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    Reimultamos Dual Saga

    Reimultamos Dual Saga
    This is an RP that I got bored and created. It certainly will be insane, so have fun with it!!!!

    In a time of war, it seemed to echo on into the 3 major continents. The year Z.E. 4067 was a time of war among these three majors, they went by the names of Psiro, Zero Ark, Fortain. During this great struggle of power each side waged arms sending in their forces dispatched into the midst of battle. One of the more unfortunate and ill prepared of the continents happened to be Psiro as they took the most casualties of the war wiping out large areas of population due to the over use of unchecked hyperresonance. This unrelenting war seemed to continue and drag on for roughly nine years finally ending.

    The end had been reached, Psiro carried bodies of it's dead soldiers and fallen comrades having completely fallen into submission, no longer able to sustain the man power, or will to fight after they themselves had caused thier own defeat. There was a simultaneous cease fire from Zero Ark and Fortain as a figure stood gloriously at the heart of the battlefield.......his name, Corbinek Reimultamos holding a righteous blade over his right shoulder, though he did not actually battle s such. His forces hadn't entered the war until just then, and completely pushed back the Psiro continent as they were done for to begin with. Out of fear it may seem, and the realized uselessness of the war being waged. Fortain and Zero Ark pulled back completely and Psiro began to rebuild itself while Reimultamos smoothed things over, which was odd because they never got involved in the worlds conflicts.
    With the war's end, there was a treaty signed with the remaining continents with a temporary olive branch. On his all time high, Corbinek was left with little to amuse himself after the war's end, and so a project of his had been set into motion, on his order an arena to be built of intricate scale. It was called The Grand Qliphoth Coliseum, and for a time the Reimultamos family used the coliseum to further their island paradise even more. This was a huge increase in the economy of the island, but profit was pretty much pointless at this time.

    Then, the thought came to mind; a tournament unlike that of any other as a year passed since The Grand Qliphoth Coliseum had been completed. He purposely named this the "Dual Saga" and knew that the title alone would draw out fighters of all kinds regardless of status amd ability. As proof of Corbinek's and the Reimultamos family name's ambition, he submitted a decree to all partakers a fitting prize, for merely showing up, and for progression through battles, more awards, but at the end of the Dual Saga a prize worthy of a ruler. He or she that came out the winner would receive the north area of Reimultamos and 100,000,000 gald. With the final words, he issued a fresh start to the end of a war...

    "Come all for my bemusement and fight for the sheer thrill and spirit of sportsmanship. Reimultamos awaits all who take the Dual Saga's challenge!"

    The world of Symphonia is a grand place, but the source of power in the world is known as fonon. They are basic particles which make up all living and non-living matter. There are seven types of fonons altogether, each representing a different natural element.
    * First Fonon: Shadow: Dark
    * Second Fonon: Gnome - Ground
    * Third Fonon: Sylph - Wind
    * Fourth Fonon: Undine - Water
    * Fifth Fonon: Efreet - Fire
    * Sixth Fonon: Rem - Light
    * Seventh Fonon: Lorelei - Sound

    These fonons are used in sync with the bodies spiritual energy to use multiple techniques with are called Fonic Artes: Abilities which draw upon a person or thing's innate Fonon/Fonons and allows them to cast spells, heal, or attack with power provided by that Fonon/Fonons. These abilities can be very powerful, and the nature of any said attack is ultimately different from the last. Some use spells, but others just manipulate a fonon to increase their power, or launch explosive attacks and the abilities that are gained are vast and complex, though those who mainly use fonic artes are called fonists.
    The body is able to use fonic artes due to Fonslots: The part of a person's body that allows Fonons to enter and exit the body--permitting the use of Fonic Artes. The seventh fonon is out of place however, and is used in sync with abilities, known as Fonic Hymns, these are hymns sang by Seventh Fonists which use the only the chanting portion of Fonic Artes, combined with melody. Because of this, they are generally used for healing, and other such defense related fonic artes, but there are still numerous attack hymns.

    Low- uses basic fonon skill, or weaponry to cause damage. Usually not many hits, or very powerful.( up to 15)

    Mid- uses more fonic ability, or weapon usage to attack an enemy. More hits may be involved, and these are more powerful that low skills.(up to 15)

    High- Uses the highest manipulation of fonons, or weapon mastery. Attacks contain massive power, damage, and each move is a work of art on the battlefield.(up to 10)

    Hyperresonance: A very powerful ability that is used when a fonist unlocks all of their fonslots at once, allowing a release and convergence of power. A hyperresonance is a very dangerous ability, as it normally cannot be controlled completely, or has terrible after affects. In essence, a hyperresonance allows its user to tear apart the fonons of any matter they are using and then reconstruct them in a manner that transforms it into a massively powerful destructive force. In fact, it was a "tri"-hyperresonance, which was used with Efreet's power, that destroyed the entire area of Noswald............( one allowed)

    Daathic Fonic Artes: This is a very manipulative version of a fonic arte, that combines one of more fonons into a horrific attack, or spell that does not sync with the fonslots in one's body. Originally fonic artes have 7 divisions, and categories go hand in hand, such as the Third Fonon of wind also involving lighting, and the Fourth Fonon of water involving ice, but daathic artes do not follow this rule, and so make power that is not meant to exist, and causes extreme damage to both the user, and the opponent, possibly tiring the user to the point at times where death can occur, but the effects are different for every person, though never anything good...........(up to 6)


    Fonist: Fonists are those who fight using an array of fonic arte abilities, and don't prefer to use artes in battle, though this does not mean they cannot handle a weapon and still use an arte........or two.

    Fighter Fonist: A fighter Fonist is very good with a weapon, and make the use of numerous artes during battle, but are also fairly skilled in fonic artes.
    Single Fonist: As the name implies, Single Fonists use but one fonon element in battle, but because of this their artes are very powerful and cause great damage. On the downside, they do not have the largest array of attacks.

    Seventh Fonist: A Fonist who uses the power of Lorelei and sings Fonic Hymns. They have high defense and their fonic artes cause varying affects on an opponent, they can use some fonic artes, and attack hymns.

    Fonist Fighter: A Fonist Fighter is very good with fonic artes, and make the use of a lot of them in battle, but are also fairly skilled in artes.

    Fighter: Fighters are those who fight using an array of arte abilities, and don't prefer to use fonic artes in battle, though this does not mean they are not able to use a fonic arte if need be.

    Dualist: These are those who use fonic artes and artes equally.
    Name: (what do you call yourself)
    Age: (13 and up)
    Persona: (How you act)
    Appearance: (If using a pic, a description is still needed)
    Homeland: (Where you are from)
    History: (What's happen in your characters life?? Can be least two paragraphs)
    Class: (Fonist, Fighter Fonist, Single Fonist, Seventh Fonist, Fonist Fighter, Fighter, or Dualist)
    Weapon/s: (Up to 3)
    Artes/Skills: Refer to information on power in the rp. For further breakdowns, see classes............

    1. No godmodding or power-playing
    2.No spamming or oneling (Period)
    3.No asking too many questions
    4. Romance is allowed (keep it PG-13)
    5.No killing other rp'ers
    6.Follow the rules above or you’ll be kicked out
    7.Follow Role-Playing guidelines
    8. 2 paragraph minimum that goes for all members.
    9. No Machine Gun Posting (double posting, etc.)
    10. Use ((text)) or OOC: to post out of character (The limit is to 2 OOC per page, or with IC)
    11. Spots are unlimited. Thus, they will NOT be reserved. There's no need to post that you are 'reserving a spot' simply to signify your interest. If you want to let me know you plan on joining, but are too lazy/busy to create a template right now, PM me. Don't post it.
    12. There are 4 spots for Reimultamos characters available, if you would like one, PM me a bio, also Corbinek will an NPC.
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    Re: Reimultamos Dual Saga

    You will need 5 members to join before this will be approved for the RPG section, good luck.


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    Re: Reimultamos Dual Saga


    (Zero Ark) is a dominant continent that is probably the most complicated and warped of all. This gargantuan land mass floats 22 thousand feet above the Coanise Ocean in the south west of the world. It is also the continent closest to Fortain, the technowild continent. Zero Ark has many aspects in the make up of the continent, and 4 massive and completely different countries compose this realm.

    The Akaizen Republic: Once a beautiful wilderness that had lots of beautiful wildlife and natural wonders, but over times, it has changed into a place that almost entirely artificial, but this "fake" beauty easily makes up for such a loss. Akaizen has technology above all other countries, making the use of fontechnology that most can only dream about. It has It's cities that are a marvel like one has never seen, and it isn't uncommon for tourists to spend money, simply to come see one of these cities, or visit one of the vast sky scrapers that seem to soar up and up into the sky. Simply put, the Akaizen Republic is a more than futuristic place. Cubia Beta is also here, and this city is much like the others in the Akaizen territory, but it is much larger and diverse. This city also houses the Icon Tower, a building that is almost as long as it is tall, and that is saying a lot. Being made out of an unknown ,material, this building alone can support almost all of Cubia Beta by itself. The Icon Tower is also the present location of Omega............a weapon that transcends time and space.

    Kizen: Located to the north is a country that seemed ancient and speaks of another time in this planet's history, when there was no technology, and fonic artes reigned supreme above all. There is some technology here, but only what is needed to sustain life that fonic artes cannot do, and with the knowledge that Kizenian's possess, that is little to none at all. There temples everywhere in this country and the large cities have large monuments dedicated to entities that are supposed to protect the world, or in respect............come to destroy it. Fonin ability is common here and even small children are somewhat versed in the ways of numerous forms of fonology. This country is very flashy in terms of buildings and their odd designs and seemingly impossible structures are viewed as..........ancient styles. The streets are even paved with silver and gold. and there are many mines and such for the excavation of ancient runes, magicks, and lost texts.

    Ashen: One of the odder areas in Zero Ark, second in terms of making no sense at all. During the day, temperatures here are extremely hot, to the point where staying outside for more than a few minutes can prove fatal in some cases, because of such extreme heat. The blistering temperatures have left the ground barren, and parched, but that is only half of it. During the night hours, Ashen changes in a frozen tundra, and the temperatures drop well below what most creatures, other than Norlaes can handle. If one were to take a deep breath while not wearing the correct equipment, their lungs could be frozen instantly. Because of this climate, Domed areas have been erected to house life and they are fueled by fonotechnology and magick. Each of these cities has power enough to pick and move across Ashen. There are elements of magick and technology present.

    Undasien Regiment: This is the smallest country in Zero Ark, but that is only in comparison to the other countries, because it is still large. This is a place where outcasts and such live, and those who either are trying to escape the law, or possibly looking for bounties. The most abnormal area of all, a mysterious crater seems to suck light into the country, but somehow does not let it back out all the way. This makes for the appearance of a large dome of darkness that encases all of the Undasien Regiment. However when taking but a single step into the Regiment's confines, there is light, like any other place. The facilities that house murderers and those locked away for crimes are located here, and this is also the place where the experimental labs are. All in all, the Undasien Regiment is a very dark place to be.

    (Fortain) is the technowilderness continent. It had many aspects of both nature, but also ultimate technology. It is the third largest continent, located only a couple hundred miles from Zero Ark, on the east side of the Coanise Ocean. Surrounded by water on every side, but the north, this continent is the only peninsula of the four continents.

    The continent consists of but two extremely vast countries named, Torasha, and Fortainia after the continent itself. Torasha is a country, covered in dense forests and fortifications that contain bases for military purposes, spread through out it's surface. This country has a smaller population because it is mainly a military state, but the people that do live there seem to be skilled in various fighting techniques, involving the use of powerful fonic artes. There are few cities scattered across Torasha, but there are almost ten times more villages and towns.

    Fortainia is the second country in Fortain and is the main source of wealth and income, and also where the weapons and such are manufactured before being sent off to Torasha. Fortain has extremely advanced cities on par with those of Zero Ark, but these cities also have a natural beauty mixed in, while Zero Ark's seem to be entirely artificial.......

    Long ago a meteorite so large that when it crashed, the entire primitive nation of Fortain was wiped out, sits on the south side of Fortain. This meteorite ended up sustaining tons of life, and after years, the Siore Meteorite grew a tree in it's center. This tree is constantly growing, but very slowly and it is suspected to have to do with the strange soil at it's base, that seems to be connected to the seventh fonon. ......Azroth is the capitol, and sits inside the tree

    (Psiro) is located to the far north of the world and for the most part is very cold and has large mountain ranges. Numerous battles have been waged here and this is the most heavily damaged continent from the to speak. There are three countries here and each one is different, but they are closely related in terms of the people that live there and ways of life.

    Nahtz- Is a country that is largely populated up in the mountains. It's gorgeous cities are built directly into the mountain sides and crystal is used in it's modern structure. The Fourth Fonon is used here in the construct of buildings and chrome digizoid, fonically amplified ice, and crystals are used to make up the landscape. The mountain sides are carved out and these cities are the basis for all kinds of activity and jobs. Deep in the largest range named Razna, a sapphire mine is constantly being searched in for raw jewels and such for wealth. Any one may enter here, simply because this area is overrun by vicious monsters. A top Mt. Razna, the capitol of Psiro is located. This city is smaller than other cities, but the shrines and jeweled buildings are wonders to look at. There is a floating shrine in the center of Auralis that houses the Continental Weapon, or fonestone.

    Muraga- Located away from the mountains in the center of Psiro, this is nothing more than a huge frozen wasteland. This was where a battle of grand calibur once took place, and afterwards all the cities, were either completely wiped out, or taken apart for resources. There are an array of different towns and villages, but no overly large cities. Muragans make the use of powerful ice spells fueled by the fourth fonon when fighting, but they also invoke in some odd rituals that the people of Nahtz don't find appealing. This country houses the most people of Psiro as well...........

    Noswald- A country that in contrast to the rest of Psiro is extremely hot and it's climate is devastating. This place is mostly barren and there are few to no inhabitants here. During the war, the over use of the Fith Fonon caused a cataclysmic event, the large volcano in the center of Noswald erupted, and destroyed the country with a chain of horrific seismic and volcanic activity that made everyone flee out. Now, the old cities, or what's left of them are still there, and explorers can often be found searching these ruins for treasure, or weapons of mass destruction, but the search is hard because of the heat and beasts that have taken residence there...........

    (Reimultamos) is a large island governed, owned and operated by the Reimultamos family. It is located near the center of Symphonia, this island also is affected tremendously by the planet storm, and has concentrations of all fonons, including the seventh. When upon Reimultamos one's ability to use fonic ability is increased, and the use of Daathic artes, and hyperresonances are also increased. For the most part this place is a resort, and vacation spot for all who can afford it, and the prices are easily affordable. The many beaches, and areas of Reimultamos make it a great place to go for fun, because they have almost everything you could dream of...........

    Recently however, just a few months after one of Symphonia's many(and latest) wars ended, the construction of a huge battle arena dubbed the The Grand Qliphoth Coliseum when completed was built. This vast arena has multiple floors, and different kinds of fights take place in each section, and the Reimultamos family began hosting all kinds of tournaments with cash prizes and more, but those soon ended for a time, and the Dual Saga was announced.........

    This info on the world in the rp.
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    Re: Reimultamos Dual Saga

    Ok. count me in. I have the bio put together, am working on the abilities, will post later. so it begins, just need 4 more...

    Name: Jep’ray Agoto

    Age: 28

    Persona: a quiet, easy personality. Nothing seems to bother him. Laid back, and seeming to blend into his surroundings. He can seem meek but that’s only an act. Underneath his easy exterior is a hard thinking mind, plotting out schemes and angles. A fast talker, the only thing that can derail him from his goal is his obsession with the opposite sex. As much as he is in control a smart beautiful women will be his down fall

    Appearance: slightly Asian looking, he as the eyes and jet black hair, skin is tanned from a life of traveling. His frame is taunt, whip cord like muscles hide under his loose fitting clothing. 5’8” height

    Homeland: Kizen

    History: He was born and raised in the back country of Kizen. A quick study in everything that faced him, he was the center of attention to the elders of his town. Taught several long thought dead arts of Fonic arts by those elders. He soon learned all they could teach, of their old and ancient ways. He was sent away from his home when he came of age at 16. Sent to learn the world that they could not tell him about, he set upon his new path to learn all he could.

    As he traveled the world and learned about other Fonic arts, and the different peoples that lived abroad. He also learned though trial and error on how he should present himself to the outside world. To be proud and brave meant having to prove that to others, to be cunning and sly meant he would have to travel in the darkness. No, he would chose to amplify the fact that he came from the back country. To let people make their assumptions and he would uses his ability as a weapon. Often people have misjudged him as meek, only to discover to late how strong he is. To hide his strength until he needed it, he would strike when his opponents guard was down.

    He has made it a point to learn more of the oldest forms of Fonic as his elders had taught him. Digging up ruins and searching libraries across the globe he has vast collection of artifacts and knowledge.

    He has traveled from town to town, temple to temple. Watching all, and not letting anything pass. He as learned many things, found much treasure and relics. He has also caught wind of something more than just mortal riches. Something is drawing him to the north, it is in the text that he reads, in the fabric of some of the old and lost temples, there is something to the north of great importance. So he started to head north again, after traveling so far south that he could walk no more.

    After countless steps he found himself in front of Grand Qliphoth Coliseum. A grand jubilee was in control as a new decree was presented. He walked up the to wall, pushing through the throngs of people also trying to read it. He stood and read the decree, a test of status and ability, but he prize caught his attention. The north was where his studies were leading, something that was reoccurring in the ancient texts he had found mentioned seventh fonstone was located there. He needed to investigate this. He entered the arena in search for more knowledge and what secrets might lay in others…a simple quiet country man disappeared back into the crowd
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    Re: Reimultamos Dual Saga

    My template

    Name: Mystearica Jade Yulia Reimultamos(Tear)

    Age: 17

    Persona: She is extremely disciplined and feels compelled to act tough at all times. Taught to be quiet and controlled, she can seem cold. In actuality though, she merely represses her feminine side, mostly demonstrated by her love of cute things and she LOVES cute things...........

    Appearance: Tear is beautiful young woman with pale skin, that she doesn't show often. Her hair is quite long, flowing down to the middle of her back, and most of the time her right eye is covered by a crest of her hair that hangs over her face.

    Homeland: Reimultamos

    History: Tear is the daughter of Corbinek and Legretta Reimultamos, those who rule over the paradise island of Reimultamos. Unlike her older brother Ceon who hasn't gotten off the island much, Tear has been nearly around the world and in doing so has trained in many different styles of fonic artes, and is versed in the fonon of lorelei, the seventh fonon of sound. In her earlier years, things were much more calm for her, but the past 8 years have been insane.

    Growing up, Mystearica Jade Yulia Reimultamos was always a bright child, and was very curious about the world, and how it worked. By the age of 6 she had learned about the planet storm, and already could sing hymns and use fonic artes that adults found difficult. Her life was a bit sheltered, mainly because her father and mother did not want her tainted by the outside world, and when you lived on Reimultamos..........people would think that you wouldn't want to leave. However for Tear this was not the case, and at the start of the war, she ran away from Reimultamos without telling her parents or anybody else.

    Like any parents Corbinek and Legretta did all they could to look for her, but it never occured to them, that she had left the island, and so they presumed her for dead after awhile. In the meantime, Tear had taken a load of money with her, and with her smarts could easily live, and as the war raged on she skipped from place battling and learning more about fonology as the years went on she located some very powerful weapons, and she became an esteemed general on the battlefield for Psiro. For the period of time she fought for Psiro, they had no problems at all, and other soldiers and generals feared when she arrived to battle, for her hymns and fonic artes were more than deadly. However..............

    After discovering secret artes and summoning, something that nobody had used since the dawn age, Mystearica made the mistake of combining hyperresonance, with both daathic fonic artes, and summoning, and Efreet was revived to the field. This was a being that simply could not be controlled and ultimately his power was too great to sustain in this realm of existence, and Psiro was all but wiped out by Tear's mistake alone. Nobody knew of this, but with the cataclysms happening because of Efreet, even after he was resealed Tear made an escape to the final battlefield, where to both her, and Corbinek's surprise they were reunited and Tear returned to Reimultamos after the war ceased. Of course she was severely scolded, but welcomed nonetheless.

    It was her idea to build the Grand Qliphoth Coliseum, and after it was completed she herself joined many of it's tournaments and the like as it is something she enjoyed. When her father announced the Dual Saga, she thought this to be a joke a first, but when it was said to be true, she alone knew that something was seriously wrong with the prize. The money was not an issue, but the northern area of Reimultamos was supposedly the location of the seventh fonstone. She joins the Dual Saga for some good fun, but also to investigate her fathers motives, and wonders about her two older brothers, and younger adopted sister..........

    Class: Seventh Fonist

    Unicorn Horn- This one of the seven Catalysts weapons of the world that include; the Nebilim keyblade, Lost Celesti sword, the Blood Pain spear, Heart of Chaos rod and Holy Quelqatl bow and arrows. This staff is from the dawn age and uses odd fonoic ability to charge and emit fonic blasts and amplify it and the users power. It is said that as with all Catalyst Weapons, this one increases in power with every opponent beaten, whether they die, or not.

    Key of Lorelei- A mighty weapon created by Lorelei which allows the user to summon Lorelei when used along with the Grand Fonic Hymn. It also allows the user to use Lorelei's power at will, though a human body cannot possibly maintain such power. The complete Key is actually in two parts: A sword, (also called the "Key" of Lorelei) which concentrates Fonons, and the Jewel of Lorelei, which disperses them. Both halves of the Key are almost useless unless combined.
    I will post her artes later on.

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    Re: Reimultamos Dual Saga

    I would like to join.

    Name: Meka LaSalvin

    Age: 22

    Persona: Meka keeps to herself at all times. She is distant and sometimes even cold to others. She only grows close to those she feels
    she can trust with her life. Though she does not show it Meka is a very caring person, almost to the point that if she cares for someone
    she will do anything to protect them. She is also loyal and true. If anyone can get close enough to see it. Meka is serisous about friendship
    and will not let anyone close to her unless it catches her off guard. She feels friendship will distract her and cause her downfall.

    Appearance: Meka has dark green eyes that glisten in moonlight. She has long black hair that reaches alittle past her lower back and jagged
    bangs that cover her left eye. Her skin is a golden tan which she keeps from sight by wearing her long black cloak. She wears dark brown leather
    vest, pants, and boots. Her vest shows her stomach. She wears a heart necklace that is carved from wood.

    Homeland: Kizen

    History: Meka was born in Kizen. Her mother died at childbirth and her father had wanted a son. Distraught by the birth of Meka her father sent her to
    the outter limits of Kizen. Meka was then taken in by an old man skilled in the Fonic arts. He alone taught her how to fight and master what she could
    understand. Meka came to love him as a father and not just her master. When Meka was 14 he realized she has mastered all he could teach her he sent her away.
    Meka at first was afraid of what lay outside of the home she had come to love.

    Meka traveled from Kizen and found that the outside world was not kind. Many had tried to take advantage of Meka because she was a woman and
    traveled alone. When Meka realized that only the stronge stayed alive she quickly adapted and became a thief. Often she would think of her old Master
    and long to return to Kizen, but knew that the path she chosen in the world would only bring shame to him. So she keeps traveling, stealing, and fighting
    with her Master's memory in her mind and heart.

    However the troubles of stealing and traveling began to wear Meka thin. She longed to return to her Master and home. She began looking for ways to
    bring back her honor and to reclaim the teachings she had long forgot. Soon Meka had begin to hear rumors of a tournament that was unlike any other.
    With a goal in her mind Meka set out to reclaim her honor and vowed to herself that this was a moment meant for her. If she was to return to her Master
    showing that his teachings were not in vain... she would have to fight in the Dual Saga... and not be killed.

    Class: Fighter

    Weapon/s: Havok- Meka's sword that was given to her by her Master. It's blade it very sharp and can sometimes cut through metal. The sword is mystic and entranced with the
    ancient fonic arts of Kizen. It is her most prized treasure. The Spear of Rain- Meka received this amazing spear from a Warrior that was traveling from Nahtz. They dualed and impressed with her skill the Warrior gave her the weapon. She has yet to unlock the mysterious fonic arts from it.

    Artes/Skills: Fighting with her weapons is what Meka mostly perfers. However if needed she will unleash her power in the Seven Fonic Arts.
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    Re: Reimultamos Dual Saga

    Once you got at least 5 members let me know and it will be approved
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