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Thread: Rewrite - A Myth that Spans Realities ~ Warning, Highly Advanced RP

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    Rewrite - A Myth that Spans Realities ~ Warning, Highly Advanced RP


    There are an infinite amount of realities, worlds that stem from the same point in the past but break away as the route of evolution takes hold in many shapes. The starting point, Birth, is but one of the two things in common per each reality; the other is the Death, a simultaneous end of reality for all branches that rooted from the great Birth. Only one branch remains free of the cataclysm, yet this reality is one that must be created in order for it to exist; religions know of it only as Rewrite, a change in the flow of time. Some say that they are on Rewrite’s path, but that is nonsense for it doesn’t exist, never existed: Rewrite is merely a myth, a small glimmer of hope for those that are nearing the end of life. Can Death be prevented?


    Level of Technology

    It is quite obvious that with different realities stemming all from the same starting point, evolution may take a kinder route for some than for others. Some races are far ahead in terms of technology with digital data abundant; other races are far less fortunate, some going as far back down the technology chain that they are no greater than hunter/gather races.


    There is no set 'Main Race' such as humans, demons, angels, or whatever else spawns from the inner workings of our brains. Evolution has many curves, crossing from one reality into the next, we need to realize that ANYTHING that we can think up in terms of living creatures [Fantasy, Real-Life, and Even Personal Created Creatures/Races] exist somewhere along the chain of evolution and must therefore, in theory, be alive.


    I guess I should say something about reality now that I've mentioned it so much already. Reality is whatever you make it out to be. each reality will have its own rules. One reality may be heavily reliant on Magic and Energy manipulation, thus it would be highly likely that this reality won't use more advanced technology. BUT that doesn't mean that this reality CAN'T use the high-tech stuff, perhaps the technology is powered via magic/energy? Have fun.

    Likewise not all realities will rely on magic/energy and more on their innate powers of observation and building skills.

    There are absolutely no limits to the possibilities.

    Another part to having different realities is that the planet that you live on could be as different from earth as you desire, or as similar as you desire. The planet could be made from ice for all that matters.

    Some Knowledge of the RP

    There is an organization known as the Time Police. Their technology is superior to that of others. This organization was formed as an enforcer when Time Travel was invented, with Time Travel, a mere twenty years later Time Police time, came about the traveling between realities. The Time Police governs all things time and reality traveling and punishes HEAVILY (most times resulting in immediate death of suspect) if someone from the future attempts to change the past directly, I.E. Words or written text as an example.

    There are gadgets that the Time Police hands out when traveling, a unique item that allows whomever to wear understand and translate the language of their time/reality with that of the wearer. This all happens automatically.

    The Time Police is the only race that has knowledge of the Death, the simultaneous end of all realities, and has put forth their best efforts to avoid that fate.

    There is also a Council that formed specifically to prevent the Death from happening and it is made up of representatives of every race that has been discovered. A vote determines how they decide things with each voter of the council having different strength behind their vote. That is determined by the number of their race as a whole.

    I will only accept TWO others to be a Time Police if they desire to be one; they will have knowledge given to them before the RP. It is a first come first serve basis.

    Character Sheet

    Race [PLEASE be creative]:
    Reality [The name of your planet, again PLEASE be creative]:
    Level of Technology:
    Magic/Energy Manipulation? [Y or N]:
    Quick History of your Reality:
    Materials You have On You [Weapons, Gear, ect.]:
    Any Other Info.:

    P.S. We ARE going to be traveling back and forth through time in this RP, Keep in mind that you will be speaking with past versions of yourself.

    Visit my blog: Rewriting Life

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    Re: Rewrite - A Myth that Spans Realities ~ Warning, Highly Advanced RP

    I love it, I'm in. although a time policeman, i do not wish to be. seems like too much work.

    Character Sheet

    Name: Xahron (i like that name)
    Age: 23 (That's in Xyradin years. The Earth equivalent would be 115)
    Race [PLEASE be creative]: A race of technologically advanced elves known as the Cymer, or "Tech Elves". Due to their knowledge of the magical energies in their planet, they have gained a long life span, ranging from the an average 165 years (257 human years), to a rare 300 (392 human years).
    Reality [The name of your planet, again PLEASE be creative]: The name of my planet is Xyradin, a forest like world, lush and green, and rich in magical energies.
    Level of Technology: Magic combined with somewhat advanced technology.
    Magic/Energy Manipulation? [Y or N]: Yes
    Quick History of your Reality: The Cymer are the intellegent race on Xyradin, much like the Humans of Earth. They started out as simple folk, using the magic essences found in the ground to help with their everyday tasks. Soon, the essences fused with certain Cymer's DNA, causing slight genetic mutations, and the ability to control certain aspects of the world around them, within reason. Generations of this trait passed down to other Cymer caused a heightened intelligence and a more accurately used technologies. The use of the gifted Cymer's manipulation and the magical essences granted them the gift of technology. The technology used is powered by magic, and is similar to the technology of Earth today, yet more reliable and planetary friendly.
    Materials You have On You [Weapons, Gear, ect.]: Xahron carries with him a bow, with which he manipulates the earth and plants around him into arrows. He also has a set of twin dagger handles. He wears a crystaline necklace which he periodically uses to make blades for the handles. Obviously, he is adept at using Earth to his advantage, yet still has much to learn.
    Appearance: Due to his ways with the earth, Xahron has a tan appearance, emerald like eyes, and jade hair. His body is an average build, and he stands at 5'11.
    Any Other Info.: Xahron once apprenticed under a repairman, so he is able to both fix broken vehicles, or sabotage enemy ones, within reason.

    P.S. We ARE going to be traveling back and forth through time in this RP, Keep in mind that you will be speaking with past versions of yourself.

    A bit of a heads up. Due to my job and other real world obligations, i may not be able to post on here as much as id like to.
    Why hello there!

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    Re: Rewrite - A Myth that Spans Realities ~ Warning, Highly Advanced RP

    This seems like it will be a great RPG. Sign me up! I do NOT want to be Time Police.
    Name: Drune Janyo
    Age: 25
    Race: Half-Angel. Mother is human, father is an angel. More in Bio.
    Reality: Planet's original name: RX345 Planet's current name: Rexeas. Planet was found by a group on humans, searching to escape persecution from a religious super-government. They are what is called a "lost colony".
    Level of Technology: They are pseudo-advanced. They have all the technology from their former planet, but can not reproduce it. What technology they have is maintained by the technicians. They have things like PDA/cell phone, and super-laptops (It's like a super-computer, but on your lap!) Basically they have really advanced computers and such (no holograms). All the plasma guns and such are kept under lock and key, and is only issued to the police.
    Magic/Energy Manipulation: Yes, Magic.
    Quick History of your Reality: Great World was a utopia. A true, perfect, planet where technology was at it's peek and every one was happy. Well, almost every one... There was a small religious sect known as the Potentia, that taught "Power is every thing." The Potentia grew quickly, and soon, they went and over through the ruling power. They quickly expanded their reign of power. Soon all of Upper Land was under the Potentia's control. The people of Longardian Desert were at a loss of what to do. They could not go east or west, for the violent hurricanes that constantly plagued the Vast Ocean, nor could they go south, because they would surely freeze from the frigid cold. They decided to go up. They worked, and worked, until there were enough ships for all the people. On the 4th of Gena, they launched. That day would ever be remembered as Liberation Day. They searched far and wide, most of the people in cryo-stasis. After a long time, they found a planet that was ideal for colonization. After they landed, it was soon discovered that the planet was home to many different creatures. Gargoyles, kobolds, angels were some of the creatures that were residents of the planet. The humans made friends with the angels, and some were bestowed the power of magic. The only rule was, they were not allowed to inter-breed. This story begins 78 years after they landed.
    Materials You have On You: Bow (from the wood of a dek tree: approx. the strength and springiness of a yew tree), Arrows (20), Knife (laser sharpened, full-tang titanium alloy blade), Sprant 300 "Wakazashi" Personal Phone Organizer (With the original "Doom"), Headphones for his Wakazashi, Citizen ID Card.
    Any Other Info.: He is half-angel, a person that should never have been born. He is unaware of his linage, believing that his father died in an accident. His father put a spell on him, to hide his wings, although they are not sure whether or not he actually has wings.

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    Re: Rewrite - A Myth that Spans Realities ~ Warning, Highly Advanced RP

    This sounds like an interesting RPG. Please count me in! I'm interested in being a time police!
    Name: Magnus Strekor
    Age: 37 Zersanian Years (129 Earth Years)
    Race: Fenarsian
    Reality: Zersan
    Level of Technology: Medium Level based on use of crystaline manipulation for energy production.
    Cyberneticics are a resonably common replacment on a perons body from arms/legs to enhanced optics and even a few of the simpler organs.
    Anti-grav vehicles are now used for transportation ranging from Domestic, Industrial and even Military (more advanced).
    Space exploration/Time manipulation are the new stages forward in technological development.
    Magic/Energy Manipulation? [Y or N]: The Energy manipulation employed by the Zersanian's is based on 'Atomic Stripping', which is caused when a Pure Element (Crystals) is forced apart by a large magnetic field (Tirton Ore*), stripping down it's basic atoms and causing Thermal Ionisation within a tightly packed space. The Chemical energy is then utilised to power a range of Mechanisim based on the type of Crystal used.
    *Tirton Ore is a naturally occuring Mineral which is known as the only Impure Element, and carries a large Magnetic Filed. This can be Fractionlised (refind) to increase the Magnetic power.
    Quick History of your Reality: Zersan is a moderatly fertile Planet. Although technology and expansion within the population has caused Domestic Areas to increase in size, Zersan technology causes little harm to theit planet due to the use of Replenashible Crystals as the sorce of power and large ares of Forests and Plains still remain untouched to the grasp of the 'Civilised' people. It is a Multi-Cultural society ranging from the Demier, Fenarsian, Prebo and Mameel people to name the Majority. Although the Biological template is similar, each can be distingiushed from Genetic Abnormalitise such as the Fenarsian's Tall and Muscular figure compared to the Mameel who have a better grasp of Technologies and Mechanics.
    It's history is mostly peaceful with the odd War having been instigated through Religious or Political views. It's Technological Advancments had been steady and promising for centuries yet the last 400 years have seen major breakthoughths regarding Energy Production and Manipulation of Bio-Mechanical Studies.
    Materials You have On You [Weapons, Gear, ect.]: Combat Bio-Mech body Armour. Pair of Partical Flux sidearm (pistols). Cybernetic Leftarm from shoulder down. Multi-purpose Medi pack. Digital Relay Processor.
    Appearance: 6ft 5in. Heavily Built. Short Black Hair. Red Eyes. Scarring on left side of face. Black Fatigues under Combat Armour. Military Issue boots.
    Any Other Info.: Served in the Zersan military since old enough to join. Magnus' progress through the ranks was a slow progress due to being of Common Origin. Having served for 15 years, he eventually managed to enroll into the Ordo Commissariar which is the governing power within the Zersan military and represents Zersan within the council of the Time Police.
    Baldrick, you wouldn't see a subtle plan if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a Harpsichord sining "Subtle plans are here again!"

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    Re: Rewrite - A Myth that Spans Realities ~ Warning, Highly Advanced RP

    Need at least one more person. If you guys know of someone that may be interested, please do tell them. For those who think this is going to be hard, I'll be guiding you along VERY nicely and make it enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

    Visit my blog: Rewriting Life

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    Re: Rewrite - A Myth that Spans Realities ~ Warning, Highly Advanced RP

    Oh I am a good writer so I suppose I can join if you can trust me to enhance your RPG.

    Name: Nyx Avarti
    Age: 2,300
    Race: Full blooded Angel
    Reality: Zerius a planet where angels have been kept in hiding for millions of years by the organization Gardias.
    Level of Technology: Advanced level think of them as your modern day Atlantis.
    Most of their people are clones of people used many many times there is hardly anybody
    that came from an natural pregnancy; thus why they try to keep originality a secret.
    Their vehicles are non-warp enabled space chariots which are sometimes equiped with photon lazors for military use and time travel for Gardias use.
    Magic/Energy Manipulation? [Y or N]: Only the angels are equipped with a stone they call the Horit which enables them to use advanced magic from healing powers to a strong gravity vortex. The people in Zerius also believe in guardian spirits which they call Eiri. The Eiri are said to protect you when your life is in immediate danger. (The Eiri are actually the angels but that will come later)
    Quick History of your Reality: Zerius is a peaceful planet that has never gone to war because almost no one but other species of angels know it exists. It is a planet said to look like the modern day representation of heaven as the angels used to rule it. It is one of the oldest planets said to have been civilized; even before the Earth's apocalypse. The people are kind , however, brain washed and highly respectable to their leader the Gardias.
    Materials You have On You [Weapons, Gear, ect.]: An armour they call heaven's gate. the crystalline sword . A gem that produces a shield when provoked . and a photon gun.
    Appearance: 5'5''. Slim/Slender. Very long sliver hair. Aquamarine eyes. Very pale skin . .

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    Re: Rewrite - A Myth that Spans Realities ~ Warning, Highly Advanced RP

    If you don’t mind I would like to join as well.

    Name: Jace Jerevinan

    Age: 17,521 years of age.

    Race: [PLEASE be creative]: Chronos

    Reality: Serenity (Once known as Chaos)

    Level of Technology: eons ago extremely advanced, now only in ancient traces.

    Magic/Energy Manipulation? [Y or N]: Yes

    Quick History of your Reality:
    The Chronos
    The Chronos were once known as the oldest race in what was known as the omniverse. A multidimensional plane, separate from this one that encompassed all that ever existed and ever would exist. They were superior to all other forms of life in almost every way. They were extremely similar to humans though with different genetic and internal makeup. The Chronos were extremely intelligent, able to use the maximum capacity of their minds and bodies. This made them a powerfully strong warrior race as well as a magically advanced civilization capable of millions of technological marvels. Though this all couldn’t have been accomplished if it weren’t for their lifespan. The Chronos‘s affinity with the elements and magic have progressively over the years increased their life-force through their sheer exposure with it. Eventually this evolved the race into beings capable of living for thousands of years, the oldest, Eldar, is over 100,000 years old in human years. Though the Chronos were a nearly perfect race their own strength was what crushed them.

    On the advent of destruction
    On the planet which was known then as Raeth, there were wars between the chronos and a race of monsters known as Desinos. They were demon like beasts that hungered to conquer Raeth and kill all that remained of the old world. Desino warriors were the most ferocious of its kind and were able to hold their own against the chronos. The result was Armageddon on a massive scale. Though the chrono were superior in skill, the Desino far outnumbered them and in a desperate attempt at victory the chrono began two projects in hope of survival. Ominus Terminus (Alls end): A magnificent fusion of magic and technology. This created by the best of the chrono arch sages and technicians, was a force called concrescent energy. The ability for a single force to absorb all the other elements and use them individually or combine them for greater power. This power was then infused into a mech like suit of a synthesized ivory colored alloy called eternium. Its use was intended to be mass produced and distributed among the chronos’s best warriors but a young boy, about 17 in equivalence to human years, 287 in chrono, Became its wearer. He was then employed as a warrior and fought in the war. Sometimes single handedly annihilating entire armies using his unnaturally high spiritual power and the suits energy. The second project Atra fatumdie(Black doomsday): harnessing an unknown force they had discovered on the edge of the universe the chronos aspired to use it as a weapon, the result completely destroyed almost all life on Raeth and set amok an almost unstoppable power. The power the chronos named chaos. Jace was saved by his suit and in order to save the universe from this energy that had the power to destroy matter collected the original forms of magic into his armor increasing the power of concrescent energy and giving him knew forms and weapons. Eventually he collected them all including light and dark and obtained what was called Omni state which allowed him to combat chaos. Two beings Selphis and Zelphuren were his enemies. Selphis a mock image of him in his dark form and a chaos being, and Zelphuren the chrono who first discovered chaos and wished to control it. After defeating them Jace went back to Raeth and began to rebuild the world with the remaining chrono renaming the world Serenity for its peace and hope for a new beginning.

    Materials You have On You [Weapons, Gear, etc.]:

    Ominus Terminus:
    Jace has a full suit of white armor made of a metal that regenerates when broken and becomes stronger. Over the years of battle the armor has grown to be impenetrable even by diamond. This armor had been infused with concrescent energy which Jace has mastered how to use. There is an eternal amount within the suit and in the complete state it is in know cannot be used by any other than those than Jace or those with utter master of magic. It can absorb elemental attacks and change Arcana and Jaces armor into different forms representing each element. Each form coming with different attacks. There is also a cool red cape with jagged edges attached to it representing the turmoil of the Armageddon war.

    A zweigh hander created by the god Xemus. It had the power to kill other gods of the omniverse so he was put to death and most of his weapons destroyed but Arcana, his masterpiece, he had entrusted to the chrono who then passed it on to Jace to wield. Arcana is a catalyst of magic increasing the magic power of those who wield it. It also can cut through magical energy or channel it to be absorbed into the user. Because it can cut magical energy magical beings or those made of energy can be harmed by the blade.
    The blade by itself is impossible to carry due to its immense weight and size but due to Jaces armor and mastery of concrescent energy he is able to wield it easier than if a regular human wielded a stick. The blade can be summoned and sent away using the gods power inscribed on the blade.


    Any Other Info.: Jace rarely fights due to his know more peaceful nature and if forced would fight using a stick or regular sword. He would only use Arcana as a last resort.
    He also can never get out of his armor as it fused to his body becoming his exoskeleton when he last went all out in Omni state.
    :"The power of the Mind, The power of the Heart, The power of the Soul, The power of the Body, The power of the Memory, The power to protect, The power to destroy, It lies within every being And within every being lies it"

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    Re: Rewrite - A Myth that Spans Realities ~ Warning, Highly Advanced RP

    Here is one more person. This sounds like an awesome rpg. If you still need Time Police I would like to volunteer.

    Character Sheet

    Name: Muea

    Age: Unknown because of time jumping from line to line. In her prime for her species

    Race [PLEASE be creative]: Neuquen (raptor sapien)

    Reality [The name of your planet, again PLEASE be creative]: Atlantis

    Level of Technology: very advanced Molecular manipulation

    Magic/Energy Manipulation? [Y or N]: y energy by technology, psi abilities-telepathic mostly.

    Quick History of your Reality: Everyone has heard the tales of Atlantis falling, but it is always about a race, a city, an Island, a continent, The foolishness of a greedy people or the wrath of some god or goddess. These tales are all wrong. Atlantis was an earth twin planet, the cretaceous period held large and small dinosaurs. One, the raptor sapien or Neuquen, developed the intelligence necessary to develop a high level society and sciences. There were several other raptor species that developed intelligence but were specialised in other areas such as ranching/hunting, healers, and builders. These were descended from vilociraptors, utahraptors, and other raptor species. Nuequens were the scientists and military police of the raptor society. There society was loosely based on a caste system, this was more because while the different species could inter breed, the strongest traits showed up in the purest bloodlines.
    While they were very advanced in molecular manipulation, they where not so advanced in space travel or observation. So the asteroid that came from behind the sun caught every one by surprise. Even molecular disruption would have a devastating affect. No matter what was calculated the asteroid was going to hit the planet, so they concentrated on trying to save as much and as many as possible. With barely days to spare the Molecular jump field was perfected. Several small colonies were sent to likely planets with plants and animals in the hope that some would survive. Then Atlantis with a single asteroid collision Atlantis fell.

    Materials You have On You [Weapons, Gear, etc.]: Molecular disruptor(fits like brass knuckles with short claw like points but is like a laser gun) molecular blade knife, Regular machete knife, Hand held semi-AI mini supercomputer (Memory and processor chips are molecular in size), Jeweled Tail rings very pretty(gee I wounder what these can do?), wears a belt that has the holders and pockets for her equipment. (If she is Time Police she will carry the necessary ID and equipment as such)

    Appearance: Muea stands about 6' 3" from floor to the top of her eyecrest, From the tip of her short muzzle to the tip of her tail she is 9' 11" long. Her skin is grayish-green, the top of her head-her eyecrests-back-spine-plates and tail are purplish-red splotches outlined in black. Her eyecrests meet to form a V at the back of her head where they become the protective spine-plates(these lie flat over her spine. Her eyes are dark golden with some green striping through them. She has very sharp teeth in her short muzzle. Her hands and arms are in proportion to her body, she has 4 fingers on her hands and they are set closer to a birds foot than our own hands. there are claws on her fingers, though they are long, they are blunt with a special gecko like pad that goes from near the tip (3" back) to the first joint on her hands. Her feet are bare, Mainly because of the 6" curved killing claw on each foot. there are also 3 toes on each foot with very sharp claws and special gecko like pads on the bottom of her feet (gives traction on any type surface, but can not climb shear or vertical surfaces without assistance). She wears a silver metal (Chain mail type with very small links made from an unknown metal)sling type halter hugging her body, over this she wears a white military styled coat that is form fitting in the upper torso but flairs out at the waist and ends mid-thigh, leaving her tail free for balance. Her belt is worn around her waist hand high. the coat is trimmed in silver piping and has her military and scientific badges on it.

    Any Other Info.: Muea was the one who made the breakthroughs for the molecular jump fields, so it was only logical that she be the one to send the colonies to their destinations. She sent as many as she could then sent her staff on with the last colony. she held herself back at the last minute, regret running through her mind that she couldn't save all the people only such a select few from all the raptor species. Sending each colony out with a mix of the raptors, as many eggs, animal, seeds and plants as they could. It hadn't been easy but she did it. may be one of the fifteen colonies would survive, hopefully more. Then she set the machine for herself intending to join her staff.

    The meteor struck at that point > split in a time line here-If she is a Time Cop this will be used-she would have been destroyed in the impact of the crash except the Time Cop had pulled her from the disaster. She found herself in their transport center and was given an offer she couldn't refuse. Since then she has been a loyal Cop and has at times used her own scientific background to improve or invent something for there use. As a Time Cop she has found and kept track of several of her colonies,but does not interfere in any way with their development.

    -If she is NOT a time cop then this time line will be followed-the release of energy from the impact interfered with the energy from the transport and Muea did not wind up with her staff. She was lucky to wind up on a planet that had a large mix of beings so while she was totally different she really didn't stand out. She quickly settled in and reconstructed a travel machine, but because of the technology and parts available it wasn't like her molecular jump beam. It was Time based, and because of that she made a terrible discovery. Not only had the energy disruption thrown her onto another planet but it had thrown her into another time line as well, she was time lost. She took her knowledge of molecular science and developed a mini Time Travel machine. There was one major problem with her machine though, she didn't have the ability to choose what time or place she wound up. She is time hopping, hoping to eventually end up with one of her colonies or in a time line she can call home. Right now she is a vigilante for hire for the right price and reason. Occasionally she may hire out her skills in science to those who are not as advanced but only if it is beneficial to the people, but never the time nor her molecular manipulation sciences.

    Anything is Pawsable
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