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Thread: One Piece...re written

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    One Piece...re written

    Ummm...hi here...I am a big fan of One Piece and RPGs so...I really look forward for this to start up.

    I know I still don't have the 100 posts...but I felt like writing it down before my minds gets any colder...I don't really expect it to be accepted right away but I gues it can wait till I fill the requirements, right?

    My idea? simple...I want to make use of the One Piece concept...the seas, the devil fruits, even the system of the world...but at the same time I want to make something completely new. So, for my idea, you can not use ANY Canon character at all...

    So, for this RPG, concepts that would remain include:

    .- The North, South, East, West blues and the Grand line, and the New World
    .- GolD. Roger
    .- The world government, the marine ranking system, and the pirates
    .- the races (humans, mermen, fishmen, long arms, giants, etcetera...) we can make up new species though
    .- The functions of the yonkou and the shichibukai (though these can be the same characters as in the manga...or not)
    .- Currency and feel of adventure :P
    .- The poneglyphs (anyone can make up the story behind them if they feel like it)
    .- Islands, though we can come up with new ones if we feel like it
    .- The devil fruits, you can even use those already in the anime...though I don't recomend it

    Things that shouldn't exist include

    .- Luffy and the Mugiwara
    .- Aldiva and her pirates
    .- Buggy and the Buggy pirates
    .- Arlong and his crew
    .- Mr 0 and baroque works
    .- etcetera...etcetera....etcetera...I think the idea is clear

    I hope the idea is clear by now...I believe all characters should start in the same island or at least in the same sea, but you can start wherever you feel like...as long as it's not the grand line. In order to get to the Grand Line...your character should fill at least one of the following requirementes

    .- For Pirates: Captain with a bounty of at least 20,000 B, or your character with a bounty of at least 15,000 B
    .- For Marines: Having captured at least two pirates with a bounty of at least 15,000 B...or being an underling of such a person
    .- For anything else: Being somehow involved with a character filling any of the requirements listed above...or succesfuly being a stowaway in the ship of any of them.

    Also...I don't remember reading a rule against having more than one char in each RPG...but if there isn't a rule like that I highly suggest having at least 2 but not more than 4 characters per author. I have done this in previous RPs (I even had six characters) and I have found it that, by having more than one character, the story developes faster and more things can happen around the world. Of course, the more characters you have also means you have to spend more time posting for them...so I think two or three characters would be best (that is, if it's allowed in the first place)

    And...umm...that's the basic idea behind it. Your character can have devil fruits but try not to abuse, I think it would be best if only 1/3 of the PC are devil fruit users, but I won't stop people from creating their characters the way they want, even if that turns into 3/3 of devil fruit users.

    Here is my first character.


    Name: Grey Darwing
    Title: None
    Bounty: None
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Side: Whichever he finds fitting for the moment. (He is a thief)
    Dream: To become the world’s greatest thief.

    Devil Fruit: Yes; Geshi Geshi fruit, model Nezu Nezu...It turns the user into a rat, the uses of it are described below.

    Appearance: His face is tainted with a natural malice, and his skin has a slightly grayish color which makes him look sickly...but other than that he doesn't stand out much in a crowd. He is 6'0" and 149 pounds, which makes him rather lean and tall; he has yellow eyes and brown-reddish hair, and though he is not exactly ugly there's always a slight feeling of filthiness in his appearance. He wears whatever the occasion calls for, but can be frequently found wearing brown shoes, brown pants, black shirt with a white berri symbol on it, and a white and gray stripped jacket in which he hides his daggers and poison darts.

    Personality: Sleek, witty, and quick-reflexes better describe Gray. In D&D lingo he could be best described as "Neutral-Chaotic". A free spirit that only looks for his own well being.

    He is a bit of a coward in fightings, having close to no confidence on his fighting skills. However, he won't chicken out when acquiring his target, usually a valuable gemstone, demands a daring action.

    He rarely team up with anyone, and if he ever team ups with someone he ends up being double crossed (it has happened four times). This means he has not many friends, though deep in him he is "curious" to make some...unfortunately, his thieving nature makes it a difficult task.

    It should be taken into account though that his heists, though small have a 55% success rate.

    Grey has a liking for small sized but valuable treasure...they must be small enough for a rat to easily steal without being noticed. Since most of his valuable treasures are held in his ship, being saved up for his trip to the Grand Line, most of the money for food and basic needs comes from pick pocketing and running odd errands.

    He dislikes needles murder or violence, especially since he considers himself a weak opponent, and feels there is no gain in unnecessary pain.

    Bio: Grey was an orphan but was adopted by Silas Sprained. Though his adoptive father didn't mistreat him, he didn't care much for him neither...in fact, Silas had Grey wait in his low-life pub for nothing but food and shelter.
    Grey did make a couple friends in his youth, but was never able to make really strong bonds with any person at all.

    Though he didn't go to school, he proved to be a quick learner by his own, and the thieves and pirates that frequented the place taught him much. He was particularly keen to learning the art of thievery, and Grey quickly developed the skill of earning the trust of thieves, pirates, and low lives, in order to learn a couple tips or hear a couple stories. In fact, this is also how he tricked a pirate into letting him have a bite of a strange fruit the pirate had found in one of his adventures.

    The stories of the pirates were also how Gray learned of Jack Diamond, the masked thief and non-fruit user who stole marines and pirates alike all along the Grand Line, and who made himself a name out of his great heists. Though most of them were rumors, Grey was always thrilled to hear of his amazing stories and made him a hero for himself.

    Three years before the story, seeing that Sila's pub didn't offer him any future, he stole a small boat from the docks and escaped. Now, commandeering "the floating cheese", he travels the islands of the east blue in search of treasure to steal, until he gets enough money...and guts...to travel to the Grand Line.

    Skills: Grey is a master-thief in training, and through hard work he has managed a 55% success rate on his heists, which usually involve small but highly valuable things like gem stones, antiques, and such. He is also a skilled pickpocket, a stealth artist, and a pick locking genius. His con skills, however, are way below desirable, and he is constantly training himself on such skills...with very few results.

    In fightings he considers himself weak...which is his greatest weakness. He is moderately adept at the use of daggers, but the mere sight of a strong opponent will make him try to flee. He is a master of escaping though.

    The Geshi Geshi fruit model Nezu Nezu can transform him into a rat and a rat-man. Grey has found close to no use for the hybrid form, which, for the moment, only seems to increase his climbing skills, and his senses of smell and hearing. However; by fully transforming into a rat, he can easily escape from opponents, or infiltrate houses and ships.

    Also, as a rat, he has become apt at carrying and using poison darts on his victims without being noticed. Of course, the poison darts are not lethal, they merely put the victim into a deep sleep for 4 hours, just enough to pull out the heist. As a rat, he can carry 2...at most 3 darts at a time.
    Needles to say, grey is a hammer, and can't swim in the sea at all.

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    Re: One Piece...re written

    Why don't you recommend using devil fruits already used in the Anime? The thing is, it's not that easy to come up with new ones. <:
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: One Piece...re written

    Well..you can use one of those if you want to. However, I deeply believe the point of a RPG is...being original. Coming up withg something that doesn't exist...in nobody's minds but yours...and then share it.

    Well...that's my point of view. If you decide to use the gomu gomu I'm sure the RPG won't be any more or less dull.

    Besides...I don't believe coming up with new fruits is hard, I mean...there is a spring fruit (Hyena), a mimic fruit, a cow fruit, a green blob fruit, a bubbles fruit, a giraffe fruit..even a gum fruit! What I mean to say is that...it shouldn't be hard to come up with new ones.

    I even used a mouse fruit for my character, even when there's no refference to rodent zoan fruits in the story at all! the point of this is being original.

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