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Thread: Revelation

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    -Please read this first-
    This story is based on my own imagination and is purely fictional. I would also like to warn that this is a very dark and quite gloomy story; I’ve had some trouble with finishing it. Most names are also correct, but their lore is made up. I'm a fan of detail, and there will be alot of it here so if you don't like that, this is probably not for you. Also, i will play this one out even if i have to do it by myself.

    The Story.
    In the book of Revelation, Saint John is told that the day of our judgment will come when the Accuser has consumed enough souls to conquer Earth and ultimately destroy the golden gates and take the throne. He will force God to leave this existence to create a parallel universe to continue the harvest.
    But the whole truth about God and the Accuser is not explained in the book of Revelation. Saint John is told about what the real war between good and evil is really about.
    Each side, Light and Darkness harvest souls from the mortals created by God, these souls are the key to supreme power and the destruction of either side.

    When the skies burn and the ground wither man will not stand alone in the dark, God will leave his most trusted and loyal servants to defend his children from endless pain and suffering. And his second in command will act as the new god of mankind and will lead them to victory until the father returns. Or so the story is supposed to be.

    The Angels.
    In the holy bible it states that all angels are servants of god and has no free will so that no action against the Supreme Being can be taken. However, thought and belief seems to be less restricted due to the coming of the Accuser, or Satan. All Angels work as messengers, warriors and seers of God, delivering visions and signs to mankind with divine power. But without the Supreme Being the rules changes, Angels are given free will and their powers are divided amongst them to avoid heresy.
    Humans can ascend to angelhood by the hand of an archangel or through extraordinary deeds related to the belief in God. Being an Angel is not an easy task; Hearing millions of prayers each second in your head, dealing with demons and heretics, serving the Supreme Being at all times and constantly being tested and tricked by whoever that is in charge of the pit to flip sides.

    There is just too much to be said about Angels to cover it all, and you will not even understand a microscopic fraction of what it is like before you are one of them yourself.

    The Demons.
    Without the presence of Satan the forces of Hell are like a pack of dogs. Whoever has the biggest weapon and army is the leader. At the moment it is Baal, who is the biggest and fattest demon in the pit and the leader of his army of plague spreading zombies. His army isn’t very strong, they go down fast but there is just too many of them.
    Humans can also ascend to demonhood by the hand of a greater demon or through extraordinary deeds related to the belief in Satan. Being a demon is far easier than being an Angel; the more pain and suffering you spread, the stronger you get and your favorite meal is a nice juicy set of Angel wings.

    There are a lot of types of demons and too many of them to list them all here.

    The Family
    Farrell is the name of an ordinary American family that has had to live through this horror like many others. It consists of a few brothers and sisters with parents still together. Although still married, the parents do not live together at this time; the mother lives with the children near their schools and the father works at a different place. During the first contact war their mother was killed and since then they have no heard from their father whom was stationed in New York. The family spent most of their time during the first months of the war in a refugee shelter but now they set out on a journey to find their father in New York, a city in ruin and still dominated by demons.

    This story will be played out from their perspective.

    July 2019; God and Satan leaves this universe. Archangel Gabriel sends a vision to Reverend John Francis Miller about the coming dark.

    August 2019; John Francis Miller sends letters to the Christian Church and World leaders to warn about the coming Judgment Day as seen in a vision.

    October 2019; The Judgment Day theories are spread all over the world, religious minorities and sects are in an uproar and declare the Miller family heretics. The Christian Church takes a neutral standing against the claims.

    January 2020; Signs of the Judgment come to pass, the world fall into panic. John Francis Miller is declared Prophet by the Christian Church. The US, UN and the Asian Empires prepare their military forces for full-scale war.

    Mars 2020; The skies burn and the ground wither. Dark creatures and daemons emerge from the ground all over the world. “The First Contact” war begins.

    Mars 2020; The First Contact war is lost. Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa are destroyed and under enemy control. Most of the military forces are destroyed with an estimated 3 billion human casualties.

    Mars 2020; Eastern parts of the US are invaded and destroyed but soon somewhat retaken with a few places still under siege. The real threat that destroyed most of the east coast was Leviathan and his sea demons.

    Mars 2020; Seven Arch Angels descend from the Heavens with their armies. Arch Angel Gabriel is declared new World leader and God by the Christian Church.

    April 2020; The first advance with help from Angels takes place. Parts of Europe are successfully retaken, forward military bases established and critical military resources regained.

    April 2020; Massive refugee camps are set up all around the US for survivors of the first contact war. John Francis Miller is the first human to ascend to Angelhood, The Christian Church declares him Saint.

    May 2020; The war wages on.

    Battle Map
    Red=Enemy Forces
    Green=Allied Forces

    Name: <first name> Farrell
    Age: Maximum age is 26, Minimum age is 9.
    Background: This would be before the recent events. Since we are all apart of the same family (brothers and sisters) it's tricky to write this part. But, i guess a school will fit in here, what you like to do, any special talents and so on.
    Belief: Your standing towards the war, angels, demons, mankind, all of it.

    Will be interesting to see if anyone joins this, yes... it will indeed.

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    Re: Revelation

    am interested...... can i join? hope there will be a lot of takers.
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    Re: Revelation

    anyone and everyone is welcome to join, I dn't discriminate, plus the more the merrier.

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    Re: Revelation

    Sounds good i will join up, and can members of the family become demons or angels
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    Re: Revelation

    I guess I'll give this a try. My absolute first so everyone please forgive my errors

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