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Thread: Orlando Furioso

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    Orlando Furioso

    Here's the first post to give you guys a chance to see what kind of world it is in:


    It was then in that one fleeting second that I realized my life spent.

    Blood was spilling and overflowing my mouth, but the alien who held me by my neck with an iron grip refused to allow the blood to spill out through my mouth. I would die by suffocating in my own blood; I could not think of a worse way to die. Each of my limbs hung stiffly above the ground. I’d wait without moving a muscle for death to come. You know when, barely awake, you realize a scorpion is crawling over you and freeze, still as a statue—like that. My rifle and other weapons lay on the ground covered in grass, dirt, and a mingled of my attacker’s blood and mine; two feet below even my lowest body part, I could not even stretch further to hope to reach them, to hook the strap with my foot.

    Pointless ideas. It was fruitless, I will die here. I am ready…

    YouTube - Break Your Neck-Sound Effect

    I fell to the ground. Feeling and warmth was slowly returning to my extended limbs. I rolled over and hacked up blood in a fit of coughing. My attacker was on the ground in front of me quite dead from a snapped neck. I looked up to see my savior with tears blocking my vision. He was a man and then I noticed the battle plug suit.

    Note, the Elite should look more like a humanoid

    “The military’s finally arrived?” I managed to somehow say. My own voice sounded hoarse and shattered. My neck hurt as if it was on fire.

    I wore the same battle plug suit as the military, but I was not part of the military. My group and I were separate from the military, thus they acted independently when they desired. It was not considered abandoning if one of us decided to flee a fight the army was preparing to fight. We usually went in first to scout and deal with opposing forces. To make sure it was safe for the rest of us to arrive. Many lives depended on our current mission, the lives of nearly two million explorers in fact. The Earth Federation Fleet hovered somewhere above this planet’s surface in space standing guard over the colonies that were to land and make this planet their home.

    My platoon was separated in an incident with the local alien force. We were not expecting to see them so heavily armed and battle trained, we had no previous readings of intelligent life the past two weeks during observation. Now that the army was here the alien force was in full retreat back into what hell they came out of.

    The battle plug suits were colored for different divisions of the army. Plain green for foot soldiers, light blue for the Air Force, dark blue for the Navy, Black for the Marines. My company was further devoted to show separation of units by deciding colors for groups and not for what we were specially trained for. I was part of White Team.

    “Report back,” my headset said. “The Air Force is planning on a bombing run, you have five minute to get the hell out of there before you turn to crisp.”

    I was helped up by the foot soldier and carried to a medical station which took off straight into the air like a helicopter, by far more advanced, running on some new source of energy that I could barely understand. In the air I saw the military’s retribution on the alien assholes.

    Twenty minutes later I stood with my company far away from the Military triumph and victory music playing. We were like ghosts; never spoken of, almost like we never existed. We get no praise, no grave in which to bury our fallen. We never get to tell our tales.

    From above me the colonies took a wide berth of the space as they descended.

    My name is Amaros Ramsey, 22 years old, and a student of the Earth Federation University that just landed.


    Basic information before we begin this tale. The story will take place in the Albireo star System, being my favorite. Albireo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The players will all be around the same age (20-25) and in the Company that Amaros is in. Feel free to be in different Team than Amaros.

    The planet we're on is larger than Earth and covered mostly in wetgrasslands that a person can wade through, but they will get wet a good amount of the time. The planet is pretty primal, unevolutioned creatures like dinosaurs run around. There is intelligent life, but that will be explained later in the story.

    This is not a Halo related story.

    You can write in First Person or in Third Person, whatever one makes you happy. I am writnig in First Person to get more expeirenced for my novels.

    I will be on periodically to make posts and check in on this RP, but if it is urgent you can find me here anytime of the day or night most likely and I will get my butt over here to respond ASAP. My username is the same as on here, makes life simple. Dreamer's Haven Forums

    Any other questions best be asked now.



    Weapons: [Nothing extravagant. What a normal soldier would carry]
    Specialty: [Choose three. Can be anything from spying to scouting to medical. Take your pick or choose your own]
    Team: [Black, White, Cyan, ect]
    Civillain Life: [Does your character work, does (s)he go to school, stay home all day, train?]
    Appearence: [We all wear the same battle plug suit, but in different color if we are in different Teams. by appearence I mean what do you look like with that armor off?] Picture are okay, but I would prefer a writen description.
    Biography: [Be as descriptive as possible, leave no detail out so that I can know how to effectively steer the story with regards to our characters history]
    Extra Info:

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    Re: Orlando Furioso

    Name: Galatea Magdalene
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Weapons: Sniper rifle, Poison gas grenades and other small poisonous projectile weapons.
    Specialty: Stealth and Assassination
    Team: Amethyst
    Civilian Life: Galatea is currently the head family member of the Magdalene bloodline after the last leader, Amalthea, Galatea's mother passed away. Magdalene is an important and well established Greek family.
    As a prominent family in the center of one of the world's most important nations, the Magdalene family has ruled its lands with swiftness and precision for centuries. As a pre-cautionary method all of the members of the family were trained anywhere from delivering speeches to special combat tactics for war. Hence with the time passing by the Magdalene family obtained several connections and till this day still sustains quite an amount of power in numerous places. During the early stages of training, Galatea had been sent to a military base where her father, Amaranthos, was the commanding officer of the battalion.

    But, despite her roots Galatea did not start out as a high ranking officer, but your average soldier or should we say below the average soldier. By nature Galatea was too hot headed and often did not listen to those above her and much less those below her. To top it all she did not mind stomping on those of lesser rank than her, whom she deemed worthless and discarding their lives as if they were trash. After many failed missions, Amaranthos began to take notice of his daughter's haughty nature and began sending Galatea to several infiltration missions which heavily relied on comrades and had high end death rates.

    During one of those arguably called suicide missions Galatea met Fay, one of the few soldiers she ever considered as her equal and friend. Like Galatea Fay had failed many missions due to her inability to take away one's life or even injure them, although she remained in the military for unknown reasons. Even though Galatea despised Fay for having a "weak" heart they essentially came to like each other and depend on each other during missions. With each mission and success their bond grew tighter eventually landing them both in a special unit in which now Galatea belongs to.

    But the tight bond they developed together was later on tested when a miscalculation lead to an unplanned encounter with the aliens. As expected they were discovered and attacked by a mob of enraged blood-thirsty monsters resulting in their first failed mission since they met and permanently crippling Fay. For the first time Galatea had felt what it was like to be incapable of fighting for a comrade and the bitterness of disappointment. Since that day Galatea switched from infiltration and first line of defense to espionage and assassination in the hopes of being able to revenge Fay.

    Fay now lives in the Magdalene household as regent due to Galatea's absence back at home.
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    Re: Orlando Furioso

    Excellent, i wait to see what kind of character you'll come up with.

    1. The colors Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Black are used by the Military. Green are normal infantry units, the bulk of the army. Light blue is the Air Force, planes, maintenance, that sort of thing. Dark Blue is the Navy and anything that deals with water. Black are the Marines, super soldiers that can pretty much do anything, jack of all trades, if you will. Special Ops.

    Our organization/company uses the color scheme idea that the Military uses, but because it is a separate entity than the Military, the colors Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Black are not allowed. Our teams are broken up into 4 or so man teams, each with their own color. The colors can be anything that aren't the banned colors. Each team has strengths and weaknesses, they are all special in their own way. I have not given thought to teams with certain colors being scouts or snipers or whatever. Feel free to choose and match your own color with your teams strength.

    2. I made this RP with the thought of the aliens being off limits, however, if someone REALLY wants to be an alien, I may make an exception, but only under special conditions, learned via PM. Just so you know, there are going to be two types of aliens in this RP besides our humans.

    3. Nah, no special innate powers or magic. Well, not to the extent that what we're used to. One of the aliens are able to use psychic powers to a very small minimum, like using the Force in Star Wars, bu no overly powerful users like Jedi Master Yoda.
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