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Thread: Rhapsody of Destruction

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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

    Quote Originally Posted by Shizuka View Post
    Ok, but it will be good if you put some testosterones in this RPG XD. So far all characters are females...
    That's because they're all copying me XD

    oh, and i edited my post to include the weapons + abilities... i kinda forgot about them...

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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

    No, i am not going to do that. Just like most people here i hate when others godmode. My guy requires souls for him to work his high level magic, plus if he uses to much well that leaves him in a weekend state for a while.
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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

    Name: Kazaf Jagara
    Household: Jagara
    Title: N/A
    Age: 38
    Personality: Kazaf is cool and collected often preferring to keep it to himself. Unlike the rest of the Jagara family, Kazaf prefers not to fight and will only allow himself to fight if it's an absolute necessity, or when his almost endless patience wears out. When this is the case, Kazaf can become an extremely skilled and deadly fighter.
    Biography: Kazaf was originally born into the Chrnos family and was the twin brother of Arcueid. But after a few arguements with their father, Ciel Chrnos, Kazaf was banished from the family. For weeks Kazaf wondered around the street till the Jagara Family adopted him, after he was found unconcious and malnourished in a alley near the Jagara's manor. Ever since then Kazaf has been educated intensely in martial arts and weaponry, although Kazaf occasionally still practices the arts of Alchemy but in a basic level.
    Weapons: Twin Moon
    Abilities: As a member of the Jagara family, Kazaf is extremely experienced fighter and has deep knowledge in any type of weapons. Kazaf also has deep knowledge of the human body; about their weaknesses and their strong points. Also his specialty lies with Tae Kwon Do and swordsmanship
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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

    Quote Originally Posted by zyta View Post
    That's because they're all copying me XD
    You know what? You are exactly right. I want to be JUST like you...

    I'm gonna need some people on my side. Running an entire family is going to be hard.

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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

     click to show spoiler

    Name: Kohana Darcia

    Household: Darcia

    Title: Unknown

    Age: 25

    Personality: Kohana has a split personality. She can be talkative, complaining, spoiled brat, then she can be quiet, calm and wise beyond her years.

    Biography: Kohana was born in a frail state. Born two months before due, her mother and father believe she would not survive. Through some sort of miracle, she managed to make survive it through intensive care. When her parents took her home, they notice she acted, somewhat, different than most other babies. At times, it was like she could understand what was going on, her eyes showing an intensity that no baby had before. Other times, she have a glimmer of mischief in her eyes.

    It was later found out that she had a split personality.

    When she was old enough, her parents sent her to a private school, wanting her to get a good education and also to get rid of her other half. Some teachers enjoyed her presence, shaming other student with her knowledge and her etiquette. Other teachers were almost driven to quit when her other side come out. She complained and whined, threw fits, when she would not get what she wanted.

    Later when she finished school, she was sent back to her family. Although, she was welcomed back, the kept her confine. Her heath was no good and they feared what would happen to their daughter if her other side came out.

    Thus she has been confined to her manor with her family(She is allowed to go out from time to time). Although she is not heir to the Darcia family, she is consulted for advice by higher members.

    Both parts of her wish for freedom. To experience the world, instead of learning about it, from books. She wishes to find someone to take her away…..

    Weapons: None. She has never wielded a weapon.

    Abilities: Telekinesis, able to create a force field, with a range of 3 yards, she can tell if someone is lying to, which lead many to believe she can read minds, and she is an oracle.

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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

    Ok approved. Please create your RPG, OOC and Character threads.


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