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Thread: Rurouni Kenshin RPG

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    Rurouni Kenshin RPG

    Well, I don't know if I'm eligible to start an RPG, but I see a lot of people that don't meet the requirements in the sticky that are starting RPGs, so I decided to try to start one up.

    Like the title says, this would be a Rurouni Kenshin RPG. It would be set during the samurai era, after the Yukishiro Enishi arc (only occurs in the manga). I'd prefer that anyone signing up has read the Rurouni Kenshin manga and knows the characters, as well as the plots. The plot would parallel the events in the Samurai X: Reflection OVA, where Kenshin sets off from his home for 15 years, and his son, Kenji Himura decides to set off and learn the way of the Hiten Mitsurugi. However, after learning the ways of the Hiten, he begins to lust for more and more power, and turns evil. The story would start with Kenji still pure and kind, and show how he turns evil, and how the other Rurouni Kenshin characters stop him. However, instead of what happened in the OVA, I want the plot to be different, and with a One Piece like plot, with Kenji recruiting a group of samurais to face off with the original Kenshin characters, like Saito and Sanosuke and stuff. There are way too many characters to list, so I'd say any character that appears in Rurouni Kenshin is useable, but the musts/needs would be:

    -Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin/ Battousai the Manslayer)
    -Saito Hajime
    -Sagara Sanosuke
    -Myojin Yahiko
    -Kamiya Kaoru
    -Hiko Seijuro

    Other characters that would be interesting to have would be:
    -Shinamori Aoshi
    -Makimachi Misao
    -Takani Megumi
    -Tsukayama Yutaro

    Some examples of extra characters that could return would be like Yukishiro Enishi, Seta Sojiro, and Yukyuzan Anji. However, any characters that is used MUST be alive. Also, since this is a somewhat original idea, you are free to create your own character as well. Just make sure that the character is realistic and does not have any supernatural powers. Characters that are created don't necessarily have to be samurai. For example, they could be ninja, like the Oniwabanshu, too. Also, filler characters from the anime can be used as well. Not all characters that are used have to fight. Character that are just there for the sake of the plot can be used too. And again: CHARACTERS USED MUST BE ALIVE AT THE END OF THE ACTUAL ANIME/MANGA!!!

    Ok, sorry about all that text, but that's all, I think... Now, here's my character Bio.

    Name: Himura Kenshin, aka Rurouni Kenshin, or Battousai the Manslayer
    Fighting Style: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu
    Weapon: Reverse Blade Sakabato
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Kenshin is a kind hearted ex-manslayer that is looking for a way to repent for his sins committed during the Bakumatsu.

    Character bios aren't necessarily a necessity for this RPG if you already know about Rurouni Kenshin, but if you are creating a made up character, then a character bio is required, and preferrably a picture, if you can get your hands on one.

    I'll make a thread for this in the RPG forums once I can get 4 other people to sign up.

    Sorry if I typed too much text... I guess I kind of got carried away. Just wanted to make it as thorough as possible though, so I could answer any questions I could before they were asked.
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