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Thread: Red Moon

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    Red Moon

    First Post ~

    Late afternoon, early evening, an amber glow rested on the small village, a young boy of around 17 walked the streets, he was alone. The boy was garbed on casual dress, minus the katana of course, he walked with a purpose in mind, a destination that was predetermined by the others. It was a group decision, as it had always been, to meet in the park before the Red Moon pierced its gaze down, mutating slothful individuals, and the rest everyone knew. It was their job to kill the mutants, as Oracles, and prevent the spread of the disease. No one forced them into it…

    Exia paused, suddenly becoming erect at the sound of a low grumbling to his side, both hands went, fast as lightning, to the Katana, his head twitched, following his ears to the sounds source. A dog crouched behind some cans left out for garbage, the canine bared its teeth ferociously at Exia, saliva and foam dripped from the mouth. Eyes red as the moon strained, suddenly the dog let out a huge bark—scattering fellow animals far away—and dashed at Exia. Exia dropped the beast in one stroke, it was simple when the experience one gained from fighting the mutants, and especially when the rabid dog rushed in a linear line. Exia was not careful enough though; his garments were drenched in the creature’s blood, and his katana had chipped on the street’s surface, something that was rare even for a beginner. Cursing himself, cleaning himself, Exia’s head darted about just in case there was a pack and not just the loner. Seeing and hearing none, he left for the park once more.

    ‘I’m too jerky, it’s not even nit yet and I’m already acting up. What would the others think?’

    Sweating he stopped and rested on a lamppost, his palms were clammy and pale, as though the color and warmth had been sucked from the world. His breath was heavy, Exia knew he didn’t have much time left before the Moon would appear, it happened every night after all…

    * * * * *

    Back-story ~

    The Red Moon

    The Red Moon appeared half a year ago, and with it the Red Moon was first thought to be a blessing to some ancient cultures, a sign that the world was going to change and become a paradise that humans have been dreaming for, for a long time. Common believe in modern societies diver however, the Red Moon has been nothing but a huge source of discomfort and death. With the Red Moon people have been turning into mutants with only killing on their mind, the mutants themselves gain superhuman powers of strength, agility, and cunning; smarter than your average zombie and more powerful than a handful of grizzlies. No one knows the true correlation between the mutating factor and the Red Moon yet, but there is hope that the world will not end, but first humanity must go through the scourge. Many who walked beneath the Red Moon’s gaze, or just barely scratched a tip of their skin with its glow, turn into a mutant.

    The Scourge

    Known as the phenomenon that causes the humans to change into mutants and their relentless attack on those unchanged.


    Individuals who have mutated along with the others, but have kept their human-like mind and are free from the relentless killing instinct. They are the only hope humanity has to save them until a cure is found, if one can be found.


    A small village in Japan, where the Moon would be seen first on earth.

    * * * * *

    Character Sheet ~




    Specialty (mutant power):

    Bio: Appearance:

    Extra info?:

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    Re: Red Moon

    Name: Warashi Hintora

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Specialty (mutant power): Know wheres the deadly hit-points on the body are, and poison (both non muntant power) and supernatural speed (mutant power).

    Bio: Was together with his friends and trained when the moon apeapred, they all turned into mutants. They killed everone around them for 3 days, after that Warashi found a way to stop killing and almost get back to normal. He is blaming himself for killing all the humans and are now trying to find a way to turn all back to humans. On his way he has been falling back to the mutants mind and killed other a couple of times. But now he has find a way to be a bit normal, by cut an open wound on his arm and drink the blood he are abel t control himself.


    Extra info?: He hides clawes i the gloves and use them most of the time, he can use swods and bow to. In his belt he has a small bag there he haves the poison.
    And he looks like a psyco, becuse he want people to keep a distance, so he down fall back and killes them.
    Surender or fall, it's no other way to turn.

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    Re: Red Moon

    Name: Ishimaru Kazuma

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Specialty (mutant power): (Specialty) Martial arts expert, also good with Kamas. (Mutant power) Chi manipulation

    Bio: Ishimaru was coming home from training with his master when the moon first appeared. When he started to mutate he ran into the forest near his town and stayed there using his mental concentration he learned from his master to keep, what Ishimaru called, the hunger at bay. He stayed in the forest until he heard the screams of his family one night. Ishimaru ran into his house to find that his mother and father dead and their killers standing over them drenched in their blood. In a fit of rage Ishimaru charged them punching one in the gut and kicking the other in the face. It was then that he knew what his mutation was, he could manipulate the energy in his body and thrust it forward using it as he saw fit. Ishimaru buried his parents and took his fathers prized Kamas venturing out to kill more of these monsters, to seek his revenge.

    Appearance: Anime fighter image by Isalie on Photobucket

    Extra info?: (nothing for now)
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    Re: Red Moon

    Name:Tanaka Yasuo



    Specialty (mutant power): Trained to use the spear, but also knows martial arts. Mutant power: Sensing where the Scourge are. Able to locate them if they are in a three mile radius.

    Bio: Too lazy. Will post later when I feel like it or let it play out in the RP.

     click to show spoiler

    Extra info?: idk...Maybe?? Can't think of anything right now?? She loves sweets??

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    Re: Red Moon

    sorry gotta take my dude off.
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    Re: Red Moon

    Name: Soul Stealer

    Age: 593

    Gender: M

    Specialty (mutant power): stealing souls and hiding inthe shadows

    Bio: he was once a member in the soul society till he killed a human that was inosent so they kicked him out and now he wants revenge but that is impossible because they banished him to a nother dimension.


    Extra info?: None
    His bell is tolling for you

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    Re: Red Moon

    Name: Luna "Jinx" Snatcher

    Age: looks 17, but really 36

    Gender: female

    Specialty (mutant power): darkness snatcher

    Bio: born in the Era of Snatching, that's all she learned to do. snatch. She ran away with a boy of her dreams, and did a little magic.

    Appearance:Anime looking girls image by sqdwfe1 on Photobucket (look at all sites, Jinx)

    Extra info?: had two daughters, Lunesa (15, Anime looking girls image by sqdwfe1 on Photobucket) and Saridesa (13, Anime looking girls image by sqdwfe1 on Photobucket)

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