai? Looks like I'm going to have to figure this out for myself." Dekie said in a hushed voice

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    Re: A new light

    Character name: Clay Crawford
    Personality: A loner. Very compassionate. A hopeless romantic.
    Studying:Music, art, and plant magic. Knows only a few flower spells.
    species: Human/Necromancer

    Clay Crawford dusts himself off as he walks to class late. Why he enrolled in this school, he doesn't know, it's so dreary here.
    "Same empty hall ways." He says as he changes the peice of grass in his hand to a Black Rose. His signature flower.
    ~"Only a heart can be shattered into so many pieces..."~

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    Re: A new light

    characterz name:Carasume
    age: 17
    personality: she has moodswings almost all the time. she is very playful and she loves animals; she get distracted really easily.
    studying: art, music, photography, archery, blacksmithing (secretly with her uncle *hush* *hush)
    species: 1/3 zombie, 1/3 human; 1/3 fairy
    (is this ok or shld i change it?) 8I
    Death is interesting

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    Re: A new light

    name: Silver Moon
    age: 17
    personality: very nice, always daydreaming, very artistic
    studieing: swords, magic and art
    species: wolf demon (silver hair and dark sky blue eyes)

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