For over the course of time itself a battle has raged. A battle for control over the Stars above, and the mystical powers they hold within them. Others fighting in this "Contest" are females given the name HiMe. These HiMe fight one another till one is left. That winner is crowned the crysital princess, and shall rule over all HiMe for fifteen years. However, all is not as it seems in the world of the HiMe. Dark forces are slowly arising. Hoping to take control of the world, and remake it in their own image. All of these could be made true by the HiMe, Mai Tokiha. The die is cast, and slowly the combantants arrive at there new school. Fuka Acadamy, where they shall live there lives as normal school children, however, holding back the secret each one carries with them. The secret of the Child. They will fight till only one remains, and in the meanwhile risk losing the lost important person in there lives. This is the cost of being a HiMe. Will the darkness rise or will a new light shine forward, and guide the HiMe into the light of Retribution, or is all hope gone from this rotten world. We shall have to wait, and see.


HiME refers to the ability to create solid objects from photons, as well as the females who wield this ability. It stands for Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment. It is a backronym of hime, the Japanese word for princess. All HiMEs have an identical birhtmark shaped like the HiME symbol on various points of their bodies, usually the part of their bodies governed by their astrological sign. HiMEs typically are associated with a classic element or some other theme.


Element is the name for the objects the HiMEs can create. Most take the form of some kind of weapon, but a couple have non-combat functions. All natural HiMEs wield Elements, while artificial HiMEs cannot. Even if a HiME's element is destroyed, it can simply be reconstituted, though this takes up a notable amount of energy on the HiME's part to do so.


A Child is a creature summoned for battle by a HiME. Most have some origin in mythological beasts or deities. In addition, they seem to be bio-mechanical, as parts of their bodies resemble machinery while other parts seem to be real flesh

Childs can be summoned anytime after a HiME has accepted her Child. They are linked to a HiME's most important person; when the Child dies, the HiME's most important person also dies, and the HiME loses her powers.

Fuka Academy

Fuka Academy is the private school at which all of the HiMEs are gathered. It has 3 buildings for grade school, middle school, and high school, which are all connected by the Crystal Shrine. It is located in an isolated area on the island of Hokkaidō. Thirty or so miles from the Academy is the city where students can buy food, and clothes. However, they are limited to four hours a week outside of the school. Relationships between female, and male students are forbidden. If caught both will go before the Student Council.

Student Council

The Fuka Academy Student Council holds more power than typical student councils; they are in charge of student discipline and are partly responsible for school funding. The President of the Student Council is Shizuru Fujino.

Executive Council

Part of the Student Council, these students specifically deal with maintaining order at Fuka Academy. The chief executive isHaruka Suzuhiro.

HiME Star

The HiME Star is a glowing red object in the sky, located to the lower-right of the moon. It is encircled by a rocky structure similar in shape to the HiME symbol. The HiMEs' powers originate from the Star. Only the HiMe, and see them.


An Orphan is a creature the HiMEs fight. They typically have a monstrous form. No one knows where they come from but they normally attack the individuals with emotions that aare closely related to the HiMe. Destrcution of ones improves the abilties of the HiMe, and her Child.

Searrs Foundation

The Searrs Foundation is an ancient organization disguised as an American corporation. They seek to take the powers of the HiMEs for themselves with the help of technology. They have a number of spies located in Fuka Academy, and some even are HiMe.

District 1

District 1 is the organization responsible for gathering the HiMEs at Fuka Academy. They cover up Orphan incidents by controlling the media and erasing the memories of victims. They have also planted spies in Fuka Academy. These spies are unknown, and are remored to even be HiMe themselves.

Most important person

A vaguely defined term in the contest, the person most important to a HiME becomes collateral in exchange for the power of a Child; if a Child dies, the most important person dies also. No restrictions are placed on whom the most important person is, and if that person were to die from some other cause (including the person dying from the death of another's Child), the HiME whose important person died may regain her powers if a new important person is found. The person may also be shared between two HiMEs.

C. Sample Character Sheet

AgeBetween 8-17)
Sex: (All Characters are HiMe, therefore, they are Female)
Grade Level: (Elementray,Middle, Or High School)
Occupation If you want to work for Searrs Foundation, Or district 1, or be a teacher then ask me, but all teachers are female as well. If you want to be a teacher then you MUST Pm me the character sheet first.)

Child, and Element information

Once your character is approved I will Pm U a list of the remaining Child, and you will choose which one you want.

Child's Name:
Child's Appearance:
Child's Abilities/Skills:
Child's Origin/Mythological background:
How you came to accept your Child, if you have:

d. Sample Character(s) (just one sample will do)
Name: Mai Tokiha
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Grade Level: High School, first year
Appearance: [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Owner/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/IMG]
Personally: She is portrayed as a self-reliant person, hesitant to tell others about her problems. She is a first-year high school student, and her roommate is. Her stated hobbies are working part-time jobs and taking care of Takumi, her brother.
Bio: Mai was born to a weathly father who never paid attention to her or her younger borother who is very sickly. Her mother passed away when she was 6, one year after Takumi was born. Some odd years later her father up, and disappeared. Sending both she, and Takumi to Fuka Academy where they are now headed. She feels out of place because she can see a small red light close to the moon, and those around her seem not to notice it at all. Even Takumi.
Occupation: Student

Child's Name: Unknown
Child's Appearance: Unknown
Child's Abilities/Skills: Unknown
Child's Origin/Mythological background: Unknown
How you came to accept your Child, if you have:Hasn't awakened yet