Just a roleplay I dug out a while ago from my files; I shortened it a little, and I don't know how to just give it a brief explanation, haha. So, I'm just going to see what roleplaying is like here.


Rain water plipped from the thick leaves of the sparsely dotted tree's that were scattered around, everything was natural. Grass and earth floor stretched across the lands, until the base of a small development was met. Even then, it was either a bamboo floor choice or a mat woven from dried, golden grass. The small houses were made into a round shape, completely from thick bamboo with the gaps stuffed with dry leaves for the extra feeling of security and dryness.

Even so, security was not needed. The people that lived among this perfection were pure of heart, they did not even know what the definition of evil were to be. With their ignorence and joy, the people were oblivious to the violence and mystery, growing in the world around them. Just to live in peace with the village Guardian, Rezier, was enough. Without the experience of horror to the eye, the joyful villagers were blind to the mostrocity that slowly began to plague their homelands known as Aluna.

But slowly, darkly, strange beings began to arrive in the village, shrouded by darkness of what we would call the "Demon Aura."

However, because the Alunians had never forseen or experienced the depths of demonic behavior, the accepted them without hesitation. But soon, it all became clear. People died young, miscarriages happened, and even the Aluna Elder was murdered. Robbery took place, every sin that had ever existed was performed to the fullest. The once peaceful village of Aluna was in a terrible state now.

And the village guardian, Rezier, was not at all happy.
Every new year, two people would be killed, two would go missing, and two would die of suicide reasons. The conclusion was drawn, and was decided that the only beings that were unlucky enough were demons; Rezier was trying to flush them out. The thing is, it was not some of their faults. Some of the humans, were only partial demons due to the hybrid range.

It is still the same in modern times. The shrine of Rezier undisturbed, but the demons are seemingly never ending. Perhaps it is something far more sinister than a curse; who knows? Maybe, just maybe, it is the perfect crime with no investigation. A perfect crime, does something even exist?