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Thread: Relinquished[Frigid Hearts] character thread

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    Relinquished[Frigid Hearts] character thread

    Relinquished[Frigid Hearts]
    There are a lot of planets scattered across the realms, some with problems pertaining to war, and other with problems that can be more easily fixed. Resources get used up, and planets seemingly wither and dry up until there is nothing left, and either the planet becomes useless and the inhabitants leave, or the planet takes another turn. In a lot of cases, to technology...............

    Many years ago, Kaizine was a beautiful planet, filled with wildlife and awe inspiring natural beauty that was the marvel of the galaxy. Once a beautiful wilderness that had lots of beautiful wildlife and natural wonders, but over time, it has changed into a place that almost entirely artificial, but this "fake" beauty easily makes up for such a loss.
    Kaizine has technology above all other planets, making the use of technology that most can only dream about. It has It's cities that are a marvel like one has never seen, and it isn't uncommon for tourists to spend money, simply to come see one of these cities, or visit one of the vast sky scrapers that seem to soar up and up into the sky, yet the term city may be a bit wrong. While it is true that there are cities, 96 percent of the planet's surface is one large city, in portions that aren't actually broken up.

    The planet has been having problems with it's core and heating for a very long time, and in actuality, the planet itself should be nothing more than a barren tundra, yet the machinery has been able to keep the planet's life stable and intact. A system of energy tubing, and specially powered machines winds around, and through the planet. This is mainly in the city area of the planet, but even the parts that have remained largely non-urbanized are faced with this system for survival, and it is also where the problems of the planet's troubles lie. Control of all of these stations, and areas where this tubing is the the heaviest is where rebels and rogues literally run the planet, by power to keep hold of an area.

    Near one of the odder areas on the planet, and also the main area that never was actually urbanized. During the day, temperatures here in Ashen are extremely hot, to the point where staying outside for more than a few minutes can prove fatal in some cases, because of such extreme heat. The blistering temperatures have left the ground barren, and parched, but that is only part of the squabble between random rebels and sides, that aren't really sides, because nobody works together.. During the night hours, Ashen changes in a frozen tundra, and the temperatures drop well below what most creatures, can handle. If one were to take a deep breath while not wearing the correct equipment, their lungs could be frozen instantly. Because of this climate, Domed areas have been erected to house life and they are fueled by technology and some magicks. Each of these domed areas has it's own separate systems to heat the area so life can continue, yet these areas have had unsettling activity lately.

    Death was the only thing in store for the people of Muraga, because only a few months ago, there was an odd series of attacks. Before, largely populated up in the mountains. It's gorgeous cities were built directly into the mountain sides and crystal is used in it's modern structure. The mountain sides are carved out and these cities are the basis for all kinds of activity and jobs. Deep in the largest range named Razna, a sapphire mine is constantly being searched in for raw jewels and such for wealth. Any one may enter here, simply because this area is overrun by vicious monsters.

    A top Mt. Razna, the Psiro is located. This city is smaller than other cities, but the shrines and jeweled buildings are wonders to look at. Of course it is already should be very cold here, but the people were able to live because of the same type of generators across the rest of the city planet, but it all went wrong.............

    Out of the blue, two creatures, whose identities went unknown during the course of the onslaught, appeared, and began to reek havoc across this area. Being of very high intelligence it was a breeze to overtake the residents that lived there, and with in a matter of days, Muraga was all but wiped out, or taken apart for resources. Now nothing is left but a frozen wasteland. The cities have been wrecked, and the generator destroyed, down to the core.

    An announcement was made to the people of the planet after another attack, and now it seems that the two creatures plan to wipe out the entire planet, by taking out each and every set of external tubing that is linked to the planet's heating system, and by destroying every generator.

    Now faced with it's biggest threat in centuries, how can a planet so widely divided that never works together, and unity isn't a value that exists, figure out a way with in it's twisted society to stop the place they call home from being turned into nothing more than a frozen rock in space. It's all, or nothing...............

    Who will stop the ridiculous power of Brother and Sister
    In this rp, the characters will have powers, but during the rp they can gain more, but this will be explained more later. Power traits will be as follows.



    Name: (what do you call yourself)

    Genderumm w/e)

    Age: (14 and up)

    Persona: (How you act)

    Appearance: (If using a pic, a description is still needed)

    Homeland: (Where you are from)

    Traits2, but explain this power)

    WeaponNo insane weapons)

    Bioyou know what this is, at least two paragraphs)

    1. No godmodding or power-playing
    2.No spamming or oneling (Period)
    3.No asking too many questions
    4. Romance is allowed (keep it PG-13)
    5.No killing other rp'ers
    6.Follow the rules above or you’ll be kicked out
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    Re: Relinquished[Frigid Hearts] character thread

    Name: Mike Dunith

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Persona: quiet strength, Mike is a soul of few words and swift action. His calm exterior hides the madness within, he is quick to react, and is always on a knifes edge. He will stop at nothing to gain his goal…

    Appearance: A big guy, 6’2” in height and 250pounds of muscle. He has dark blue hair, distant green eyes and a scar that spans across his forehead. His body is full of scars from the war and other instances. He is seen in a well worn soldier’s uniform, burnt brown in color and a dark brown over coat. A silver skull is pinned in one ear. Also still has his Issue combat boots and military issue rebreather. Field backpack…

    Homeland: Dome 008-E ( Exile )

    Traits: Accuracy: born with fast reflexes, mike had honed his abilty to an art form. The butchers at Dome 008-E turned it into an unstoppable force of nature…his Accuracy is second to none. Not many things that can move faster than he can aim…

    Stamina: Already a strong young man, the experiments done to him from the EDR made his Stamina which was already exceptional to impossible…he will never tire as long as he can breath…

    Weapon: Personal: P90-USG SMG (the SG1 gun)- 8 ready clips, 50 rounds each,
    Desert Eagle (flat black, expanded clip)- 6 ready clips, 12 rounds each,
    a Khukri blade,
    .50cal semi-auto Sniper rifle 5 ready clips, 5 rounds each
    Sun Systems H45-A Plasma rifle…damage equivalent to a shoulder fired missile…

    Also, has a man portable rail gun or mass driver with generator/capacitor unit and ammo (solid slug). Needs a vehicle to transport it over a long distance…cannot be carried by one person while wearing rebreather pack. Too bulky, will need two people to carry it outside a dome. DANGER… it will pierce a dome wall if pointed at it…slow recharge time on capacitor-30seconds between shots…

    Bio: From his life on the streets to becoming one of the faceless child soldiers used in one of the more frowned upon wars between the domes. Mike has seen nothing but death and pain all his life. A 10years of age he was the leader of a infamous street gang, Mode 6 in the 6 th quadrant of Exile. From extorting money, to murder, there was nothing that they didn’t do. During the war of eights and tens, the ugly war between Exile(008-E) and Lear (010-L) He was picked up by the Exile Department of Resources to fill in the slots in the military. As was all the orphans and street thugs at the time. He was forced into the role of soldier at 14 years of age. A special case study, Mike endured untold pain while the city strived to make a perfect soldier.
    He was always a steady shot, able to hit a running shop keeper from a few blocks away, no one in the city could match his unnatural accuracy. The EDR surgeons took his natural talent and expanded on it using neural enhancers and nano tube bracing. His joints were reinforced, synthetic muscles grafted onto his own, his lung capacity was increased and his blood modified. He was now a soldier who would never become tired in the field of war, a soldier who would never miss, a soldier of the Exile…
    He held a deep resentment to the men who made him, but he was happy about the final outcome. As he now killed across the wastelands between the domes with an almost insane glee. Able to hit anything he could see, like his hand was possessed by his sight. Eventually the war was over and the victor goes the spoils, as the wasteland was covered in bodies. Lost in his blood lust Mike killed the first few officers that tried to tell him that the war was over, and eventually a special team from the EDR had to come out and carefully take him down. Mike still managed to kill 5 more troopers before he was finally stopped. Back under the control of the EDR they tried to modify his memory to calm him. It worked only to a point, Mike the soldier was now a quiet, calm person. The violence in him was unstable, and his actions are brutally efficient.
    Mike was still undergoing more behavioral modification when news of the fallen dome had reached Exile. He was the Pride and Joy of the EDR and was immediately sent out to help stop the deaths of the domes…
    Don't Panic

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    Re: Relinquished[Frigid Hearts] character thread

    Name: Brother

    Gender: Male

    Age: ------

    Persona: I doubt any of you have it in you to comprehend the way Brother chooses to act, and think. I’ll just say he’s a very complicated “evil” person. *giggle*

    Appearance: The skin on Brother’s face is a darker blue than it is on the rest of his body, and unlike his sister, Sister, there is almost always a scowl on his face. This is a reflection of the way he feels towards not only the world, but life itself, and all those who inhabit it. His facial features are sharp and stoic. Brother is not what you would call an “ugly” person, but his blatantly evil personality can make him seem this way. It appears as though his hair is an augmentation of his power, because of it’s crystal ice-like appearance, but unlike ice, it has a quite fiery look to it. His eyebrows are the same way, and are slanted down towards his eyes, that literally emit blue red, and orange light, and from what most people can see, have no pupil whatsoever. Underneath each eye there is a small cluster of ice, and he wears thin black rim glasses.

    Brother’s body looks rather frail, he is skinny as a rail, but his body looks more slim, than actually anorexic thin. Brother does not adorn much clothing, and his top half, and torso are completely bare other than a nipple ring in his right nipple, and a gray shawl around his shoulders. It is pretty obvious that brother is naked underneath the wrap that he wears. It starts right below his waist line, and extends below his hips, and on the left side trails down, and wraps around his leg, but on the right, it does not. He wears nothing on his feet, and though not completely visible Brother also has a tail.

    On his right arm there is a bracelet like adornment that matches with the jewelry on the rest of his arm, and the rings made of supposed rubies and sapphires……………

    Homeland: ~`~`~`~`~`~`

    Traits: Stamina- Brother has trained his body to the limits in the years that he has lived, and in doing so developed an extremely high amount of stamina. His body needs to go through a lot to tire out, and even after weeks of running, or doing other strenuous tasks such as fighting or sustaining himself in another form, he doesn't run out of energy. Brother rarely sleeps, and his mind remains in a refreshed and poised state regardless of how long he has been awake. This trait comes in very handy, because of this, brother can fight in battle for disturbingly long periods of time, and while his opponents eventually can't take anymore, this is not the case for him.

    Absorber- Energy is readily at Brothers command, he absorbs numerous kinds of energy, and can manipulate them in almost mannerism he wants. Already having the daunting power over water, and the like, this absorbing ability grants him massive increases in power, speed, and even flexibility, as any energy he absorbs can be sent to a part of his body to reinforce it. He can forcefully absorb kinetic energy during impact, and then release it, thus if he is hit, a blow can be rendered useless. Also energy he takes in can be used to amplify his other latent abilities to even higher levels. Energy absorbed can also be used to release concussive blasts, however Brother can only absorb so much energy before it is impossible to hold anymore, and after that his body automatically releases any excess.

    Brother and Sister, both are able to perform a number of feats using ice, and its powers. With ease they are both able to lower their bodily temperatures without causing harm to themselves, and this control is extremely extensive, thus Sister, or Brother being able to drop down to negative 219°F within a tenth of a second or so. Moisture in the air is at their complete command. With will power alone the siblings can freeze any moisture in the air around them into unusually hard ice to form complicated ice masses, and projectiles for attack, or shields for frigid defense. It is possible for ice to be used as passage for movement, and they can zip along ice at high speeds, or even exert tremendous frost from below them, and use this to fly effortlessly. Brother, and Sister are even able to manipulate moisture from the air and create a torrential mass of water that can be used like a flood

    The siblings are immune to sub-zero temperatures and have thermal vision: which is the innate ability the ability to detect objects visually by how much heat the objects generate which is great for battle when people try to hide, or use magick to vanish. According to the laws of thermodynamics and physics, cold is defined as the absence of heat. Thus, in reality the twins don't generate cold, but rather absorbs and dispels heat. Since heat is a form of energy, this power can be defined as a psionic ability to manipulate thermal energy.

    Brother is able to go through a transformation with his powers. Brother is able to augment a powerful from that transforms his body into an organic ice form that is extremely durable, and resistant to most kinds of attacks. This form is fused with razor sharp adornments to the shoulders, elbows, knees, and fists. By transforming to and back from this state, Brother can completely heal from any physical wound, but this form cannot be sustained for long periods of time........

    Weapon: Brother uses his legs and feet as his weapons of choice. Though not that large, he can use them in combat for a variety of powerful attacks, and is a master martial artists using his feet.........You don't wanna be kicked by this guy, trust me.

    Bio, soon enough ppl soon enough

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