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Thread: Recreation: Shattered Pieces Of The Seal

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    [~Recreation: Shattered Pieces of The Seal~]

    Long ago when the universe was still young there existed an angel that watched over it. Whenever there was a disturbance in the universe the angel would recreate it the way it saw fit and changed all of its inhabitants and life along with it and begun it anew. Now over time the angel was reborn into two beings of power. One named Sabertoth the almighty being of the Dark and Mihale the goddess of the blinding light. Sabertoth fought against Mihale for what seemed to be an eternity for the most part, they would destroy planets in a single outburst of their own power and it began to grow much more dangerous. From their power spawned two breeds of knights; The Astral Knights formed by Sabertoth and the Elemental Knights formed by Mihale. These knights were incomplete, being a shadow of the other, influenced by very different motivations, but united they could be so much more. A war was waged as the Astral and Elemental Knights fought for what seemed to be a milenia at the very least. Coming to a close, Mihale and her elemental knights overtook Sabertoth and his Astral Knights. Sabertoth was then sealed away inside the Celestial stone locking up his terraformed body and it's deadly magics. With her task completed, strength sapped from her body, on one final act the astral and elemental knights had been dismantled. The Astral Knights became astral stones scattered on seven different planets, and the remaining Elemental Knights reverted to spirits to inhabit the one peaceful planet left, Terra.

    Nearly two milenia later....

    Peace seems to be in order, a single man however has changed this. A space pirate by the name of Rukifelth, one ambitious young treasure seeker explored the darkest casyms of the universe. Allured by the faint glow of a silver light, it tormented him so leading him to an oddly shaped stone. It was unknown to him that touching it, he became instantly possesed by the evil sealed within it. The spiritual form of Sabertoth used his body as an alter to manipulate him for his misdeeds. For you see, a human vassel alone was not enough for him, to regain his full terraformed body he needed power equivocal of Celestial proportions. The Astral stones alone would not be enough to shatter mihale's spell, using the severe limits on his body, the seven astral knights were restored that inhabit the seven planets. All possessing a link to Sabertoth through Rukifelth they boarded his massive spaceship N.O.A.H. On this very ship lay Rukifelth's great fighting force known as the BHB (Black Hole Bomber) Army. Since he lacked knowledge as to where the elemental spirits were scattered to by Mihale, on the seven planets blackhole generator's were built to form one massive and artificial blackhole to suck int wandering planets which would ultimately speed their goal of recapturing the elemental spirits since they could be anywhere.

    The planet Terra has just been swallowed by the blackhole recently. This was the very planet that the seven elemental spirits migrated to all at once. These alters now inhabit the bodies of seven unknown users, with each purging of the planet there is a mandatory lockdown and installment of another blackhole generator. Planet Terra has gone through this procedure as well and it's currently bound by the blackhole with not chances of escaping the singularity unless the blackhole generator is destroyed. Even so their are seven other planets inhabited by the Astral Knights carrying the missing link, what will become of them? Priorities have gone into effect and decisions must be made. As for Mihale's roaming spirit, it's moved on and reincarnated into an soul that's yet to be named.

    Objective: TBA


    1. This RP is open to anyone willing to participate
    2. No Godmodding (period)
    3. No Power-playing (consent is a must)
    4. No spamming or one-lining (no srsli, don't do it)
    5. See rule six for the password
    6. "As we lay shattered we loose sight of____" (answer how you see fit, no copying someone else)
    7. A two paragraph minimum (lol 10-14 sentences is a cakewalk so don't complain)
    8. There is a limit to 2 OOC per page with no post under it to each member. (don't exceed please)
    9. If possible, be Semi-literate at the very least.
    10. No killing off other RP'ers without consent.
    11. The first two that PM me for the spots of Light and Darkness get those positions. (No abuse people)
    12. At the bottom of your template post 'The renewal has begun'

    ~How your powers fucntion:
    You are but an average teenager gifted with the power of an elemental spirit that dwells within your body. It pertains to an elemental spirit merged with your body, this grants you to an incredible amount of power, however you will always be at fifty percent being that your spirit has a counterpart. Ultimately the only way to gain the full potential of your element is to defeat your elemental counterpart and retrieve the astral stone fusing with it to become complete and earn the title of Destiny Knight.

    ~Alter Release: There is a point where your can almost fully release your spirit to the point where you see his/her face and your pushing your elemental prowess to it's max. However, it is that spirit that does the control over the said element. On your own your just a novice given your skill, working the closest with your spirit you can push back a wave of enemies give or take the level of power.

    ~Alter Final Release: This will be the pinacle level of power any user of an elemental spirit. They take on the actual form of their spirit. They bare that spirits armor, helmet, gloves, and red visor over the left eye. When completely merged with your spirit, your basically as strong as the spirit him/herself during the great battle two milenia ago. Pushing the control of the element that the user possess to a cosmic scale they can take down and/or blow back even their own knight pending on how strong their will is. This form takes complete synchronization with the spirit inhabiting the the body to maintain for extensive periods. A direct connection to the user's will, if that will should weaken, the synchronization would snap and the fusion would cease splitting both apart.

    The Template

    Weapon(s): [Optional]
    Spirit's Name: (Look below)
    Spirit's Power:
    Alter Release:
    Alter Final Release:

    Elemental Knights/Spirits:

    Fire: Coronus -
    Water/Ice: Aquarion -
    Wind: Aviaron -
    Thunder/Lightning: Raikuyo -
    Earth/Lava: Cruzon -
    Light: Ambina -
    Darkness: Regulus -

    Astral Knights/Stones: The Seven Great Commanders of the BHB Army

    Fire: Bafael (Crimson Flame)
    Water/Ice: Bahael ( Frozen Heart)
    Wind: Ashtarth (Stealthy Aerial Assassin)
    Lightning: Zhael (Screeching Shocker)
    Earth/Lava: Molok (Father of Magma)
    Light: Zhonia (Flourescent Light)
    Darkness: Bulzeeb (Master of Shadows)

    [[Plz Pardon the double post. Due to CHARACTER Limit, my RPs are limited in text....-_-]]

    Planets: Each contains a commander and blackhole generator

    Terra: Homeworld to the elemental spirits. Contains all the natural surroundings of the planet earth as this is the new younger sister planet after the universe was recreated last.

    Albatros: A prison planet, taking most of the more dangerous criminals this is a planet designed to keep out all those who enter. Its a facility much like that of Alcatraz designed to keep the best of the best ne'er do wells out. The commander in charge of this Planet is the youngest of the Astral Knights, Bafael.

    Oceaneaos: Aquatic plant covered in partway underwater ruins forged of ice. The life seems to be fairly beautiful as there is a castle completely submerged in the water. Going for a swim is not recommended as a person would freeze to death due to the low temperatures. The king of the kingdom has been frozen into a complete Popsicle by the leading commander of this planet Bahael.

    Sky Horizontos: Ancient Sky Temples of Old. This is a massive planet full with grassy fields and mountain scapes. The Sky Temple is floating above which was suspended off the ground by two things, the gravity generator and the leading commander there Ashtarth.

    Zigantaro: A gaming planet flooded with Casinos and electricity. Interesting puzzles seem to flood the planet as you literally have to play to move on. Craps boards, roulette, the works. The most playful of the Commanders Zhael seems to dazzle in the artificial lights and limelight of the planet looking for entertainment. Yet she could vaporize a person for looking at her funny.

    Moltores: A steel mill covered in a planet of complete heated surface where steel is being produced. The BHB soldiers inhabit the long walkways that connect three individual buildings all on the planet. Somewhere on the massive molten rock lies fifth commander Molok who possesses the most wisdom of his brothers and sister knights though he's under the dark influence.

    Lantarion: An amusement park? The epitome of joy overrun with rides, and a massive clock hanging over a castle that seems to open only at midnight. Strange. Looking over this planet is the mistress of the light, Zhonia.

    Thantos: A crime planet in the proverbial rat hole in the blackhole where dangerous prisoners are kept and do as they please. The walls are dank, damp and the city streets are literally crawling with crime. The darkest of the lot of the seven commanders Bulzeeb lies at the very heart of the planet. The blackhole generator is somewhere hidden on the planet as well.

    N.O.A.H: The massive ship of Rukifelth the space pirate. This ship is so massive it's about half the size of a small planet. On board lay the most dangerous and powerful of the soldiers within the BHB Army and the Core of the Blackhole Generators. Some doors unfortunately aren't capable of unlocking without the use of the elemental spirit's influence. Doors, switches, levers, power generators and even the nuclear reactor make up this N.O.A.H. Rukilfelth lay at the very top of the ship at the control tower waiting for something or someone...
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